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Outsource Credit Research Services

Evaluating and analyzing credit can be a complex and difficult task - one that has the potential to affect your company's bottom line. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide affordable, efficient, and expert solutions that help provide the answers that you need to understand collateralized debt obligations, analyze credit default swaps, and more - all within your short time frame.

Credit Research Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions provides fast, low-cost credit research services completed by experts in financial analysis. We provide businesses of all sizes with reports that answer their most pressing financial questions, to help ensure that they are making the best decision for their investors. We use live market data to examine and analyze multiple types of financial data and provide a comprehensive range of credit research services, including -

  • High-yield Finance and Leveraged Finance

    Our team of financial analysts can provide you with feedback and reports on the investment risks of mergers and restructuring, especially as they relate to credit issues.

  • Investment Grade Securities

    We use advanced credit research and analysis to help your team determine risk among the investments that look equal on paper, but may have warning signs from within their credit and financial histories.

  • Distressed Debt

    We are also capable of examining distressed debt and determine which debt is overvalued and which debts are undervalued, so that you will be able to make an informed decision before making any investments.

  • USG and Municipal Debt Markets

    Our credit analysts are capable of evaluating changes to both the United States Government and Municipal Government debt markets, and find where there may be opportunity for investors.

  • Convertibles

    Our team is capable of reducing risk in convertibles, by determining pricing structures for both stocks and bonds. These assessments make it easier to reduce risk before investing in debt and equity.

  • Structured Products

    Credit research team at Flatworld Solutions is capable of providing detailed reports on asset-backed securities, by carrying out thorough analysis of financial asset securitization, which provide detailed insights on it.

  • Sovereign Debt

    Our analysts have extensive experience in live analysis of government debts from all over the world, and how those debts may impact the financial market, and the credit problems that may arise as a result.

  • Emerging Markets

    Flatworld Solutions is capable of international credit research that can both assess and identify the effects of credit obligations in both developing and emerging nations, and what opportunities are available as a result.

Credit Research Process We Follow

Flatworld Solutions has developed a thorough, efficient, and detailed process that we use to handle all of your credit research needs. Our process includes -

1. Identifying Scope

Identifying Scope

Our team will first identify the scope of the project after discussing with the client. We'll determine the specific economy, geography, and sectors that the client is looking to address. We'll define both the 'scope' and the 'valuation' methodologies that we will use for the product. We'll finalize deliverables and determine milestones.

2. Research


Once we've determined the scope, we'll start on both primary and secondary research. Throughout the process, we'll collect data from primary and secondary sources, review that data with the client, and analyze the information. If applicable, we'll also create information memorandums, and build reports or competitor profiles as needed.

3. Building Financial Models

Building Financial Models

Flatworld Solutions will begin building financial models, and start preparing the deliverables for the client. We'll analyze revenue and cost drivers, and begin on final preparations. Throughout the process, our team will perform quality checks to ensure data accuracy and integrity, and obtain any feedback from the client along the way.

4. Prepping Reports

Prepping Reports

Once we've built the models, we'll begin analyzing and drafting the reports, including sectoral, technical, and economic analyses. We will also evaluate opportunities and determine which investment strategies our credit experts will recommend. Upon completion, reports will be sent to the client for review.

5. Live Support and Analytics

Live Support and Analytics

We deliver the final files to you in a format of your choice

We are also happy to answer questions throughout the process, and provide feedback and support when needed.

Why Choose Flatworld to Outsource Credit Research Services?

Flatworld Solutions is an experienced provider of credit research outsourcing. Our team uses the latest in proprietary modeling tools and strategies to perform credit research services, with benefits that include -

  • Affordable services where the clients will be billed strictly based on the skills of the credit research analysts, project complexity, etc.
  • Quality assurance system with strict quality control policies to provide efficient credit research services
  • Short project turnaround, where the clients will be provided with insightful data well within the stipulated time
  • Large team of skilled research analysts at Flatworld come with rich industry-specific experience and provide quick, reliable, and accurate credit research analysis services
  • Our professionals incorporate live market data to ensure that the reports provided help the client in making informed investment decisions
  • Use only the most stringent security measures at both software and hardware levels to prevent any type of data breach
  • Provide regular updates and more with the reports on analyses, numbers, and best possible suggestions to ensure complete project transparency

Partner with Flatworld - Leading Credit Research Services Provider

For well over a decade, we have been trusted to provide accurate, affordable, and fast financial research services including credit research services for companies just like yours. This multi-domain industry experience empowers us to understand even the most complex credit research requirements and precisely cater to it. We also provide fixed income research services, asset management support, etc.

If you are interested in outsourcing credit research services or learning more about our service offerings, please feel free and contact us today for a quote.

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