Choosing the Right Agency to Design your Company Brand

Choosing the Right Agency to Design your Company BrandIn an era where everything from a safety pin to a jumbo jet sells because of a brand name, hiring a brand design agency that has the ability to create a powerful impact on target customers has become mandatory for every business. Brand design or branding is a highly specialized activity. It requires focused efforts that reach beyond the mundane tasks of logo design, media buying, e-mail blasts and direct mail. Though brand design includes creativity, it is a process that involves long-term strategic thinking. Some of the key strategies and tactics for creating a successful brand are brand research, brand planning, profiling, image analysis, brand image, brand marketing and internet branding.

Brand design involves the creation of a brand image or identity, establishing a strong market position, and generating high brand equity. Brand equity refers to the total value of your brand and determines the position of your company in the market.

Your brand reflects your products' unique characteristics, and brand design involves the creation of an image that your target customers perceive through your company name, logo, slogan and all communications.

Selecting the right agency for a company brand design can be a formidable task. A great partnership can deliver immense ROI and growth, while a mismatch can result in loss of valuable time and money, decreased sales, and cause severe damage to your brand.

How to choose a design company:

  1. Preparation

    Are you ready to hire a professional brand design company? Set your goals. Clearly define your expectations. Freeze your budget. Try to foresee the hurdles that you may encounter until the desired results are achieved.

  2. Shortlisting

    Identify some of the best brands through your favorite magazines, TV commercials, hoardings, clubs and other sources. Find out and list the brand design companies that created those brands. Strike out the design companies that work for your competitors.

    Do an Internet search using keywords such as "brand design agency". The first page of the search engine results page will list the agencies that have done good work and are prominent in their field. Select about 6 to 8 names from the results.

  3. Evaluation

    Discuss your goals and objectives with your shortlisted agencies. Narrow your list to those that focus on brand design, and eliminate those that focus only on logo design, marketing or advertising.

The key points for evaluation are:

  • Size: A big agency may assign its "C" team and yet cost a lot. Instead, select a smaller agency which can be more dedicated to your cause, and more economical too.
  • Expertise: Make sure that the agency has the right expertise, skills, and sufficient knowledge of modern tools and technologies.
  • Industry Experience: Check the agency's portfolio for successful brands, and inquire if the same team will work with you now.
  • Ideas and Strategy: Did the agency come up with a few unique creative ideas that you did not think of during your interaction? Is the agency strategic and tactical in its thinking and approach?
  • Chemistry: If the agency team struck a good rapport with you during the evaluation interaction, then it is likely to strike a long-term, successful relationship in your brand design journey

Flatworld Solutions is a brand design agency that employs creative and experienced professionals who possess the necessary traits and attributes required to create a great brand design for you. Our portfolio and testimonials speak volumes about our creative abilities and professional project execution skills.

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