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Product Illustration Services

Draw your customer's attention and increase sales by getting eye-catching product illustrations from our creative designers and illustrators

Today, marketing a product well means packaging it properly for the eyes of your customers or consumers. Creative design is exceptionally important in order to draw viewer attention, and high-quality, original illustrations are therefore always in demand. As your business faces tougher competition from new start-ups and established brands, you need the support of a service partner who can double down on and deliver high-quality illustrations to compete with the biggest design studios and publishing houses.

At Flatworld, we offer highly-nuanced product illustration services that are 100% original, efficient, affordable, and more importantly, the right fit for your requirement. Our picture-perfect illustrations showcase your products in the best possible light, leveraging our experience with the latest technological tools and the creative inclination of our team of illustrators to deliver works of art, every single time.

Product Illustration Services We Offer

Having worked with clients across countries and industry verticals, we know what you are looking for and exactly how to deliver it. Our custom product cover illustrations and digital product illustrations are ideal for websites, mobile apps, offline promotions, banners, hoardings, etc. Our value-added services combined with our aesthetic understanding of your requirements ensure we can deliver on even the most complex, abstract projects.

Our services include -

  1. Product Illustrations

    Product Illustrations

    Over the years, we have worked with companies that use print or web graphics to sell their products or services. Our product illustrations vary from instructional, to salesman-friendly illustrations, and can be used for a variety of products, food, and other relevant services. Our illustrations can peel back the layers to showcase the inner workings of the product, thereby communicating the purpose and the requirement through one illustration. We combine the best in CGI and CSC digital graphics to create photorealistic product design illustrations and 360 degree website displays that work across target markets and audiences. Our product illustrations get used for technical manuals, instructional manuals, user guides, training handbooks, assembly brochures, etc.

  2. Product Cover Illustrations

    Product Cover Illustrations

    With so many products on the shelves and so much visual clutter, you need illustrations that help your product stand out from the rest. Our illustrations are ideal for placement on boxes, covers, labels, and double as website and mobile illustrations for your customers to see on the move. With our help, you can capture more leads and sell more products, while leveraging the best product illustration services you can get at an affordable price.

  3. Feature Highlights Illustrations

    Feature Highlights Illustrations

    Often times, manufacturers and businesses need to highlight particular product features in an engaging way so as to drive home to differentiating factor they are offering. Our product illustrations leverage eye-catching highlighting techniques such as sequential zoom, cross-sectional layouts, etc. which ensure your viewers understand information without ever being overwhelmed by the same. This service is ideal if you want to highlight products that are not mainstream yet, showcase their inner workings or history, or proclaim the best usage through a detailed informatic.

  4. Infographic Illustrations

    Infographic Illustrations

    We live in the age of Data. Each day, 1.5 billion pieces of content are created around the world and shared through social channels for mass consumption. Infographics are the perfect mix of design, writing, and analysis and are one of the most visually compelling communication mediums existing today. We help create illustrations for infographics that flow naturally with the content and ensures your viewers always grasp the main points as quickly as possible. Our work on infographics is scientific in nature, right from understanding your requirement to portraying the mass of data through an appealing visual shorthand.

  5. User Manual Illustrations

    User Manual Illustrations

    At Flatworld, our team of product illustrators can create exceptional user manual illustrations and professionally communicate the benefits of your products. We simplify the illustrations and create clean wireframes around which your content can then be placed. Our user manual illustrations can be used in product and user guides, sales manuals, engineering manuals, product fly-throughs, etc.

  6. Advertising Illustrations

    Advertising Illustrations

    Both illustration and advertising share a common goal, which is to persuade the viewer. Our advertising illustrations help you create emotional context and catch the eye of your viewers in what is increasingly a digital-only palette. Our illustrations are delivered in high-quality vector formats ready for photo-engraving or color printing so that magazines, newspapers, hoardings, billboards, etc. can take full advantage of the illustrations.

  7. Instructional Illustrations

    Instructional Illustrations

    Our clean and concise style of illustration rendering translates exceptionally well for instructional projects. We leverage detailed, easy-to-understand illustrations to visually communicate information which are usually highly technical in nature. Our illustrations can accompany technical drawings or diagrams and describe the subjects to a non-technical audience.

  8. Medical Illustrations

    Medical Illustrations

    Over the years, we have worked with countless medical product companies as their chosen product illustration service provider. Our clean and concise illustrations work well on medical product packaging, instrumentation manuals, and other relevant use cases. We have the innate ability to visualize the subject-matter and leverage our original style of illustration using traditional and digital techniques for exceptional results. Our illustrations can be used in medical textbooks, advertisements, journals, instructional films, animations, web media, professional computer-assisted medical programs, exhibits, presentations, etc.

