Australia's Leading Business Accelerator and Facilitator Gets Image Optimization Services from Flatworld Solutions

Case Study on Image Optimization for Business Accelerator

The Client

The client is based in Australia (New South Wales) and helps their clients to accelerate and improve processes for services, sales and marketing. Established in 2001, they facilitate timely solutions involving customer strategies, change management and new technologies.

Client Requirements and Challenges - Support for Optimizing Images

The client needed large-scale image optimization support to reduce file sizes without sacrificing quality so that both image SEO and search engine results would improve. They had previously worked with Flatworld Solutions (FWS) for three years and cited the earlier cost benefits of working with FWS. Image content included a high volume in varying formats such as diagrams and graphs. To ensure that quality expectations would be satisfied, an initial free trial was conducted in two phases.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • The client increased daily volume of images on a regular basis.
  • Due to frequent scope of work changes, additional resources were needed with limited advance notice.

The Solution - By Flatworld Solutions

The Flatworld Solutions image optimizing specialists developed this solution -

  • The FWS quality test team included an account manager and one image specialist for the initial trial phase involving ten images. The client provided plug-ins and scripts to ensure that client guidelines were met and to facilitate identifying any errors. Adobe Illustrator software was used for optimization processes such as changing text and labels. Final files were delivered via Dropbox in a JPEG format within 24 hours.
  • The test team was expanded to include three image specialists for the second phase of the trial involving 500 files during three days.
  • Based on the success of both quality test phases, the client signed a contract to outsource between 500 and 700 files to FWS on a daily basis. The full-time project team was expanded again to include six image optimization specialists - on average each image was optimized and reviewed for quality in about seven minutes.

Final Results - Optimized 500 to 700 Images Daily

This project shows the value of working with an outsourcing team that can quickly scale up or down in size as project circumstances change. In this case, the client was especially pleased with the accuracy, fast turnarounds and flexibility of the Flatworld Solutions team. FWS is an ISO certified international creative services outsourcing services provider with two decades of experience in meeting the specific requirements of each client. Contact us today for a no-cost assessment and quote.

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