Asset Management Support Services

Asset Management Support Services

In modern enterprise management, asset managers have a lot of work to do, thanks to constantly changing industry regulations that differ from one country to another. Hence, it is practical for asset managers to outsource asset management support to a third-party provider like us. It helps save the time and money in the long run.

Flatworld Solutions has been helping asset managers across the globe in managing various asset management tasks in a timely manner. Our vast experience in serving clients from diverse backgrounds has helped us gain enough confidence to cater to any kind of asset management tasks requests. Outsource asset management support services to us and leverage the gamut of services we offer.

Asset Management Services We Offer

Flatworld Solution's asset management services have delivered promising results to various asset management needs of clients for close to 20 years now. Our team of financial specialists is well-trained to work on the latest tools and technologies while staying updated on the latest trends in the market. We offer a plethora of services that include -

  • Equity Market Analysis

    We provide the best assessment of the global equity markets. Based on both, technical and fundamental research, we can analyze the trends in the market and make meaningful predictions

  • Cross-Asset Class Reports

    Our financial specialists can provide you with a detailed report about the various asset classes, asset-backed securities, ETFs, and structured reports

  • Forex Market Analysis

    We have the required expertise to provide the best analysis of the world forex market to include some important currency pairs

  • Investment Funds Monitoring

    We contribute to asset allocation adjustments by benchmarking different funds for performance, cost, investment emphasis, and risk exposure

  • Risk Management Support

    We can help asset managers to stay updated through risk assessment so that they can manage all the risk factors associated with credit, compliance, environment, and Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS)

  • Tax Compliance

    Our teams at Flatworld Solutions will ensure that asset managers are updated with the latest tax regulations like FACTA and the changes happening on daily-basis

  • Third-Party Information Validation

    We follow a very effective method to verify third-party data which is very helpful for the asset managers since they are less likely to take wrong decisions based on incorrect data

  • Other Services

    Apart from these main services, our team at Flatworld Solutions has the required expertise to provide the following services -

    • Company Profile Analysis
    • Regular Market Factsheets
    • Fixed Income Market Analysis
    • Report Creation/ Documentation
    • Manager Assessment
    • Financial Modeling
    • Client and Investor Presentations
    • Commodity Analysis

Why Choose Us for Asset Management Support?

Flatworld Solutions has been providing the best in class services to clients across the globe for 20 years. Here are the top reasons why the clients choose us as their service partner -

  • Our financial experts are graduates from top institutes of the world and possess the skill set to handle various requests
  • We have access to some of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, and cutting-edge technologies which help us serve customers better at a faster turnaround
  • Our high-quality services are affordable because we provide our clients with flexible pricing models that are ideal for their budget
  • We are a one-stop-shop for all your asset management support needs
  • All our processes are ISO-certified and you can be assured that all the results we deliver are of high-quality
  • We follow strict confidentiality agreements and workstation data security policies, so you can be assured that all the data shared with us remains completely safe
  • We have the required experience of working with the top Fortune 1000 companies including credit unions, investors, investment bankers, etc.

Outsource Your Asset Management Needs to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions provides the best asset management support services and a range of other financial research services to clients around the world. Our cost-effective services have helped several clients to save a considerable amount of time and money which would have been invested in hiring an in-house team of financial analysts. Our 20 years of experience in this industry and having worked with clients from various backgrounds has made us capable of accepting any kind of requests.

If you are looking for a reliable asset management support service provider, then you have come to the right place.

Connect with us now and we will be more than happy to help you out with industry's latest asset management solution.

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