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A business, whether it is new or established, continuously faces a lot of challenges and problems. Businesses must address ongoing challenges with a pragmatic approach. Gap analysis is one of the most ingenious strategic tools used by businesses for problem-solving. Gap analysis identifies the differences between where your business is and where it desires to be concerning the performance, finances, revenues, service quality, or any other areas of operation. This gap has the potential to become a threat to the organization's growth and performance in the future, if not addressed properly.

Analyzing and identifying the gap accurately takes deft expertise and deep knowledge of business dynamics and mechanisms and so, it becomes extremely critical for the organizations to partner with the experts for efficient gap analysis. Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 company and offers all kinds of analysis and research services with specialization in gap analysis for businesses in all sectors. Our team of analysts, researchers, and other experts are equipped with the most advanced technology-powered mechanisms to aid precise gap analysis in any domain.

Gap Analysis Services We Offer

Gap analysis is a highly valuable tool for determining your business performance, financial health, and other strategic management processes to bring to light the underlying issues and challenges that may be creating a gap between expectations and outcome. At Flatworld, we offer gap analysis in varied areas of service, including -

  1. General Gap Analysis Services

    General Gap Analysis Services

    At a broader level, we extend general gap analysis services aimed at assisting organizations in gaining an in-depth understanding of their current business practices to realize their growth potential. Our team identifies the KPIs, the potential areas of growth, and any gaps in the business processes hindering the business to take the next step.

  2. Gap Analysis for Service Quality

    Gap Analysis for Service Quality

    Assessing the consumer service quality expectations is key for growth, especially, for marketing-oriented companies. Our gap analysis for service quality includes analyzing the customer expectations, the service standards in the industry, communication strategies, and other crucial factors to understand where your business lags in performance and why. This helps in taking better and more precise decisions.

  3. Gap Analysis in Strategic Management

    Gap Analysis in Strategic Management

    Every business operates with specific goals and objectives in place. Strategic gap analysis services by Flatworld help in the evaluation of the difference between the business's ideal outcomes for achieving those goals and the actual outcome. We analyze the factors responsible for the gap and recommend corrective actions to close the gap and realize the ultimate goals.

  4. Performance Gap Analysis

    Performance Gap Analysis

    Whether the staff is not performing as per the set standards or the product/service is not delivering the expected output, we help businesses understand the performance shortcomings and how the same can be resolved. The various factors for poor performance may be ineffective management, leadership or structural problems within the organization, technological inadequacy of the current employees, etc., resulting in poor performance. It becomes imperative to understand the real gap to be able to mitigate them successfully.

  5. Market Gap Analysis

    Market Gap Analysis

    We offer various kinds of market gap analysis services. We can help in identifying the gap in the market for the organization to look for business opportunities. Under this, we go for in-depth research of the problem and the demand for a particular product/service and give detailed reports to the organizations to help them build prototypes to fill the market gap. In another type of market gap analysis, we help organizations assess their position in the market against their desired/ideal market standing. Using various tools and techniques we closely examine the gap between the business's market reputation and their required outcome to help them find the right solutions to reduce the gap.

  6. Gap Analysis in Supply Chain Management

    Gap Analysis in Supply Chain Management

    Inefficient vendors, lack of understanding of demand and supply dynamics, poor infrastructure and logistics, are a few examples of supply chain gaps that can negatively impact the business processes and may lead to substantial damage to the company's operations. This is the reason that gap analysis becomes crucial for businesses with complex supply chain management systems. At Flatworld, we extend our human as well as technical expertise to help in closing the gap between your desired supply chain system and the actual one by clearly identifying the key problem areas and offering optimized solutions for the same.

Our Gap Analysis Process

Flatworld follows a streamlined and modular approach for offering effective gap analysis services that include the following key steps -


01. Understanding the Existing Process and Outcome

We review the processes and the key aspects of the current outcome


02. Identify the Desired Outcome

We closely understand the organization's expectations and the desired outcome to compare with the current performance


03. Documenting the Gap

Our team compares the gap and compiles it as reports for client review in the format of their preference


04. Identifying Processes to Close the Gap

We further determine the actions and help organizations develop the means required to achieve the desired outcome


05. Summarize

We document our findings and recommendations and share them with the client

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Reasons to Choose Flatworld as Your Gap Analysis Service Provider

Flatworld is one of the best companies in the world to outsource analysis and research services. The multiple advantages of hiring us as your gap analysis services company include -

  • Data Security

    At Flatworld, we know the immense value of your data and information. We take all due measures and have safety tools installed at every level to keep your data secure at all times.

  • Tailored Pricing

    We have a flexible approach towards our pricing slabs to enable customized packages as per the company size, budgets, and unique needs.

  • Domain Expertise

    Operating in the industry for 20 years, we are a well-recognized outsourcing company for all types of gap analysis services.

  • Global Reach

    With more than a dozen offices in countries across the world, we have strong location-specific capabilities allowing us to effectively cater to our global client base.

  • Committed Workforce

    We have an experienced team with complete dedication and strong work ethics to deliver the best results to our clients.

  • Timely Delivery

    Our stringent processes and vast team support ensure that the projects are delivered within set timelines with assured service quality.

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Flatworld brings a high degree of technical expertise along with the best-in-class team support to help organizations accurately assess their business processes in every department and identify the gaps. Along with a robust gap analysis, we also develop a valuable framework for organizations to assist them in reducing the gap and achieve their desired outcomes.

If you are looking for top-quality gap analysis services for your business, get in touch with one of our experts today and learn more about our gap analysis techniques and tools.

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