Top 30 Software to Create Impressionable Graphic Designs

Top Graphic Design Software

The graphic design industry has come a long way in the past 12 years, and today graphic design tools are used exclusively in a variety of industries to serve different purposes. Rapid technological improvements have resulted in graphic design software gaining popularity of almost mythological proportions, so much so that today graphic designing is the de-facto choice when it comes to enhancing one's brand image.

Today designers create a stellar aesthetic experience in whichever field they decide to work in, be it the print and publishing industry, the automobile industry, real estate, packaging, etc. The reason they are most sought after is because they give a company or a business a face which the consumers can relate to were hard while giving portraying them on a larger-than-life scale.

The Top 30 Graphic Design Tools for 2018

The graphic design landscape is far different than what it was even ten years ago. High-quality software for graphic design was hard to come by, and it is hard to fathom that the core of the revolution which changed how designers work today took place in the space of 2-3 years. With the release of the Apple Macintosh, there was a surge in the way graphic design tools were developed, allowing designers to print out proofs instead of haphazardly sticking them together and then taking a copy of them. Today, there are hundreds of graphic design tools out there, including quite a few amazing free graphic design software. Let us have a look at some of them -

  1. Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop

    Currently provided as a part of the Adobe CC (Creative Cloud), Photoshop has always been leaps and bounds ahead of competing programs. Although on the expensive side, Adobe Photoshop is pretty much the best graphic design software for professional layered image editing, typography, drawing, and typography support in one single program.

  2. SVG Edit

    SVG Edit

    SVG edit remains one of the best free graphic design tools out there. Built using JavaScript, CCS3, and HTML5, this software can easily work without any server side processing. Using this software, designers can design high-quality vector graphics in 2D.


    It is one of the most robust image editing software available online for free. First developed as a part of an undergrad senior design project, is still maintained by a few people who helped develop it in the first place and supports an intuitive interface with layer support, unlimited undo features and other useful tools.

  4. Gimp

    GimpAlso popularly known as the GNU Image Manipulation program, GIMP is extremely useful for image authoring, composition, retouching, etc. Once again a free software, GIMP can work across multiple operating systems while providing a sophisticated toolset on par with the Adobe suite of products.

  5. Serif Affinity Designer

    Serif Affinity Designer

    Although the software itself is a paid one, it still manages to provide a robust suite of tools for graphic designers, while maintaining a level of user-friendliness which is quite surprising for first users. Serif Affinity Designer is one of the few graphic design software in this list which is capable of 3D rendering, while helping in proper asset management, symbols, and constraints, etc.

  6. Sumopaint


    This image editor is web-based, and has an offline component for professionals who do not mind paying a measly amount for offline access. Since this software needs Adobe Flash, therefore you need to ensure your browser supports flash before trying it out. Most of the tools available are pretty standard in nature, but the online component makes it easy to drop off at one place and get to work from another easily.

  7. Daz3D


    This software is especially suited for professionals who need to work regularly on 3D models, illustrations, animations, etc. Its comprehensive set of tools can help you create visually arresting creations with top-notch graphics while being able to use its online marketplace for 3D artifacts and images to suit your creation.


    Nowadays, graphic designers are paying a lot of importance to infographics, and how they help to easily disseminate information. This software can not only help you create stunning infographics but also share them in a convenient manner with your audience.

  9. Artweaver


    This software has a free as well as a paid component, and features realistic brushes, an intuitive user interface, and support for a variety of 3rd party modules. This software is Windows only and runs on a powerful core for better performance.

  10. Photo Pos Lite

    Photo Pos Lite

    Photo Pos is an award-winning image editing and retouching program, and is a great free software for all beginner graphic designers who are still testing the waters. It supports a variety of image types, and can help create stunning text and photo effects in a short time.

  11. Synfig Studio

    Synfig Studio

    This is a comprehensive open-source 2D animation studio, and is powerful tools designed for producing feature-rich presentations and high-quality animation without having to pay for expensive software.

  12. Blender


    One of the best examples of how open-source software often trumps paid software, Blender is a 3D creation suite maintained by thousands of working professionals and supports the complete 3D pipeline - from initial modeling and rigging to complete rendering and motion tracking in one place.

