Investment Memorandum Consultations Services

Outsource Investment Memorandum Consultation Services

Those that are prepping for private placement and funding often require a detailed and thorough investment memorandum. Here at Flatworld Solutions, we are ready to become your partner in developing your investment memo.

Our affordable services and thorough approach to the structure and content of these memorandums make us the right choice for businesses looking to describe the investment risks and objectives of investing into the security.

Investment Memorandum Consultation Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has assembled and experienced team of consultants that are able to help you with your investment memorandum. We help you complete your memo requests, with services that include -

  • Company Profile Data - We make sure that we collect all the company specific data, as well as all of the questions that may be asked to make sure that the memo is completed in its entirety
  • Detailed Financial Analysis - We supply a complete financial evaluation using all relevant parameters, from balance sheets to income statements
  • IPR Projections - Our team of analysts will address common issues such as IPR projections, exit strategies, and more
  • Detailed Investor Overviews - Flatworld Solutions will also collect and categorize the best potential investors, so that you have all the data on those most interested in investing
  • Risks and Rationale - Our team will determine how funds would best be used, what risks exist, and how much time will be needed for investors to see a return
  • Investment Proposals - Our team will provide complete lists of any of the elements that are critical for funding, and include executive summaries to help find better investments
  • Gap Analysis - Our analysts are experienced in finding gaps between the projections and the current business, and help determine scenarios that could affect earnings
  • Tax Reports and Documentation - We also make it easier to handle all the complicated tax issues that arise from the investment, and make sure that your team has a plan for tax treatments

Throughout the process, we'll generate reports and dashboards, craft findings, provide competitor data, and more - everything you need to create the investment memorandum.

Our Investment Memo Consultation Process

We've developed a thorough process for handling these types of critical tasks, and our team is skilled at making sure that your final memo has the details and data necessary to receive funding or generate investments. Our process includes -

  • Evaluation - We'll first document format and determine the template that we're to use. We'll figure out what research is needed and take direction from your team. We'll also do some background work on the target company and examine historical data
  • Analysis - Once we've completed our background research, we'll begin the analysis phase, profiling the company and industry, evaluating markets, determining models and cash flow requirements, and more
  • Investment Strategy - As soon as we have analyzed the data, we'll determine the strategy to invest. These include management, marketing, and sales strategy, deal structuring, ROI strategy, positioning, and typology segregation for investors
  • Summary and Reporting - In addition to the investment strategy, we'll deliver the financial plan, any assessments' we've completed, and reports designed using graphics, charts, and other visualization tools

Every one of our services is customized to your needs, backed by our team of investment memorandum research and consulting experts. We will also maintain active communication along the way.

Why Hire Flatworld Solutions for Your Investment Memo Consultations?

Developing an investment memorandum can be expensive. That's why many outsource these needs to Flatworld Solutions. Few other consultants offer a team of highly experienced and vetted experts that meet any request. Benefits of hiring Flatworld Solutions include -

  • Cost effective rates with flexible pricing models
  • Thorough quality control checks for accurate data and timely completion
  • Multiple delivery centers to guarantee completing on time
  • Seamless integration with you and your team
  • Ability to cater to nearly any industry – from healthcare to retail to tech and more

Outsource Investment Memorandum Consultation Services to Flatworld

Let Flatworld Solutions be your partner for investment memorandum consulting services. Our team is highly capable of providing the investment research that your company needs. With the ability to tailor all our services to the requirements of your organization, we provide the best combination of quality and price available for these types of solutions. Other financial research services we offer are financial modeling, credit research, investment research, etc.

For more information about investment memo consulting, please contact us today to get started.

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