Infrastructure and Security Measures

Well-established infrastructure and stringent security measures are two mandatory requirements for any outsourcing provider. Infrastructure gradually changes over time, opening up new vulnerabilities which can cause serious damage to any service provider. As new methods of attacks are almost invented on a daily basis, we, at Flatworld Solutions, understand that what was secure yesterday may not be fully secure tomorrow. Therefore we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our research and analysis services are backed up by world-class infrastructure and multi layered security measures.

Our Infrastructure

Any outsourcing setup - big or small, needs to establish streamlined infrastructure system and processes in order to offer its services to global organizations. Over the last 20 years, we have invested in cutting-edge physical and digital infrastructure technologies that have enabled us to provide fast and accurate market research services to customers across the globe.

Let's look at few factors that set our infrastructure apart from other outsourcing providers -


  • Dedicated 1MBps line
  • Secure 2Mbps line for downloading client files
  • Built-in redundancy that ensures 99.95% uptime


  • Connected to a high tension power source
  • Backup generator (120 KVA) that supports continuous operation for 6 hours
  • Last mile UPS connectivity in case of a power failure


  • RAID (Level 1) implemented in critical servers
  • Remote backups
  • Fire proof storage for critical information
  • NDAs / SLAs with vendors and partners

Our Security Measures

At Flatworld Solutions, we give high importance to ensuring the security for our research and analysis projects. Our research and analysis customers appreciate our ability to handle sensitive data professionally and securely. Here is a look at the extensive security measures that we have employed at three levels; namely Personnel Security, Network Security and Software Security:


  • Background check prior to On-boarding
  • Daily access control and movement tracking
  • Email and data storage control
  • Client and internal document - tagging and tracking


  • Cisco ® Intelligent switches and Cisco ® Network Assistant to manage internal network structures
  • Cisco ® PIX ® Firewall that features comprehensive port blocking for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP protocols


  • Email and data communication encryption and tracking
  • Regular governance of data backup systems to ensure the clean up of sensitive and/or expired information
  • Role based access for project related information

Let us look at each of these security features in detail -

  • Personnel Security

    All our associates are sensitized to the information security measures that we employ and are required to meet our compliance needs before they can come on board. Additionally, the security process at Flatworld Solutions prevents any possible data leaks while ensuring an open channel of communication between our team and the customers.

  • Hardware / Network Security

    We have enabled multiple levels of network security that includes firewalls, URL filters, spam filters and secured VPN communications. These are further supported by industry leading switches that double up our internet and communication security channels. One of our primary objectives with security is to ensure that there is 100% redundancy in our network, data, power, and internet. To meet this, we have adopted fail-safe backups that ensure business continuity.

  • Software Security

    Email communications at Flatworld Solutions are secured through the implementation of digital signatures. Additionally, each system uses a common Windows and Network login that is periodically changed to prevent unauthorized use. For critical desktop and enterprise applications a single sign-in is deployed. Audit trails are put in place to monitor internet usage.

Effective Infrastructure & Security Measures to Ensure Complete Client Satisfaction

At Flatworld Solutions, we are aware of the fact that there is no single solution to solving security issues. Therefore, we have invested in a wide range of technologies and methods to not only ensure preparedness in case of a security breach, but also mount a structured response to mitigate the threat as quickly as possible.

When you outsource research and analysis services to Flatworld Solutions, you can stay assured about the security and privacy of your confidential data. Contact us today to outsource your research and analysis requirements, and give your business a competitive edge.

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