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PESTEL Analysis Services

Get in-depth PESTEL analysis to gain a better understanding of the political, socio-cultural, legal, and other factors in your surroundings at prices starting at $14/hour

An accurate and systematized PESTEL analysis allows organizations to actively grow their business and strategize their future course of action with a clearer understanding of the current and upcoming trends, scenarios, and other external factors that may directly or indirectly impact their businesses. Conducting PESTEL research in-house is not only expensive but may also deviate the focus of your teams from your core business operations along with an increased risk of inaccurate analysis due to the lack of expertise in the domain. Hiring experts who specialize in PESTEL analysis and Big Data management not only lowers operational costs but also helps in getting you factual analysis reports.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is one of the leading outsourcing companies in the world with deep competencies in Big Data handling and analysis to offer top-notch PEST/PESTEL analysis services to all business types, whether it is an eCommerce company, a tech organization, or any other entity. We have a robust framework that enables us to offer you insights into your surroundings and do an extensive SWOT analysis for your business. Our expertise in data mining and analysis is derived from our use of highly advanced AI and automated systems along with an expert team of data engineers, analysts, and other specialists working round the clock to provide you with the best results.

PESTEL Analysis Services We Provide

The right PESTEL analysis marketing and reporting can help you take better business decisions. Our team provides in-depth analysis of the various factors of political, socio-economical, legal, and other fields to help you gain a better understanding of their impact on your business. Our PESTEL analysis services include the following -

  1. Political Environment Analysis

    Political Environment Analysis

    No business can remain untouched by the political happenings in the country of their operations. A proper study of the political scenario, its stability level, etc., is crucial for businesses whether they want to enter a new market, diversify, expand their offerings, or enter a collaboration with a multinational organization. Our team of analysts and researchers carry out a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the political structure of the country in question using the best smart technologies with the following key touchpoints -

    • Stability quotient of the Government and likely changes
    • Bureaucracy
    • Level of corruption
    • Tax policies and tariffs (rates and incentives)
    • Import/Export restrictions
    • Freedom of press
    • Regulation/de-regulation protocols
    • Trade control practices
    • Competition regulation
    • Level of government involvement in trade unions and agreements
    • Various laws about education, health and safety, environment, discriminatory practices, anti-trust, IP and copyrights, etc.
    • Consumer protection and e-commerce
    • Data protection law
  2. Economic Analysis

    Economic Analysis

    Businesses need to look at the macroeconomic factors too as they can have near-term and long-term effects on their strategies. For example, the increasing cost of living may indicate the increased cost of labor that may directly affect the businesses in the near or distant future.

    Flatworld's team of economic research analysts and experts has a sound knowledge of the economic situation of the relevant country and can draw meaningful insights per your business nature using AI capabilities. Economic analysis services may include an examination of the following variables -

    • GDP and growth rates
    • Inflation rate
    • Interest rates
    • Unemployment rate and trends
    • Currency exchange rates
    • Level of consumers' disposable income
    • Cost of labor and minimum wages
    • Stage of the business cycle
    • Credit availability
    • Trade flows and patterns
    • Stock market trends
    • Monetary and fiscal policies, etc.
  3. Sociocultural Analysis

    Sociocultural Analysis

    The social and cultural makeup of a country has varying influences on the business depending on its type and size. When businesses are looking to expand their operations, especially in the new markets, a deep review of the local norms and their cultures is crucial to reduce the risk of failure at the initial stage. Our team, backed by an automated system, carries out a careful study of all the socio-cultural factors including -

    • Affinities and attitude towards imported goods and services
    • Standard of living and attitude towards work, leisure, career, and retirement
    • Outlook towards sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle
    • Age distribution and life expectancy rates
    • Average education level
    • Health consciousness and trends
    • Purchasing power and buying habits
    • Saving and spending patterns
    • Religious and cultural beliefs
    • Population growth rate
    • Sex distribution
    • Average disposable income level
    • Social classes and minorities
  4. Technological Analysis

