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Desktop Publishing (DTP) has traveled a long way since its inception in the 1980s. The DTP introduction bestowed publishers and printing markets with a lot of scopes but also enabled small companies to do their business promotion from their own hands without much trouble. Today, DTP covers almost all creative projects for desktop as well as commercial printing/electronic distribution. Along with online creation, desktop publishing is used to produce newspapers, journals, magazines, and other marketing materials. Atop, DTP is also now used for various online content creation.

DTP is now within everyone's reach thanks to extremely intuitive desktop publishing techniques and software that allows businesses to create pieces for their marketing and internal communications quickly & efficiently, just in a few clicks. The application of Desktop Publishing enables the company to maintain the level-headedness in the forum of business, thereby generating more sales.

Top 6 Trends and Techniques in Desktop Publishing To Watch Out For

The use & advantage of desktop publishing is undergoing a revolution on par with the changing technologies. Here are the six new trends & techniques in DTP -

  1. Desktop Publishing in Cloud

    Desktop Publishing in Cloud

    Since the beginning, desktop publishing has lacked an appropriate online replacement. With a small & modest alteration of online presentation software, Google Slides, users can now enjoy a parallel free-form layout environment for creative endeavors.

    Before Google Slides, DTP standard, Microsoft Publisher, has provided flexibility into a layout, allowing to place images and text according to the user's desire.

  2. A Desirable Skillset

    A Desirable Skillset

    Most employers expect that their employees should be familiar with desktop publishing and perform some printing & digital communication tasks in-house like creating newsletters, interoffice memos and business forms, PDF manuals, and designing web pages. The in-house creation of the document will decrease the workload of the employer's graphic designers and even eliminate designers' needs in a few scenarios.

    Sometimes, adding desktop publishing to the resume may give the candidate an extra advantage or point over an otherwise comparable candidate.

  3. Expanding Possibilities

    Expanding Possibilities

    Even though desktop publishing was initiated as a print-only field, but the invention of websites and digital life brought along several similar design properties that graphic designers encounter in print. The availability of cost-effective software and desktop computers enticed people who could never think of opening theisr publications to jump in. Just by following a few rules of DTP, users can develop professional-looking documents.

  4. Worldwide Collaboration in Desktop Publishing

    Worldwide Collaboration in Desktop Publishing

    Since inception, desktop publishing has seen several advancements, and now DTP techniques are moving towards worldwide collaboration. Worldwide collaboration makes the whole publishing process easy where it enables publishers and end-users to communicate with one another across the globe online and perform remote document production. The content can now be synchronized; thus, changes at one locale are updated at the other end with collaboration. The technique minimizes project-related communications, saves time, increases productivity, and enhances user satisfaction while providing a competitive advantage.

  5. Multiplatform Open-source Desktop Publishing Program

    Multiplatform Open-source Desktop Publishing Program

    Due to multiplatform open-source DTP programs, desktop publishing, which was previously available only to professionals, is now within everybody's radius and help users, and publishers to develop their product in a few clicks. Free DTP programs are simple & easy to use, and they allow users to create every type of documents ranging from posters, brochures, and images to advertisements for social media platforms.

  6. Real-time Collaboration

    Real-time Collaboration

    Real-time collaboration acts as a boon for DTP professionals both for traditional print media as well as interactive digital media. Call it magic or evolution of cloud, users, and publishers can now collaborate on their document and be able to edit the same document at the same time. Alternation makes at or by one end will be automatically reflected on screens of another end.

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Flatworld Solutions (FWS) has been a pioneer in providing professional & affordable desktop publishing services to the client across the globe. FWS skilled and experienced desktop publishing specialists completely take care of all client's requirements and leave no stone unturned to make them happy with their services. These professionals leverage the latest DTP tools and technologies to deliver top-notch DTP services.

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