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Syndicated Market Research Services

Leverage Flatworld's unique competencies to garner useful business insights, grow your field of expertise, and benefit from a global brand positioning

In today's competitive business atmosphere, it is imperative that companies are up to date with the latest economic data related to markets, new trends, and arising opportunities which can propel you forward if leveraged correctly. Our syndicated market research services detailed and elaborate, helping you leverage upcoming data collection techniques, a more skilled staff, proprietary software and analytical tools which can help you move ahead of your competition.

With our help, you can make more data-driven decisions and accurately tune yourself for better market perception. Through our syndicated market reports, advisory services, and consulting, we can prep your management with the latest applications of technology in a systematic manner, helping you serve customers better and reach goals faster.

Our Syndicated Market Research Services

At FWS, based upon your requirements, we focus on specific data or industries which are most useful to you. From normal scan data to product launch analysis, long-term strategic insights, etc. we have it all covered. Unlike other research methods, our syndicated market research support services provide you valuable context for trends at a macro level, which results in actionable insights. Our services include -

Data Analysis

1. Data Analysis
Armed with a team of data analysts and scientists, we offer impeccable insights by finding patterns, relationships, and connections which are easily missed by others. We make sense of the abundance of data available at your hands, offering key insights which impact you in more ways than one. We are proficient in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods, and leverage machine learning and complex rule-based algorithms for predictive data analytics as per your requirements too.

Data Collection

2. Data Collection
Our data collection services leverage the latest techniques for efficient data comparison, interpretation, distribution, and composition. We understand that discrete but relevant information is usually spread out across multiple domains, and we harness the power of this data on a real-time basis for our clients. Our syndicated market research professionals use advanced techniques to deliver analytical insights in the form of easy to understand visual dashboards while meeting your requirements.

Report Writing

3. Report Writing
The practical utility of any research report lies in how it's written and presented. Our research reports contain all relevant information as per your requirements and are a good way to preserve the research work done by our team. We believe that writing a good research report takes skill, knowledge, imagination, expertise, and above all, experience in working on multiple research reports with diverse findings. All our research reports are written by following standardized steps such as -

  • Logical subject matter analysis
  • Final outline preparation
  • Rough draft preparation
  • Rewriting and polishing
  • Preparation of bibliography
  • Final draft writing
Research Report Designing

4. Research Report Designing
As your syndicated market research service provider of choice, we also offer in-depth research report designing services which serve as a valuable tool to market your findings to investors and stakeholders. Our research reports are designed keeping the needs of our clients in mind and are presented in an easy to understand manner complete with line graphs, bar graphs, and other visual tools which ensure everyone can grasp the findings easily.

Consultation and Personnel Support

5. Consultation and Personnel Support
Our syndicated market research team is comprised of individuals who are professionally at the peak of their careers and have many years of experience in working with clients and unique requirements around the globe. As a result, our consultation services can help you in custom market studies such as brand equity research, product, and services positioning, corporate image/perception, subscriber surveys, concept testing, circulation data, ad tracking, customer satisfaction, etc.

When Do You Need Our Syndicated Market Research Services?

At Flatworld, our syndicated market research reports enable clients to meet evolving market objectives, and are essential for everything from competitor profiling, to footprint expansion and supply chain optimization, etc. Our domain expertise encompasses sectors such as Manufacturing, BFSI, IT, Energy and utilities, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Chemicals, Telecom, and Media, etc. If you belong to any of the above-mentioned sectors or have the following requirements, then you need to leverage our services -

  • When you wish to get in-depth information about a particular market before investing in it and performing a large-scale market research
  • When you want access to enlightening data pointers and charts during research presentations but do not have the time or the inclination for custom research
  • When you need to create a pitch for investors and need access to data sets and other information within a short period of time
  • You do not have access to the right budget for a detailed syndicated market research

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld as your Syndicated Market Research Service Provider?

Our specialty lies in understanding your requirements and in our ability to fill the gaps. We work with an outlook towards the future and understand all the changes and insights that can help you in the future. With us, you can strengthen your business as well as your bottom-line, and leverage the many benefits that we bring to the table, such as -

  • Speedier Results

    By significantly expediting the syndicated market research process, we can help deliver faster results which stick to your time regulations without any mistakes.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Working with us can be highly cost-effective. We provide our clients with flexible pricing packages which will suit the client's business requirements and the budget.

  • Latest Tools and Technology

    We leverage the power of AI and ML to build proprietary tools that make data collection and distribution a breeze, thereby delivering quality results every single time.

  • Exceptional Data Security

    Our ISO-certified processes and our in-house dedication to upholding client security concerns means you never have to worry about the security of your market research data.

  • Skilled Professionals

    As a proficient syndicated market research company, we attract and hire the best talent including SME's, upper-echelon data specialists, business analysts, etc. from ivy league colleges and top institutions.

  • Standardized Research Techniques

    We ensure that all the data and information gathered during the tenure of the project follow standardized processes and industry-specific requirements so they hold up to scrutiny.

  • Deeper Insights

    Armed with the requisite tools and a team which has multiple levels of proficiency in multiple domains, we regularly help to deliver in-depth insights from spread out data which no one else can.

  • Support for Multiple Formats

    We compile our research findings and reports into any requested format and deliver it over any channel or medium as requested by you. We can do this for raw findings, established reports, and other relevant data as and when required.

  • Multilingual Support

    Having worked with international clients across the globe, we have realized the importance of supporting research reports delivered in multiple languages so clients and stakeholders all can remain on the same page. Our syndicated market research reports, therefore, can now be delivered in a language of your own choosing.

  • Custom Requirement-based Solutions

    We pride ourselves in our ability to remain flexible according to our client's demands and provide custom solutions which can only be provided by a team which understands exactly what you want and how to deliver it.

Client Success Stories

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Market Research and Analysis for a South African Client

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