International Image Recognition Solutions Provider Outsourced High Volume Image Annotation Services to FWS

Case Study on Image Annotation for Image Recognition Company

Client Profile - International Image Recognition Solutions Provider

The client is based in Singapore and has branches in China, India and the United Kingdom. They provide global services that support image recognition requirements for publishers and retailers. With visual e-commerce platforms, the client improves search experiences and facilitates customers trying to find products using screenshots or images.

Client Requirements and Challenges - High-Volume Image Annotation Services

The client wanted support for annotating thousands of images for image recognition software. They had previously worked with Flatworld Solutions (FWS) over several years and multiple projects. Because the current need involved complex tasks that were significantly different from prior client assignments, FWS proposed an initial free test project.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • Each image subset involved different requirements for annotation.
  • There were initial difficulties with training sessions.
  • The client frequently changed platforms and the scope of work.
  • The volume of annotation work required a 24/7 work schedule.

The Solution - By Flatworld Solutions

The FWS image annotation specialists developed this solution -

  • The test project team included an account manager and five image annotators. The client provided detailed training handbooks and conducted two weeks of online training via Google Hangouts and Skype.
  • A series of free test projects confirmed the team's capabilities to handle different image annotation requirements for varying image subsets.
  • Based on the success of several quality tests, the client awarded a contract involving 300,000 images. The regular project team included an account manager and 10-15 annotators working on the project full-time and exclusively.
  • FWS data entry specialists annotated 10,000 to 20,000 images daily. An additional team worked nights and weekends. To handle fluctuating work volume, several annotators were kept on standby status.
  • The full project was completed successfully in eight months.

Final Results - Outsourcing of 300,000 Images After Free Quality Tests

This project shows how important it can be to work with experienced, flexible and fully staffed outsourcing providers for high-volume and complex projects. The client commended Flatworld Solutions for 24/7 support, quality of results and being willing to learn via extensive training.

FWS is an ISO certified international provider of outsourcing services with two decades of experience. Our team combines high-quality data management support with cost-effective pricing that helps our clients stay ahead of their competition. Contact us today to discuss our customized services.

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