Leading Pet Cloning Company Gets Illustration Services for Hand-drawn Sketches of Pets from Flatworld

Case Study on Illustration Services for Pet Cloning Firm

Client Profile - Handmade Pet Replica Company

The client is based in the United Kingdom and creates custom pet replicas using images and pet details supplied by customers. Their product line features pet images and includes portraits, purses, gift cards, slippers, figurines and memorials. They serve more than 40,000 international customers.

Client Requirements and Challenges - Creating Hand-Drawn Sketches and Illustrations

The client needed support to produce several hundred illustrations of dogs based on photos provided by pet owners. Flatworld Solutions (FWS) agreed to perform a limited free trial before the full project was finalized.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • Creating hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations in a short period of time.
  • Sketches needed to satisfy the high expectations of each dog owner.

The Solution - By Flatworld Solutions

The Flatworld Solutions illustration specialists developed this solution -

  • The team for the initial quality test included an account manager, an illustrator and a quality analyst.
  • Prior to the project, the client provided a workflow process summary.
  • For the free trial, 10 JPEG images were transferred to FWS via Dropbox. Using software that included Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, output was provided in PSD format and an Illustrator file. The trial was completed within 24 hours.
  • Based on the successful quality test, the client signed a contract for creating 500 hand-drawn sketches.
  • The team for the contract included an account manager, three illustrators and a quality analyst.
  • The FWS team completed 10 images each day. The project was finished in about 45 days.

Final Results - Provided 500 Hand-Drawn Illustrations in 6 Weeks

This project illustrates the value of using customized hand-drawn images to create personalized products designed for a discerning audience - in this case, pet owners. A special challenge in this example was working with a high volume of dog photos. The client was pleased with the high-quality illustrations, fast turnaround and cost-effective pricing supplied by Flatworld Solutions.

The FWS team can work in your time zone - our illustration team operates on a 24/6 schedule that allows easy communication and quick results across multiple time zones. We are a one-stop outsourcing provider. In addition to specialized design services like hand-drawn sketches, our international team of experts can help with diverse operational needs such as 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, data validation and multilingual invoice data entry. Contact Flatworld Solutions today to discuss our customized illustration strategies.

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