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Despite the changing global economic scenario, companies continue to outsource low end as well as top of the line finance and accounting to India. Financial research and reporting act as a collateral activity to market research by analyzing the monetary and economic aspects involved in a specific market.

When done effectively, it can show the investment needed to - initiate, sustain and profit from the various operational and marketing activities of a business. Though a number of financial research firms operate out of outsourcing destinations like India, it is hard to find the right partner who not only possesses the expertise but also has a keen understanding of your business goals.

Flatworld Solutions has a core team in the finance and accounting research division that works on understanding and analyzing the economic and financial aspects of a business and presenting them in easy to understand reports that cover all aspects of financial reporting and research. The team includes MBAs, PhDs and statisticians. With customized reporting based on your industry vertical and service offering, you can plan to market strategies more efficiently than before.

Flatworld's financial research reporting services

The initial step to creating finance research reports is studying the business landscape and the domain in which your business is operating in. This holistic study gives a bird's eye view and helps in analysis and preparation of reports - financial and market related data.

Flatworld's financial research report services include -

  1. Business & investment environment assessment

    Before embarking on any new venture - a new business or a product line, it is important to understand the environmental factors that drive market forces. Scanning the business and investment environment gives insight into areas in which a financial institution can take measures - the market size, growth trends over a period, competition, customer demographics and profitability numbers.

  2. Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis

    Knowing what expenditures a business might incur in the future helps plan for budgeting over a long period of time. Discounted cash flow analysis includes valuing future investments such as buying assets, starting a project or merging with another company, by discounting them to present day values. Flatworld can carry out DCF analysis for various elements that you might to plan for the future.

  3. IPO (Initial public offering) analysis

    If you want to track how your competition is faring in the market, one of the ways is to study the movement of their stocks. It can provide useful information on why a particular stock is going up or down. You can use it for your own company's benefit. IPO analysis can also be used to track your organization's stock if you are publicly listed.

  4. Financial modeling

    Forecasting a budget, estimating returns or gauging future expenditures are just a few things that are made possible through financial modeling. It uses historical and current data to simulate numbers for a future period of time.

    This is very useful when planning budgetary figures for your business or when entering a new market. Flatworld has applied financial modeling methods to various clients around the world and possesses the necessary expertise to carry out analysis on a number of financial parameters suited to your business.

  5. Technical analysis

    The main purpose of technical analysis is to study the price and volume movements of products and services based on historical data and derive forecasts on areas such as future pricing decisions as well as operational expenditures. Flatworld can undertake various technical analyses based on your industry or on a particular product / service offering.

  6. Credit research

    This service includes capital structure analysis, debt maturity profiles, ratio analysis, debt covenant analysis, risk profiles and the analysis of off balance sheet exposure.

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Flatworld has worked with companies of all sizes around the world helping them derive strategic information from a plethora of financial reports. If you'd like to partner with a company who is more than a vendor, we'll be happy to assist you.

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