  13. Pencil


    Pencil is a cross-platform 2D animation software, Pencil is ideal for people working on Mac OS, Windows, or Linux, and helps to create traditional hand-drawn 2D animations in double quick time.

  14. Anim Pixels

    Anim Pixels

    This software specializes in isometric pixel art, a retro graphic design choice which is all the rage nowadays, particularly with Indie game developers. Anim pixels can help create exceptional 2D and 3D graphic animations.

  15. Amabilis 3D Crafter

    Amabilis 3D Crafter

    This software is exceptionally important and has a rich feature set when it comes to real-time 3D modeling, and is supported by an intuitive UI feature touch-and-drag input for ease of use. One can create complex 3D models from simple primitives using this software.

  16. Prezi


    Presentations are often overlooked as a simple activity, but any graphic designer worth his salt will tell you how difficult it is to create a presentation which holds onto the viewers' attention for longer spans of time. Prezi allows you to create exceptional presentations online, and buying the pro subscription means you can keep your creation private and only share with the people you want to.

  17. SketchUp


    One of the easiest and most wonderful 3D design software, this erstwhile Google product is one of the best go-to software when you need to design a complicated 3D design in a short period of time. It is highly accurate and can help you create exceptionally detailed renders easily.

  18. 3D Plus 2

    3D Plus 2

    An application specialized in creating 3D animations using predefined templates, 3D Plus 2 can record the creators work in progress while allowing them access to a customizable tool set which only grows better with time and experience.

  19. K-3D


    One of the simplest 3D modeling and animation software, K-3D features a plugin-based procedural engine which in turn makes it a versatile software of choice for polygon modeling, while also having the basic tools for creating animations.

  20. Sketchable


    Today, graphic artists, especially people regularly creating illustrations and drawings use sketchable which is available as a Windows 10 app to create stunning drawings easily on a tablet or MS Surface. One can also edit pics, and if so inclined, scribble drawing notes too while at it.

  21. Autodesk Sketchbook

    Autodesk Sketchbook

    This software is purpose-built for graphic designers and artists who require a professional level drawing program with all the bells and whistles in one complete package. The pro version also allows you to save your creations on the cloud while giving you a few other nifty tools.

  22. Karbon


    Part of the Calligra project, Karbon is a vector drawing application which features a highly customizable, easy-to-use interface which is great for beginners and professionals alike. This software can help you create logos, clipart, and even photorealistic vector images easily.

  23. Inkscape


    A free software which can easily rival the likes of CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, etc., Inkscape can help you produce professional quality vector images while running on Mac, Windows, as well as Linux. It uses the open standard SVG as its native format and is continuously supported by an active community.

  24. Magix Photo Designer

    Magix Photo Designer

    This software is ideal for beginners who are looking to delve deep into the world of photo editing and retouching. Not you can you enhance the pictures from your digital camera easily using this software, but also perform complicated tasks such as panorama stitching easily.

  25. VCW VicMan's Photo Editor

    VCW VicMan's Photo Editor

    If you are looking for a free, but an easily customizable program which can help you draw natural artwork as well as refine digital photos, then this old, but still useful software can be of great help.

  26. Extensis Suitcase Fusion 7

    Extensis Suitcase Fusion 7

    One of the biggest challenges which graphic designers face is dealing with their font workflow and synchronizing their font collection across various machines they work on. This tool can not only provide a centralized place to access all your fonts but also has auto-activation plugins for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, etc.

  27. Vectr


    This graphic design software is available both as an online version, as well as standalone a desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. It has a large number of drool-worthy vector features which are versatile enough to create stunning website designs, icons, logoes, etc.

  28. Pixlr


    Available on iOS and Android, Pixlr is single-handedly responsible for the spurt in interest in graphic design as a career for many people. Its intuitive touch interface, combined with some effective, high-end tools makes it the ideal companion for a graphic designer on the move.

  29. Sculptris


    For design professionals looking for the best graphic design software 2018, Sculptris makes it to the list purely on the basis of its performance, which allows even beginners to get started with the art of digital sculpting, by taking cues from Pixologic's ZBrush.

  30. Balsamiq Mockups

    Balsamiq Mockups

    Creating a wireframe is an important part of a designer's workflow, and is painfully underappreciated when it comes to its overall usefulness. This software specializes in creating customizable wireframes while allowing the user to drag, drop, and even rearrange elements without having to start over.

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