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Flatworld Solutions' research and analysis team has carved out a fine reputation for itself in the outsourcing sector. Our services have been customized to address the specific needs of our clients. To learn more about how we serve our clients, read our case studies -

Fixed Income Research to US Asset Management Firm

FWS Provided Fixed Income Research to a Leading South American Asset Management Firm

A South America-based Asset Management firm required Flatworld Solutions’ support in fixed income analysis and reporting on viable investment opportunities in international debt markets. FWS delivered a pilot program that involved two financial analysts with 15 years of combined experience in research. The project deliverables were successfully met based on the criteria enlisted in the SLA.

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Real Time News Monitoring for Japanese Food Brand

FWS Provided Competitor Research and Real-time News-monitoring Support to a 50-year old Japanese Food Brand

A leading Japanese food brand contacted Flatworld requiring competitor research and real-time news-monitoring support. We assigned research associates to the client for conducting news abstraction analysis. Our solution enabled the client and its partners to respond to negative press in a quick and efficient manner.

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Primary and Secondary Market Research for Healthcare Firm

Flatworld Provided Primary and Secondary Market Research to an American Healthcare Compliance Giant

Flatworld was elected by American healthcare compliance company to add information on their list of KOL. We validated the client’s data against our database and ensured they are accurate. We provided a team of highly experienced market research specialists with cumulative experience of 40+ years to overcome the challenge with great depth and dexterity. The client was satisfied with the results which helped us secure long-term loyalty.

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Market Research for Sales and Marketing Consultants

Flatworld Provided Market Research Services to New York-based Sales & Marketing Consultants

Flatworld was contacted by New York-based sales & marketing consultant who wanted a detailed research report on smartphone markets within West India and Pakistan. We provided analysts to gather data and investigate the market size, growth trends, forecasts and other data within the 72-hour timeframe.

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Business Profiling Services for Investment Banking Firm

Flatworld Helped an Investment Banking and Consulting Firm with Business Profiling Services

Our team of business profiling experts provided the best quality business profiling services to a Germany-based investment banking and consulting firm within a quick turnaround time.

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Built Contact Database for Recruitment Services

Flatworld Built a Contact Database for Recruitment Services

Our team of highly experienced data researchers built a comprehensive data base of contacts for a recruitment services provider based in California within a quick turnaround time.

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Market Research and Business Development for Mining Consulting Firm

Flatworld Helped a Mining Consulting Firm with Market Research and Business Development Support

Our market research experts at Flatworld Solutions helped a leading Canadian mining consulting firm with the best quality market research and efficient business development support within a quick turnaround time.

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Patient Dashboard Creation for a Pharmaceutical Company

Flatworld Developed a Patient Dashboard for a Pharmaceutical Company

Our team of expert pharmaceutical researchers developed a highly efficient and operational patient dashboard for a leading Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical company.

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Real Time News Monitoring for Top Food Brand

FWS Provided Real Time News Monitoring Services to a Top Food Brand

A reputed condiments manufacturer from Japan required a dedicated support with online reputation management for themselves and their partner brands worldwide. Flatworld provided skilled resources who utilized specialized methodologies to scan and quickly handle negative press. FWS also provided timely reports to ensure transparency in the process. The client was satisfied and commended service quality because time and money was measurably conserved.

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Primary and Secondary Research on Healthcare Key Opinion Leaders

Flatworld Provided Primary & Secondary Research on Healthcare Key Opinion Leaders

An expert team of pharmaceutical research analysts at Flatworld Solutions developed 120 search strings to fetch KOL information. A quality control team then analyzed and validated the data to provide client with a comprehensive research reports on healthcare key opinion leaders.

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Financial Model for a Top Enterprise Accelerator

Flatworld Developed Financial Model to Support Business Valuation for a Top Enterprise Accelerator

Financial analysts at Flatworld Solution resolved data discrepancies through research, communication, and client clarifications. Business valuation was then carried out using multiple data including comparable trading and transaction examples as well as DCF projected streams.

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Financial Research and Modeling Case Study for Financial Consultant

Flatworld Provided Financial Research and Modeling for a Top Financial Consultant

The experienced team of financial analysts at Flatworld gathered valuable data from reliable sources and carried out financial research and investment analysis. The team then provided financial modeling to provide the client with reliable data.

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Data Abstraction for a Top Researcher

Flatworld Provided Data Abstraction Services for a Top Researcher

Data analysts at Flatworld discovered data mismatches during the initial phase and developed improved formulas to churn out accurate data. Finally, an excel sheet with data analysis summaries was provided to the client.

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Data Analysis for Technology and Marketing Consultant

Provided Data Analysis of Benchmark Survey Information for a Top Technology & Marketing Consultant

Data research analysts at Flatworld Solutions maintained multiple communication threads to get timely updates on the project requirements and thoroughly analyzed the data to provide banners, reports, and charts that reflected updated client data requirements.

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Market Research for a Startup Ventures Consultant

Flatworld Provided Market Research Services for a Top Start-up Ventures' Consultant

Research analysts at Flatworld Solutions gathered all the necessary market research data from secondary sources and created a comprehensive market research report for the US-based ventures' consultant.

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Investment Research Services to Asset Management Firm

FWS Provided Investment Research Services to a Top Asset Management Firm

Here is a case study on how a leading asset management firm in the South America could consider risk-free investment portfolio presented by financial agencies. Flatworld Solutions provided 2 seasoned analysts to decipher financial reports through credit and investment research so that the clients can protect their customers from risky investment.

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Financial Research and Analysis

Financial Research and Analysis

Find out how a global asset management firm reaped the benefits of outsourcing by engaging our services for research and analysis of financial data and extracting reports based on various economic parameters and standards from across 221 countries. The client witnessed reduced operating costs to the extent of 50% and improvement in overall efficiency through increased focus on core goals.

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