  9. Isometric Illustrations

    Isometric Illustrations

    We can create stunning isometric illustrations by using photo references provided by our clients which can then be used in brochures or on the web. As the name suggests, our isometric illustrations are created using 3D scene editors and can help display many products together in a visually pleasing composition.

  10. Storyboard Illustrations

    Storyboard Illustrations

    Storyboards are usually time-consuming affairs but are extremely necessary for large-scale product videos and animations to come out well. With the help of our digital product illustrations, you can create multiple storyboards with branching pieces of story content in a short time. We have worked with multiple production houses across the world and can deliver illustrations for storyboards in the shortest time possible.

  11. Digital Cartooning Illustrations

    Digital Cartoon Illustration

    We leverage high-end design software to create illustrations that can then be used by your animators to understand the rough storyboard. These illustrations can further help you create scale models and body molds for better understanding the characters.

  12. Freehand Illustrations

    Freehand Illustrations

    We can create stunning freehand digital illustrations with complex backgrounds and fine details. Our digital illustrations allow for smoother shadow transitions and light reflections delivered in a raster format which can be scaled up and printed in most sizes.

  13. Book Illustrations

    Book Illustrations

    Illustrated books remain evergreen, and our work on children's and other illustrated books have ensured our clients can reach out to a very young audience who falls in love with the illustrations which capture their imaginations. We can accommodate requests for a variety of book illustrations, and have worked with authors and publishing houses worldwide to create illustrations for books.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Product Illustration Services to FWS?

At FWS, we have always believed in the power of illustrations and their ability to enhance a viewer's experience while lending a highly polished look to the product, book, magazine, or advertisement. By focusing on the communication and the audience, we ensure your customers receive the message irrespective of the complexity involved. By partnering with us you can benefit from the following -

  • Competitive Pricing

    With a pricing structure available to suit every need, we have you covered. Our pricing varies by country and ensures you always get the best package consisting of the services you require without any fluff. We also promise zero hidden prices which most of our competition adds to the final bill.

  • Data Security

    We take the data security of your illustrations very seriously. We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization that ensures that all your design safe kept safe with us. The data is accessed only by authorized personnel.

  • SPOC

    When you choose to outsource product illustration services to us, we will assign a dedicated project manager. This project manager will be the single point of contact for all your needs and resolve any kind of issues that you may have.

  • Easily Scalable

    We provide our clients with highly scalable services. We can easily ramp up the service requirement whenever the project demands. We can scale up the number of resources on the project as and when the client needs it.

  • Custom Illustrations

    Our custom illustrations can establish a quick connect with your audience while retaining an original charm which is hard to come by with cookie-cutter illustrations done by large-scale illustration companies.

  • Experienced Illustrators

    Our team is comprised of illustrators with an established background. They are adept with the latest design tools and are great freehand artists first and foremost. This ensures they can evoke strong emotions from your customers while making your product unforgettable. All our illustrators are proficient in Adobe CC, Autodesk Maya3D, etc. and have strong foundations in JSS, HTML, PHP, Jquery.

  • Design and Print Consistency

    Consistency has always defined us and what we do. Our illustrations always maintain design cohesiveness and can be printed on paper, billboards, and are ready to go for websites, etc. Our team can easily manage multiple image resolutions for creating high-quality product images while enhancing your business productivity. Our consistency, in turn, gets us return customers.

  • Efficient Communication

    Within high-quality clean, aesthetically pleasing and modern-minimalistic artworks, we can convey your message in an ideal manner to all your customers. Our designs while ensuring clarity and consistency, thereby avoiding confusion. This helps them to understand your products and services in the best possible way.

  • Exceptional Quality

    High-quality artwork and product illustrations are our hallmarks. Our stringent ISO-compliant in-house quality adherence rules ensure all your illustrations are checked for cohesiveness and adherence to base measures set by you. Only when we are satisfied with the overall final quality do we send it out to the clients for verification.

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At FWS, we strongly believe that product illustrations go beyond mere adornments and actually project the key selling points to your customers in a natural manner. If created with careful consideration, product design illustrations can significantly impact your ROI and propel you towards future growth.

We owe our success to the diversity of our illustrators' skills, and we can take on myriad projects while still adhering to exceptional quality standards. If you want to know more about our offerings, contact us now!

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