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Attract and amaze your website audience with error-free and engaging travel content by choosing our team's services at prices starting at $10 an hour

Good descriptive content is the soul of a dynamic and attractive travel website. It helps you bring back visitors to your website which can do wonders for your business. However, keeping a travel website up to date with great content is always a challenge, the reason being you need to have an engaging style of writing that is different from the rest. Further, you need to have great consistency in generating a similar type of content now and then.

Flatworld Solutions has over 2 decades of experience in providing tour and travel writing services to its clients around the world. Our team consists of expert travel writers with exceptional writing skills. They are experts in adapting to a particular style and hence can meet your requirements easily. We back our great travel writing skills with well-researched and engrossing travel-related write-ups.

Travel Writing Services We Offer

We specialize in a wide range of travel writing. These include -

  1. Travel Writing for Social Media

    Travel Writing for Social Media

    With this type of travel writing, we help you generate content for social media to promote a travel destination or resort. We create a small post for blog posts, or articles, or even video clips to promote them on social media.

  2. Holiday and Special Event Travel Write up

    Holiday and Special Event Travel Write up

    Holiday write-ups are especially important because it aims to bring more people to a destination during the holiday season. Our holiday write-up services are designed to help you pitch the destination in the correct light and build the crescendo to draw people in.

  3. Destinations Pieces

    Destinations Pieces

    These are in-depth articles on travel spots. We write destination pieces in a neatly organized manner highlighting all major facts, historical information, anecdotes, storylines, etc so that the essence of the place is brought to the fore.

  4. Travel and Lifestyle Blogging

    Travel and Lifestyle Blogging

    We assist you to write travel blog publishing services for newspapers or journals based on pre-defined templates and guidelines. We have wide experience in helping our clients with roundups, long-form posts, destinations, itineraries, etc.

  5. How-to Guides

    How-to Guides

    We also specialize in writing how-to travel pieces. Our writings ensure that the how-to guides impart correct advice and information, thus turning it into a tour guide. We take to writing how-to guides to make sure that the reader gets end-to-end information.

  6. Advisory Articles on Travel

    Advisory Articles on Travel

    This type of write-up is more of an advisory service that explains how to be prepared with problems that may crop up during a visit to a particular place of interest. Other such advisory services include foods to avoid, ways of dealing with law enforcement, how to deal with luggage losses, what to do if you miss your flight, etc.

  7. Travel Itineraries

    Travel Itineraries

    Our travel itineraries are designed to provide a city-by-city or sight-by-sight description of all the details from the onset to return so that a traveler can use it as a roadmap. We write itineraries with recommendations on where to go and how to save money and time.

  8. Food and Travel

    Food and Travel

    This kind of travel writing service is aimed at meeting travelers who wish to explore diverse cultures, cuisines, and dishes, in nearby and far-off places. We entrust this writing to writers with a genuine interest in basic cooking so that they can up with well-rounded pieces.

Travel Writing Process We Follow

We have a well-defined process to write great and engaging travel write-ups for our clients. Our process consists of the following steps -


Requirement Gathering

In this stage, we sit with you and other stakeholders to gather information about your exact travel write-up needs

Team Building

Based on the understanding of the above step, we pick up a team of the most suitable writers who have the skill and experience to replicate your style of writing

Quality Analysis

Once the project begins, we carry out a detailed qualitative analysis of all the content generated on a day-to-day basis

SEO Inputs

We have a team of SEO experts who look into the on-page and off-page optimization requirements of a travel post

Content Submission

After the travel piece is ready, we submit the content to the client for review. Once the client comes back with feedback, we incorporate the changes as per the feedback

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS for Travel Writing Services?

There are several benefits of outsourcing travel writing services to a travel writing service providing company. Some of these benefits include -

  1. Diverse Experience

    Good travel writeup companies operating from offshore companies have wide experience in handling a diverse number of requirements. So, you can meet all your travel writing needs under one roof.

  2. Expert Writers

    By outsourcing travel writing you get easy access to this vast pool of writers at ease.

  3. Improve Branding

    You can bank on the quality to improve the branding of your organization and ranking in search engines.

  4. Reduced Costs

    Companies based in offshore locations like India and the Philippines offer quality resources at very cheap costs. This helps in considerable costs savings for all your travel write-up needs.

  5. 24/7 Services

    We work in different time zones. This ensures a quick turnaround which helps you to market an interesting piece before others.

  6. Quality Assurance

    Being specialized in travel writeups, we consistently provide quality writings because our writing process is driven by a quality control mechanism.

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Driven by an experienced team of experienced travel writers we bank on a well-defined process and a writing style as determined by the client to generate travel content. Over the years we have served reputed journals, portals, publications, newspapers, and travel magazines. Besides assisting in writing precise travel stories, we have been helping our clients with other additional needs such as SEO optimization, photoshop, etc.

If you are looking for the best travel writing service provider in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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