Artwork Services

Artwork Services

Leverage our creative geniuses to create exceptional visuals that are captivating with our Artwork Services

Struggling to transform your unique ideas into exceptional visuals? Unable to modify, re-tweak, or edit your artwork to increase aesthetics and make it print-ready? Outsource artwork services to create enticing visuals that instantly captivate your target audience.

As a reputed artwork service provider, we offer professional services that help you enhance your designs and make them print-ready in a short time. With 20 years of experience, our artwork professionals are equipped to address the unique needs of various creative design companies, marketing firms, publishing agencies, and printing companies globally.

Artwork Design Services We Offer

Our artwork professionals take designs created by designers and correct and format the documents before they are sent for printing. With an eye for detail, layout, and typography, we deliver exceptional services, which include -

  1. Desktop Publishing Services

    Desktop Publishing Services

    Our team has the required skills and expertise to provide you with quality and accurate desktop publishing services. We help clients with a series of services including creating layouts for books and magazines, developing graphics, DTP photo editing services, DTP typesetting services, and more.

  2. Magazine Layout Services

    Magazine Layout Services

    With years of experience in designing magazine layouts, we have the experience and capability to handle your entire layout process with ease. We leverage the latest design tools and technologies to provide you with top-quality magazine layouts that catch the attention of your audience.

  3. Image Optimization and Vectorization

    Image Optimization and Vectorization

    Heavy images take a lot of time to load and bandwidth and make the entire web experience slower for any customer. It is important to optimize and vectorize the image before it is uploaded to your website. Our creative team helps you with top-quality image optimization and vectorization within a short time.

  4. Image to Vector Conversion

    Image to Vector Conversion

    Image vectorization helps you to maintain high-quality images without getting pixelated or blurred when scaled to different sizes. Our creative team caters to all your image vectorization needs. We leverage the best and the latest tools and technologies to deliver impeccable image vectorization services.

  5. Embroidery Digitizing Services

    Embroidery Digitizing Services

    Digitizing existing artwork into embroidery files is crucial to your business expansion goals. Firstly, embroidery machines cannot function without digitized files. Secondly, converting image files into a sequence of instructions leads to faster TATs. Finally, it empowers you to provide seamless and high-quality customer service.

  6. Book Layout Design Services

    Book Layout Design Services

    It is important to have an eye-catching layout design for your book which will attract your customers and compel them to buy it. We help you design some of the most attractive book layouts that stand out among others. Our highly skilled designers deliver professional artwork services.

  7. Magazine Digitization Services

    Magazine Digitization Services

    Magazines are increasingly moving to the digital domain, but there are heaps of print magazines that are yet to be digitized. We provide high-quality magazine digitization services that ensure your magazines are in electronic format and can be shared with your audience conveniently.

  8. 2D Art Services

    2D Art Services

    Artwork outsourcing is an ideal way to leverage our top-class 2D art design services. We bank on a team of experienced and professional talents with complete know-how of 2D techniques for meeting the ongoing demand of clients.

Some of the other artwork solutions we offer include -

  • Editing and cleaning fonts to avoid any font issues that may occur on the printer's side and correcting typographical errors
  • Ensuring that an image/document is set up in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) as almost all printers use this color format
  • Including crop marks in an image/document that will show a printer where a bleed is and where an image/document should be trimmed
  • Checking image resolutions as a low-resolution image will appear pixelated on print
  • Removing noise from an image that is caused due to slow shutter speed, high sensitivity modes, photos captured in low light, etc.
  • Sharpening images to improve contrast and make the edges of an image appear more defined
  • Checking proofs for visual or textual errors

The artwork services team at Flatworld Solutions has extensive knowledge of print production techniques and ensures that a project meets all the guidelines/specifications provided by the client.

Our 5-step Approach to Deliver Artwork Solutions

We are committed to customer satisfaction and perform multiple quality checks to ensure that the final artwork has an accuracy of more than 98%. Our artwork process includes the following steps -


Upload your files to our secure FTP server


Our designers will download the files and work on them


After our designers have completed their tasks, the files are sent to the artwork professionals for final review


Our artwork team does a thorough quality check of the design and makes it print-ready by changing colors, resizing the image, editing fonts, correcting textual errors, etc. if required


Once the files are ready, you can download them from the FTP server and review them

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Artwork Service Provider?

We understand the need to have a design that is flawless and appealing. By outsourcing your artwork services to us, you can receive the following benefits -

  • Efficient Artwork Team

    Our team works with the latest design and DTP software on both MAC and Windows PCs. Designers here are skilled in vector artwork and convert pencil sketches into clear images with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Send us your rough sketches, drawings, scanned images, and/or jpegs and we will convert them into EPS vector files.

  • Adherence to Quality Process and Guidelines

    As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we perform quality audits at every stage of a project to ensure compliance. Our team follows the guidelines and quality process outlined in the Service Level Agreement to ensure that all project requirements are met.

  • Expertise in Creative Design Software

    Our artwork experts are well-versed in the latest creative design software that includes, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop CC, and QuarkXPress. We follow 100% compliance with the usage of licensed software.

  • Data Security and Backup

    We use FTP to upload and download files to ensure data security. Our stringent data security measures ensure there is no data breach. We also maintain backups for all files for easy data retrieval in case of data loss.

  • Free Trial

    We offer free trials that allow you to gauge our team's performance. If you are looking for an outsourcing partner who can meet your expectations, availing of a free trial will help you in assessing their performance before you outsource your services.

  • Swift Turnaround

    We complete every project within its scheduled delivery time. Our usual turnaround time for artwork services is 24 hours. However, this is subject to change based on the size, scope, and complexity of the project.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We have a specially designed flexible pricing model to suit your budget. Our pricing is based on per hour as well as per project. We also have a full-time equivalent (FTE) option.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Graphic Design Services

Get professionally rendered graphic designs and innovative visuals that enable you to stand out from the rest.

Illustration Services

Explain complex ideas and concepts with our professional illustration services that help you thrive in competitive environments.

Animation Services

Leverage our seasoned animators to create captivating animations that precisely depict your unique offerings.

Video Editing Services

Create and edit videos to make extraordinary reels and films that capture the moment and help you relive it.

Audio Editing Services

Develop clear audio or edit old audio recordings to enhance their efficacy and value with our audio editing solutions.

Storyboard Services

Get well-designed storyboards that help you visualize your ideas and identify challenges with our customized solutions.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Video Editing Support to a Leading Italian Studio

Flatworld Solutions Provided Video Editing Support to a Leading Italian Studio

An Italy-based studio contacted Flatworld Solutions to outsource video editing. The client had a demand where they needed 400-500 edited videos per day.

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FWS Provided Vector Artworks to Minnesota Sticker Manufacturer

Flatworld Solutions Provided Vector Artworks to Minnesota Sticker Manufacturer

A Minnesota-based client contacted Flatworld Solutions to outsource vector artwork design. The services spanned 20 days involving 20 resources.

Read the case study


My experience working with Flatworld Solutions Inc. was great! Every team member who assisted in completing my first book project was flexible, efficient, reliable, knowledgeable, and professional.

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Outsource Artwork Services to Communicate Unique Ideas

As an organization that is dedicated to quality, we ensure that you receive exceptional service at reasonable prices. By outsourcing artwork services to us, you gain a partner who understands the need of having attractive designs for your magazines, books, brochures, pamphlets, and more. We help you -

  • Enhance your designs and make a statement with exceptional artwork
  • Reduce churn and avoid investing in custom artwork software
  • Scale quickly without the burden of operational overhead

Get our creative experts to work on your next project by leveraging our quick and efficient artwork design services.

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