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Apart from the core R&D required for the pharmaceutical industry, there is quite a significant need for pharmaceutical market research. Outsourcing has opened up huge opportunities for pharmaceutical companies by providing significant research and development support with a considerable cost advantage.

At Flatworld Solutions, we support your endeavors with in-depth pharmaceutical market research services and pharmaceutical clinical research services. We have a team of pharmaceutical research experts who come in with a strong educational background and experience in pharmaceutical market research.

The pharmaceutical team at Flatworld consists of Phds, MBAs, chemists and biologists who meticulously analyze and drill down into every minute detail of information that you require from the research activity. We help pharmaceutical companies in their branding and market related activities for increased selling and market reach.

Spectrum of pharmaceutical research services at Flatworld Solutions

  1. Affinity analysis

    We perform affinity analysis that helps you test the waters at the market and get a fair foresight about trends and opportunities. It is a highly cost-effective statistical research method which mainly finds the co-occurrence relationships between different activities.

  2. Market basket analysis

    Being one of the widely used types of affinity analysis, market basket analysis deals with consumer behavior analysis. It studies the patterns of purchase behavior of consumers with regards to the combination of products that customers buy.

  3. Market share analysis

    Get a feel of where you stand in the market in terms of market share in comparison with your competitors. This research will help you devise strategic plans to increase your market share with the best product combinations.

  4. Prescription analysis

    It is needless to speak about the significance of prescription analysis in a pharmaceutical company. Prescription cost analysis gives you a micro perspective of your market standing.

  5. Branding and positioning analysis

    Our team will help you review your existing branding and market positioning strategies. You can get the best insights into what is working and what is not regarding your brand.

  6. Physician/Medical Practitioners research

    Since your market share is directly related to the behavior of medical practitioners, it is important to know and package your products targeting them. We study the preferences and influences that are critical in the decision making by physicians.

Flatworld's pharmaceutical market research expertise

For the above mentioned research functions, we extensively utilize our expertise in -

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We specialize in providing additional pharmaceutical outsourcing services at highly cost-effective prices.

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