Sell Side Research Services

Sell Side Research Services

Sell-side research is vital for financial organizations, banks, etc. who constantly facing the pressure of cost reduction while increasing their ROI. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide our clients with quality focused and customized sell side research services, specifically as per their unique needs. Characterized by accuracy and speed, our research services help you gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic market scenario where you always need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Conducting comprehensive research is one of the most time-consuming activities that requires complete dedication and attention to detail. Hiring an in-house team specifically for carrying out deep-delved sell side research can prove to be highly cost-intensive for organizations. We, at Flatworld aid our clients to address the sell side communication challenges which brokers find extremely difficult to communicate with the buy side analysts over email or phone. Flatworld Solutions facilitates its clients with an unparalleled regulatory expertise to provide the profound sell side research, while satisfying and exceeding the compliance regulations applicable in the diverse global markets.

Services We Offer

We offer a broad array of sell side research services at highly affordable prices. Our experts leverage their skills and vast experience to deliver accuracy oriented research services. Our sell side research services include -

  • Company Analysis

    We leverage the most advanced industry-leading monitoring technologies to develop accurate and unprejudiced sell-side company analysis subsuming meeting notes, earning analysis, company overviews and business strategies.

  • Thematic Research

    We develop comprehensive sell-side research based on the deep analysis of the macro and investment themes. We provide the results in the form of professional developed white papers and presentations.

  • Fixed Income Securities Analysis

    We provide services for supporting the sell-side activities with the fixed income security analysis subsuming best government and corporate bond picks, credit metric analysis, interest rate news development, and financial models.

  • Copywriting Services

    We provide unsurpassed sell-side business copywriting support which includes sales letters development, white paper development, blogs, newsletters, transcriptions, translations, marketing material, and other copywriting services.

  • Merger & Acquisition Support

    We support sell-side acquisition and merger activity with services including documentation, merger modeling, data mining, due diligence help and data room organization.

  • Financial Modeling

    We possess the expertise required for the development of the financial models required for the sell-side transactions. The options subsume LBO/ DCF Models, valuations, capital structure analysis, WACC calculation, real estate modeling and the sensitivity analysis.

  • Lead Generation Support

    We help our clients with the valuable lead generation and sell side marketing strategy development by identifying the prospective clients, creating marketing materials, creating databases, and anticipating the customer needs after profound analysis.

  • Client Management Support

    We provide robust support for all the aspects of the sell side client management, including the development of client management strategies, client database maintenance, and carrying out portfolio analysis.

  • Structured Products Research

    We carry out comprehensive evaluations of the structured products that facilitate the sell side investment opportunities. We include asset-backed securities and structured project finance securities such as mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations.

  • Real Estate and Commodities Reports

    We are experts in analyzing the sell side perspectives for key commodities such as gold, silver, precious metals & crude oil along with the real estate markets.

  • Sell Side Equity Research

    Our professional analysts compile the sell side equity research, customized specifically as per each adviser profile. Our research includes best stock picks, technical & fundamental analysis, trend analysis, and equity forecasts.

  • Regulatory Reports

    We support the sell side compliance requirements with the current updates pertaining to reporting standards, accounting laws, trading regulations, regulatory changes, ad hoc news and the industry best practices.

  • Competitor Intelligence

    We comprehend that it's vital to keep an eye on what your competitors are offering in terms of products and services. Thus, we help our clients with profound competitor analysis to evaluate their offerings. We can subsume the benchmarking tables and leagues while assessing the client networks.

  • Information Memorandums

    We possess the expertise required to create the sell side information memorandums which include detailed financial projections and investment teasers.

  • Pitch Book Creations

    We help our clients with tailored pitch books developed for the specific audience with the supporting statistics and graphical representations.

  • Macroeconomic Reports

    We possess the expert skills required for developing the sell side research reports focusing on the macroeconomic elements including interest rates and employment, on regional and global basis for a specific set of countries.

  • Sector Reports

    We ensure that our clients stay updated with the current developments in the specific industry sectors. Thus, we facilitate them with sector reports comprising of sector trend analysis, sector valuations and expert interviews.

  • Coverage Reports

    We develop exceptional sell-side coverage reports subsuming investment thesis analysis, event driven reports, initial coverage modeling, and quarterly coverage updates.

Why Hire Flatworld Solutions for Sell Side Research Services?

Flatworld Solutions offers high-quality and increasingly competitive services. Following are the differentiating factors which distinguish us from our counterparts -

  • We aid our clients stay ahead of their competitors by facilitating zero compliance penalties and delays
  • We leverage our extensive sell-side expertise to develop professional pitch books and information memorandums
  • We leverage our well-developed network to generate valuable leads for the sell-side firms
  • We facilitate global analysis of the industries and companies to our clients with great expertise and faster turns round time
  • We provide the vital regional and local sell-side expertise, including translations by the foreign language experts

Outsource Sell Side Research Analysis

In today's dynamic and competitive business environment, it is of utmost importance that you invest wisely and conduct exhaustive research before indulging in selling to ensure cross border coverage. Flatworld solutions possesses a team of international research experts, each member of which is a seasoned sell side analyst. With years of experience and a well-developed network, we offer immaculate, deep-delved, and excellence oriented services you can trust.

So, if you have been looking for a firm to outsource sell side research services with faster turnaround time and affordable prices, contact us today. Our professional team will contact you and provide you with the ideal solutions that perfectly match your inimitable requirements.

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