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The cover of a product has tremendous importance from a marketing point of view. That is the reason why cover designing services are fast gaining marketing substance. A fine and apt cover can fetch your product fabulous response in the market, because ultimately what catches the eyes of the buyer first, is the front cover. The bottom line is that the cover design of your product can no more be ignored.

Since cover designing is crucial, you need to choose the right cover design service provider who can do justice to the cover of your product. Among many cover designing service providers, the company which has the reputation of doing perfect justice to such a responsible task is Flatworld Solutions.

Cover Designing Services at Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions provides the following cover design services:

  1. Book cover designing services: The team of professional designers at Flatworld use illustrations with the help of Adobe Illustrator to visually portray the subject of books, magazines or journals
  2. E-Book cover design services: Our team of expert graphic designers is proficient in all kinds of designing software and can design an apt cover design for your ebook
  3. CD cover design services: Our creative designers, who are experts in Photoshop, can design highly artistic and ingenious cover designs which will make your CD stand out in the market
  4. DVD cover design services: Our graphic designers can design eye catchy DVD covers that would increase the sale of your DVDs'

Why choose Flatworld Solutions as your cover design partner?

Flatworld provides professional cover designing services keeping in mind the following elements:

  • Designing a cover is an art form which requires both creativity and business generating talent. We have both at Flatworld
  • Designing as per the need of the customer is top priority but creative inputs have to flow from the creative team as well. We have a talented and creative team at Flatworld
  • Understanding the content or the subject of the book, ebook, CD or DVD is very essential as the nature of the content or product should reflect on the cover. At Flatworld, we try to understand the subject of your book or DVD before designing an apt cover
  • Understanding the psychology of the user of the product is the fundamental point. We design covers which will convey the meaning of your product to your users
  • Designing with the aim of conveying the desired meaning is the prime focus rather than just beautifying the cover page. Our creative designers go by this principle

The benefits of outsourcing cover design services to Flatworld

If you outsource cover design services to Flatworld Solutions you can get access to the following:

  • Cost-effective services
  • Original art work
  • Cover design of any size and for any medium
  • Unrivaled creativity
  • Delivery within a stipulated time frame
  • Hassle-free cover design services

You can count on Flatworld Solutions for any kind of cover design services, may it be CD cover design service, DVD cover designing service, book cover design service or eBook cover design service. Contact us to outsource cover design service.

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Cover Design Services FAQs

  • What is a cover design?

    Cover design refers to the design of your book's cover. It is an important factor in making your book stand out on the shelf, both physical and virtual.

  • What makes a good book cover design?

    Some elements that make a good book cover design include a focus on the big picture, strong composition, an intriguing focal point, clear title and subtitles, and simplistic book cover design.