Signboard Design for a US-based Client

Signboard Design for US Client

Flatworld Solutions' Creative Design Helped a US Based Client Redesign 12,000 Signboards in a Short Time-frame.

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a company that had over 19 years of experience offering a variety of customizable products to their customers. Products included embroidered apparel, auto accessories, signs, and several other options.

The company needed help with signboards. There were over 12,000 images that needed to be viewed, processed, and turned into custom signboard designs. They also needed a team that could complete a large portion of the task within 24 hours, as some of the work was under a tight deadline. They were looking for a partner that could complete as many as 250 signboards per day so that they could monitor progress and utilize the results.

The client decided to use Flatworld Solutions due to our experience in signboard design, our ability to meet the required deadlines, and the speed with which we responded to the request made by the client.

The Challenges

While the first 5,000 or so of the signboard designs were text based, which cause little problems for the trained staff at Flatworld Solutions, the other signboards were often a mix of images and text that were far more complex and detailed. This would make creating 250 per day a more difficult task for a single editor, and would thus require the use of multiple editors and signboard designers.

The Solution

Flatworld Solutions started by completing 10 sample designs and submitting them to the client for reference. The client approved, and so Flatworld Solutions put 4 resources to work exclusively on the project.

As instructed, the team performed text conversion services, and then added images where required. Because of the subjective nature of the project, the team also frequently collaborated with the client to determine whether or not the design was according to their specifications, including:

  • Dimensions
  • Font Size
  • Colors and More

Flatworld Solutions also put their Quality Assurance Team on the task, so as to determine and ensure that the signboard design was accurate and detailed according to the agreement. Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CC were both used on the project.

The Results

The client was extremely satisfied with the signboard designs, which were completed with 98% accuracy. This also reduced the client's in house costs dramatically, helping them improve revenue. The client was highly satisfied with the project and outsourced more signboard design services to Flatworld Solutions in the future.

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