Outsource DTC Eligibility Services

DTC Eligibility Services

Outsource DTC eligibility services to Flatworld Solutions and improve your company's market visibility, reliability and share in the most secure and hassle-free manner at prices starting at $14/hour

Want to make your company's securities eligible for deposit in the Depository Trust Company (DTC), which is the biggest securities depository in the world? We can help. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide comprehensive services to assist your company to become DTC eligible, thus helping you improve your company's market visibility, increase your fund's liquidity, and save on brokerage fees.

Having years of experience in providing DTC eligibility services, we provide expert assistance that your company needs to become DTC eligible. Our expert and tailored services and solutions can help you cut down your documentation filing and processing cost as well as provide you a secured way to exchange your company's securities.

Our DTC Eligibility Services

The key to hassle-free DTC eligibility approval is the timely completion and submission of all the required documents. Experts at Flatworld Solutions work with world-renowned investment banks and brokerage firms and can efficiently help you in the preparation and submission of all the necessary documents and applications for DTC eligibility. Our DTC eligibility services include -

  1. Preparation and Submission of DTC Eligibility Application

    Preparation and Submission of DTC Eligibility Application

    We actively help public companies become DTC eligible. Well-versed with all the nuances of DTC eligibility criteria, our experts take care of all your paperwork and documentation process to ensure a timely and error-free application submission to DTC. From the offering document to the eligibility questionnaire to DTC Letter of Representation and more, we make sure your company is on point with all the required documents and accurately meets all the DTC-prescribed eligibility terms and conditions to avoid delays in the acceptance of the application.

    By taking care of the entire eligibility application preparation and submission process, we take the hassle out of the application submission process and help to free up your time to devote to the growth of your business.

  2. DTC FAST Eligibility

    DTC FAST Eligibility

    FAST stands for Fast Automated Securities Transfer Program. It is a contract between DTC and transfer agents in which agents act as custodians for DTC. The program allows the electronic deposit of shares between shareholders and brokers via DWAC and DRS, thus eliminating the need for the movement of physical securities. Being DTC FAST eligible allows you to quickly deposit your stocks into the brokerage account within just a few days/hours as opposed to weeks, which can then quickly be requested by DTC participants. Providing FAST services to your shareholders adds credibility to your company's profile and is an important factor that investors consider before investing in your company.

    Being an approved DTC FAST/DWAC/DRS agent and having a wealth of knowledge in the DTC application process, Flatworld Solutions can help your company submit a FAST eligibility application at no cost. We ensure that your company meets all the criteria set by DTC to ensure seamless processing of your application.

  3. DWAC Transactions

    DWAC Transactions

    Known as Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian, DWAC is a process of electronically transferring paperless shares between brokerage firms and agents without the involvement of DTC. Here, a FAST (Fast Automated Securities Transfer) service transfer agent acts as a distribution point. By carefully analyzing your application and mitigating all governance issues and corporate disclosures, we can help you get approval for FAST/DWAC Services.

  4. DRS Transactions

    DRS Transactions

    The Direct Registration System (DRS) allows registered shareholders to hold and maintain their shares in a book-entry form, without the need for a physical stock certificate. DTC eligibility experts at Flatworld Solutions can help your company become an approved DRS participant by helping you fulfill all the eligibility criteria.

Why Is It Important to be DTC Eligible?

Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) is a central depository system that allows brokerage firms to electronically trade securities with other member firms. Known to be held in "streetname”, DTC eliminates the need for buyers and sellers to produce physical certificates to settle trades, thus making the process extremely simple and hassle-free. It also helps to drastically reduce the cost associated with trading securities.

But that's not all, most of the large exchanges like AMEX and NYSE require DTC eligibility, and most of the biggest US brokers, dealers, and banks are DTC participants.