    Technological Analysis

    Technological advancements in a country bring ample opportunities and some viable threats for new businesses or expanding businesses. Understanding the dynamics of technology becomes imperative to stay updated in the market. Our analysts and researchers identify the areas of technology that may influence the client's business in the near future. Our services under this include the assessment of the following -

    • Rate of technological change
    • Basic technology infrastructure level
    • Size of research & development spending
    • Technology incentives offered by the government
    • Internet infrastructure and penetration
    • Legislations and policies regarding technology
    • Technology level in the client-specific industry
    • Access to the latest technology
  5. Environmental Analysis

    Environmental Analysis

    Environmental studies concerning business have become an integral part of any business strategy, especially, in recent times. Before, the country's environment was only assessed in terms of the suitability of operations for the business, like, understanding the access to and quality of raw materials, the climate condition for operational facilities, etc., but now it has become a two-way road. Businesses are beginning to realize their responsibility towards maintaining the ecosystem of the place and reducing any kind of damage or pollution it might be causing to its surrounding areas. Therefore, a study of the environment is very important to devise a robust strategy that is a win-win for both, the business and the sustainability of the environment. It includes a careful study of variables like -

    • Weather and climate conditions
    • Air and water pollution levels and norms
    • Recycling and waste management
    • Policies and outlook towards eco-friendly products
    • Business's potential footprint on the environment
    • Alternative sources of renewable energy, etc.
    • Laws regulating environmental pollution
  6. Legal Factors Analysis Services

    Legal Factors Analysis Services

    When expanding a business in a new country or region, it becomes critical to have complete knowledge of the laws and legal attributes of the country in respect of its industry and specific business operations. We have a team of legal experts who can accurately assess the legal factors that may directly or indirectly impact your business. Our services include a careful study of -

    • Anti-trust law
    • Copyright, patents / Intellectual property law
    • Distribution laws
    • Import/Export policies and law
    • Penalties, punishment, and licensing laws
    • Discrimination law
    • Consumer protection and e-commerce
    • Employment law
    • Health and safety law
    • Data protection policies

Our PESTEL Analysis Process

The vast scope of PESTEL analysis makes it mandatory to have a disciplined and streamlined approach towards workflow and we have developed a robust process to ensure accurate results in record time. Our process involves the following stages -


01. Needs Assessment

We brainstorm with the client and understand the purpose of the analysis to build the scope of work


02. Devising Research Methodologies

After developing the scope, we assign specific teams for each area and create the research methodology for the same


03. Execution

The respective teams conduct a careful assessment of all the variables and factors relevant to the client's business


04. Preparation of Reports

After in-depth research, the teams prepare comprehensive reports detailing the findings, feedback, suggestions, and SWOT analysis


05. Report Submissions

The analysis reports are submitted to the clients for review and any further help is extended on demand

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Advantages of Hiring Flatworld as Your PESTEL Analysis Service Provider

By hiring Flatworld as your PESTEL analysis services provider, you avail the services of the best team of analysts and experts who adhere to standardized systems and practices. Below are the key advantages you get when you partner with us -

  • ISO-certified

    Flatworld is an ISO 9001-2015 accredited company assuring the highest quality services to all clients. We adhere to quality processes and quality standard protocols to deliver best-in-class services.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team is our core strength and we have highly qualified and trained experts in every field to conduct an in-depth study as per the client's demands.

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    While our automated processes reduce the operational costs, our fee structure is also flexible and affordable, making us the ideal partner for PESTEL analysis services.

  • AI-driven Processes

    We have robust technological support with exceptional AI capabilities to fasten the analysis process and obtain high-quality, accurate output each time.

  • Worldwide Network

    We have work offices located around the world offering us the advantage of country-specific experts needed to conduct relevant PESTEL analysis.

  • 24/7 Support Services

    Our global team network and advanced chatbot system allow us to be available for customer support round-the-clock, 365 days a year.

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Whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market, expanding your business, or diversifying your product line, a systematic and accurate PESTEL and subsequent SWOT analysis is necessary to comprehend its impact on your business. PESTEL analysis services led by the experienced team of Flatworld coupled with the leading edge AI and automation capabilities can help you make better business decisions and improve your chances of success.

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