3D Animation Services

3D Animation Services

3D animation has transformed the way people can visualize products, entities, and processes and has provided businesses with an absolute creative command. This technology serves as an effective way to communicate concepts and offers the flexibility in the project design phase, which enables businesses to reduce rework, time, and associated costs. As animation requires utmost precision, which can be achieved only by well-trained and experienced animators, it is important that companies hire an experienced and skilled animation service provider for animations that provide immersive visual experience.

Flatworld Solutions is a leading 3D animation company offering high-quality services to global clients. Our services involve the process of creating models and artworks that mimic real-life motion pictures. Logo animations, 3D character animations, and 3D cartoon animations are our niche, but if you have any other sort of animation requirements, then we can assist you with that as well. Our animations can be put it up on HD TVs, mobile phones, websites, presentations, or any other media.

Animation Services Offered at Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions offers world-class animation services that are thorough and precise. We manage every aspect of your project and always strive to deliver much more than what you expect. We have been in this industry for over 12 years now and have served clients from different parts of the world. Some of the key services we offer include -

  • Logo Animations

    We have closely worked with media and advertising agencies and individual companies to catapult their branding solutions to a whole new level. An animated logo is the new way to communicate and portray who you are, what your business stands for, and what you do. Our experts will add life to your logos, which can be shared across the medium of your choice. All our logos have incredibly high resolutions and have stringent adherence to quality standards. This means that your 3D logos can be easily scaled up for large HD videos or banners, or can even be scaled down to fit on web content or emails without compromising on quality.

  • 3D Character and Cartoon Animations

    3D character animation is a fantastic way to bring your drawing-board ideas to life. Words and sketches do not have the same effect and reach as 3D animations. So, at Flatworld Solutions, we use latest and advanced software and technologies to make your vision a reality. We can also create animations that will virtually interact with your prospective clients, engage them, and persuade them to strike a deal.

  • Storyboarding

    Our team at Flatworld Solutions has the required skills and resources to provide our clients with the best storyboarding services, which help you to accurately plan your videos and successfully unfold them shot by shot. Our storyboarding experts will precisely represent each shot with the notes explaining what is going on in the scene, to make production easier and save time.

  • Audio Editing

    We have a dedicated team of audio editors and sound specialists who are capable of providing top-quality audio editing services. Our team of sound engineers has adept knowledge of all the critical aspects of audio editing, so they carefully analyze the scene and then add the right background music and sound effects.

We also have the required bandwidth, skilled resources, and infrastructure to provide the following services -

  • Art Direction
  • Conceptualization
  • Rigging
  • Modeling
  • Cinematography
  • Narrative Structure

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3D Animation Creation Process We Follow

We provide our clients with high-quality 3D character animations by following a streamlined and systematic process. As an established animation service provider, we have a set process and follow it when we take up a project. The steps we follow are -

Initial Meeting  

01. Initial Meeting

This is the stage in which we understand the client's requirements , expectation, budget, deadlines, and all other necessary information


02. Brainstorming

Once we understand your requirements, we begin brainstorming to come up with ideas that make your animations stand out and provide a variety of options for you to choose from


03. Agreement

This is the phase where you can choose the idea that impressed you and freeze on it or suggest further modifications


04. Storyboarding

Our designers and illustrators commence storyboarding, design a layout and use animatics to pre-visualize the film

Checking Animation Drafts  

05. Checking Animation Drafts

The animation drafts are carefully checked and re-checked for errors and placement issues. All issues are quickly identified, immediately rectified, and tested for quality

Incorporate Recordings  

06. Incorporate Recordings

Voice-over and background scores are put into the animation in this step

3D Animation  

07. 3D Animation

Using advanced and latest software technologies our experts transform the design into high-detail 3D models

Post Composing  

08. Post Composing

Lightings, backgrounds, voice overs, sequencing, and other such post composing tasks are covered in this step

Final Review & Editing  

09. Final Review and Editing

The animation is shared with the client and the suggested changes are made swiftly

Recording Animation on the Preferred Medium  

10. Recording Animation on the Preferred Medium

The animations are finally transferred to a medium as suggested or recommended by the client, as we offer completed animations in several formats and sizes

Final Delivery  

11. Final Delivery

The completed animation is delivered to the client through safe FTP file upload or any other storage option of the client's choice

Why Choose Our 3D Animation Services?

Serving global clients for over a decade now, we totally understand that animation requirements vary from one client to another and hence provide highly efficient services within a short span of time. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include -

  • Affordable Rates

    Animation services we offer are affordable, without any compromise in the quality and can also be customized as per your requirements

  • Top Quality Services

    We provide our clients with the best quality 3D animation design services and create professional, natural-looking animations

  • Data Security

    We understand the importance of confidentiality of content and hence, take the necessary steps to ensure that all your data remains safe with us

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to some of the best infrastructure, which help us provide top-quality animation services to global clients

  • Use of Latest Tools

    Staying updated with all the latest animation tools and technologies, we provide our clients with quality services. Some of the tools we use are -

    • Adobe After Effects
    • Blender
    • Poser
    • Maya
    • V-ray
    • Mental Ray
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • 3DS Max
    • SketchUp
    • RealFlow
  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our multiple delivery centers spread across different time zones ensure that we deliver quality animation services within a quick turnaround time without compromising on the quality

Partner with Flatworld for World-class 3D Animation Services

Having served global clients for over a decade, at Flatworld Solutions, we have an unflinching commitment to provide 3D animation services that not just meet, but exceed your expectations. Outsourcing animation services to Flatworld Solutions ensures that you receive professional, authentic, and accurate animation services.

We also understand the importance of time, and hence, strongly focus on completing animation projects within quick turnaround time at cost-effective rates, without a slight compromise in the quality. If you are looking for a professional, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective animation service provider, then we have got you covered.

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