The Benefits of Being DTC Eligible

The benefits of getting your company DTC eligible are far and many. These include -

  • Ease of trading with big firms and through some of the biggest stock exchanges
  • Reduced trading cost
  • Secured liquidation of your company's securities
  • Higher valuation of your funds

Our DTC Eligibility Process

Flatworld Solutions is a leading DTC eligibility service provider based out of India. Having years of experience in submitting DTC eligibility applications and helping clients get DTC eligibility approval, we are well versed with all the nuances of the industry. We can help and assist your company become DTC eligible. Our experts follow a stringent, step-by-step process, which includes -


01. Checking the Eligibility of Your Company for the DTC Application Process

Before we start the application process, we thoroughly check whether your company fulfills all the eligibility criteria


02. Meeting All the Requirements

While scrutinizing your company and its stocks, our experts highlight all the weak points and missing links that could slow down or halt your DTC eligibility process. We then help you fulfill all the DTC terms and conditions to make your DTC eligibility process smooth and hassle-free


03. Completing the Application Process

Our experts help you complete all the documentation and application process and can also submit the DTC eligibility on your behalf


04. Ensuring that DTC eligibility is granted

We constantly stay in touch with DTC to check the status of your application and fulfill objections raised by the firm, if any, to hasten your DTC eligibility process

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource DTC Eligibility Services to Flatworld Solutions?

In this highly complex business world, having a reliable service provider by your side is probably the best way to create and maintain a strong relationship with your shareholders. Flatworld Solutions is a leading and highly reputed DTC eligibility services providing company offering dependable and highly affordable service solutions to public companies across all industry verticals. Having assisted hundreds of micro-cap, small-cap, and mid-cap public companies seeking DTC eligibility, we are highly experienced and well versed with the DTC eligibility protocol and documentation process and can help you seamlessly sail through the eligibility process, saving you on time, cost and resources.

Outsource DTC Eligibility Services to us and enjoy -

  • Instant Access to Certified DTC Eligibility Experts

    Outsourcing DTC eligibility services to us allows you to get in touch with some of the best professionals in the industry. Highly certified and well versed with all the DTC eligibility norms and regulations, they can help your easily manage your stock, file your application and become DTC eligible.

  • Affordable Prices

    Our DTC eligibility services and solutions are extremely affordable and completely dependable. We work according to your company's needs and budget to help you always stay in control.

  • Customized Services and Solutions

    Stock transfer, DTC application processing, or inquiry, whatever it may be, experts at Flatworld Solutions provide highly customized services as per your company requirements to help you save both your time and money.

  • 24-Hour Submission Policy

    We work quickly and efficiently. After analyzing and completing your documents and fulfilling all the requirements, we take only 24-hours to submit your application to help your company make a quick transition from non-DTC eligible to DTC eligible for quick trading of your stocks.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Our personal accounts manager acts as your single point of contact throughout your service delivery cycle. Well-versed with all the changes and developments in your DTC eligibility application, he can keep you updated with the status of your application and can provide you with professional and personalized customer service both for you and your shareholders.

  • Strong Market Maker Network

    We help you enhance your networking opportunities too. With hundreds of industry contacts ranging from lenders to brokers to accountants and investment bankers, we provide you with strong market-making opportunities to help you amp up your business game.

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    Our innovative technology, experienced staff, and personalized service solutions help you simplify the ever-so-complex DTC eligibility process for the efficient functioning of your company to provide you with complete peace of mind. Our expert team diligently works on your DTC application process to help you improve your market visibility, increase liquidity and take the stress out of the DTC eligibility process.

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Very thorough, precise research analysis. Extremely easy to work with even though most communication was done via email. Turnaround time for requested information was superbly quick.

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Outsource DTC Eligibility Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading DTC eligibility services providing company with a global footprint. Backed by a team of expert professionals, we provide our customers with exceptional service and unparalleled support to help them easily achieve their business goals. We have years of experience in providing customized and highly personalized DTC eligibility to public companies. So whether you want to apply for DTC eligibility or want to become DTC FAST eligible, our expert solutions and services can help you achieve your business goals in the shortest time possible. Not just that, our expert eligibility services can help you reduce your application filing cost, save on brokerage amount and clearing fees, and enjoy a fast and secure method for exchanging street securities.

So come, let's get in touch! Let us know your requirements and we'll get back to you with a customized service plan that's tailored just for you.

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