9 Key Ingredients of a World-class Market Research Presentation

Market Research Presentation

In today's world of cut-throat competition, market research is essential for not only the survival but the future growth of your organization. Whether it is a small business or a large multinational chain of companies, properly conducted market research presentations can help you improve your focus on core business and revenue areas while continuously mitigating risks.

As technology advances by leaps and bounds, marketers today have access to extremely high-quality data which allows them to make timely decisions while getting the product to the right place, at the right time, and to the right person. 2018 is poised to be the breakout year when consumer loyalty and consumer satisfaction are the two main factors which will drive most market research presentations, and therefore in this article, we will try to dissect the factors which truly make a world-class market research presentation.

The 9 Key Components for Effective Market Research Presentation

Market research is a viable part of any business strategy, and given its flexible nature, a market research presentation can be undertaken after your product or service is launched. Ideally, a well-compiled market research presentation will provide realistic conclusions that always successfully meet the objectives of the research.

At the same time, another key element of the presentation is the way the presentation is delivered. The presenter has to be continuously aware and be prepped to answer any queries that may arise. Let us take a look at some of the essential components for market research presentation -

  1. Prepare for the Worst

    As a presenter, you never know how your audience will react to the presentation. Therefore it is always safer to keep all your bases covered. First, start by creating an outline of all that you are going to say in the presentation. Also, focus on the visuals by presenting the graphs and charts in an easily comprehendible manner. Keep in mind that not every data set needs to be accompanied by a graph, and focus only on the ones which are really important.

    Finally, create an executive summary to deliver the ending with a bang. Use the executive summary to focus on your findings and present solutions which will tie up the presentation nicely for the viewers. Finally, always bring copies of your presentation to hand it around, either before, or after the presentation is complete.

  2. Set the Scene

    A world-class market research presentation always tells a great story and is not a boring by-the-numbers keynote which most professionals are used to. Create memorable instances which your audience will love and make the best use of anecdotes to describe the highlights of your research. The chief objective of a market research presentation is that your audience should understand the requirements of the market easily.

    By setting a scene for your presentation, you gain the opportunity to allow your audience to picture the basics clearly, and realizing how the challenges posed can affect the product in the long term.

  3. Be the Star of your Story

    A strong scene needs a strong actor, and while being on the stage for a market presentation might not compare to a play or a movie, it is very important that you take your audience through the market presentation in a way that captivates them and makes them feel personally invested.

    The hallmark of a great market research presentation is audience acceptation, and the more specific your target audience gets, the more concise should your presentation become in order to deal only with the most important facts. Therefore, make sure to not only deliver the key points in your presentation well but do so while keeping a track of audience reaction to your slides.

  4. Formulate the Correct Sequence for your Presentation

    The sequence in which you present your facts and findings is directly proportional to how well they will be accepted by a target audience. If you start your presentation by justifying a particular course of action without corroborating it with facts, then your audience will reject the proposal outright.

    Therefore, sequencing the slides in such a way that it adds to the overall drama while ensuring that the audience can pick up the chain of events easily is extremely important for a high-quality market research presentation.

  5. Create Adequate Suspense

    A good story always creates suspense while engaging the viewer and a market presentation is no different. Ideally, you should ensure that your market research presentation builds towards its conclusion while letting the audience connect the dots and anticipate the right answer as you proceed further with the presentation.

    My making repeated nods towards the conclusion, you enable to viewer to feel personally invested when the ending is revealed, while ensuring that people do not get confused by the ending since they have been anticipating it all along.

  6. Anchor the Presentation on a Power Struggle

    The best stories are the ones which make the audience root for a side, knowingly or unknowingly. Similarly, one of the key ingredients of market research presentation is its ability to allow people to choose between two alternative courses of action. This power struggle could easily be between different questions, such as "Do we expand to a new market or not?" or between two different directions, such as "Do we expand to India or China?"

    At the end of the day, as a presenter, if you are able to clearly articulate the choices available to your audience and convey the pros and cons of each in an engrossing manner, then you stand a better chance of winning them over.

  7. Use Analogies to Deliver Complicated Data Sets Easily

    If you are a pro at what you do, you would know by now how important it is to use synonyms and analogies while presenting to market yourself to the lowest common denominator in the audience. Using perfect analogies at opportune moments can help create a link between complex topics while making the content more enjoyable and easy to remember.

  8. Hit the Right Speed

    Great, world-class presentations always move at the right pace, picking up speed when required, while slowing down to focus on particularly important topics, all without losing a beat. Therefore, while presenting, ensure that you only spend as much time as required on the fluff, while giving the meat of the presentation more time. This way, not only will you hold the attention of even the ficklest viewers, but also ensure that the point you are trying to make is recognized, by everyone.

  9. Reserve an Element of Surprise, if Possible

    It's not easy, nor is it viable most of the times, but if you do have access to some surprising market research statistics, or probably a report which belies what the audience is expecting to hear, always place it in such a way that it has the maximum impact. It could be when you are about to end your presentation, or it very might well be your breakout statistic which allows you to veer the presentation towards a different direction, but overall, surprising the audience will always work. Such an "A-ha!" moment is hard to come by, and by introducing one into your presentation, not only do you gain the audience's attention, but their respect as well.

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