Leading European Sports Accessory Manufacturer Gets 3D Modeling Services for Online Sports Catalog

Case Study on 3D Modeling for Online Sports Catalog

Client Profile

The client is based in Europe (Germany) and manufactures sports apparel and accessories for clients throughout the world. Products include footballs, goalkeeper apparel, shin guards, team lines, bandages, caps, and T-shirts.

Client Requirements and Challenges

The client needed a 3D model that would allow potential buyers to have 360 degree perspectives when viewing the online sales catalog. The client also wanted a five-second animation that showed motion with a spinning ball. Due to the complexity of the full project, Flatworld Solutions suggested an initial free trial project involving two pictures.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • Short delivery time
  • Trial and error involving costs because project scope regularly changed

FWS' Solution

The Flatworld Solutions (FWS) 3D modeling specialists developed this solution -

  • The team included one 3D modeling specialist for both the trial and full project
  • The free trial covering two pictures (a T-shirt and football) was completed successfully. This involved a 360 degree view of the T-shirt and a five-second animation of the ball spinning
  • Software used included Maya and 3ds Max
  • The initial full project entailed 3D modeling for 200 images in five different categories. This batch was completed in 10 days.
  • After obtaining images via Dropbox, the 3D modeling process included applying textures and taking rendered output during animation creation
  • The catalog was completed within the delivery time requested by the client
  • Based on project success, the client awarded three additional batches and catalogs to FWS. Delivery time for the new batches was four months. The project team was then expanded to five full-time 3D artists

Final Results - Awarded Ongoing Work After Successful Completion of Initial Project

This project demonstrates the value of combining 3D design expertise with fast turnarounds - both aspects were important to the client in this case. The client was also pleased with a smooth communication process and 70 percent cost savings.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Accurate 3D Modeling Services

FWS is an ISO certified support services provider of 3D modeling services and other creative services and ensures that outsourcing results meet international quality standards. The Flatworld Solutions specialists can work in your time zone - our 3D modeling team operates on a 24/6 schedule that allows easy communication and quick results across multiple time zones. If you have a similar project requirement, then feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your next project.

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