Research and Analysis Team at Flatworld

Whether your company requires business market research analysis, financial research analysis, pharmaceutical analysis or data analysis outsourcing, every type of research project - big or small, needs an able backing of a skilled team of research professionals.

At Flatworld Solutions, our research team can successfully address complex research objectives while working within the scope of your research project.

Flatworld Solutions' Research Team

  1. Market Research Data Analysts

    With varied expertise and experience in market research, our team of market research analysts has the capability to take on market research projects with varying degrees of complexity. This team's educational background comprise of MBAs, PhDs and Post Graduates with multiple publications and teaching experience to their credit.

  2. Financial Analysts

    Our team of financial analysts consist of both financial generalists and subject matter experts who have in-depth experience in areas such as accounting, statistics, industrial policies (global and local), corporate finance, market economics, budgeting and financial analysis to name a few.

  3. Pharma Research Analysts

    The pharma research team consists of Graduates / Post Graduates in Bio Technology, Life Sciences and other allied subjects. This team has an eclectic mix of chemistry professionals, research engineers and project managers with varied project management experience.

  4. Business Analysts

    The business analysis team at Flatworld Solutions comprises of generalists and specialists who focus on addressing business research problems. This team has qualified project management professionals, skilled software developers and experienced data research experts who have worked on complex IT and business process automation projects.

What Sets Our Research Analysis Team Apart?

The Flatworld Solutions research team brings in a professional mix of qualified research professionals backed with years of extensive industry experience. Our research team consists of statisticians, Bio / Pharma professionals, Analytics Experts, Marketing Professionals and Software Developers, amongst others.

Each research and analysis project is meticulously studied for determining the scope, complexity and business objective alignment. Post this, the most appropriate research team members are deployed after carefully scrutinizing the research goals of the project.

Our core research and analysis team further branches out into these specific areas:

Team Specalists

Market Research Analysts
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Pharmaceutical Research Analysts

Professional Background

Analytics Expert Background
  • Analytics Experts
  • Statisticians
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Software Development Professionals
  • Project Management Professionals

Educational Qualification

Research Analysts Qualification
  • B.E / B.Tech
  • M Sc, M Com, M Phil, M.Tech
  • MBA / PGDM
  • PhD

Avail Services of Flatworld's Professional and Skilled R&A Team

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide intuitive and accurate research services to global organizations, while saving close to 40-45% on costs. Our skilled researchers are not only experienced in their own fields of study, but also bring in critical acumen which is a much required analyst trait.

Do you have a research and analysis requirement to outsource? Get in touch with us now and tap into the professional expertise of our research team.

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