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We live in an always connected, interactive world. If your company or individual business truly wants to stand out, it is important to make sure you are offering content and information in a format that people are going to want to consume. Now, more than ever, clients and potential clients are looking for answers to their questions, and you need to be sure that you are there with an answer.

This is why many businesses have turned to video tours to market their services to increasingly discerning clientele. Video tours are a very popular tool for online marketing, onboarding, and much more, and at Flatworld Solutions, we can help you create various types of custom video tours so that your clients, staff, and visitors have all of the information they need to make decisions about your company or services.

How to Use Video Tours to Promote Your Business?

Video tours can be used in nearly any type of industry or setting, but are especially popular in real estate, tourism, and training.

  • Real Estate - Video tours allow you to take potential home buyers and tenants through a property as if they were already there. You can show them every room and walk them through the house, giving you the opportunity to generate interest in a home, apartment, or commercial property even from those that are unable to see it in person
  • Tourism - From hotels to city tourism boards, a video tour is a great way to draw attention to your property or tourist area. You can take someone on a visual trip all around a Penthouse Suite, or show them some of the most interesting locations in your city or country. All of these are made possible with video tours
  • Client and Employee Training - Video tours are also a great tool for trainings and tutorials. When you bring someone on to the company, or you are offering someone a product, there are various types of video tours and trainings (such as showing employees how to use the machinery, showing clients how to use a type of software or device, etc.) that can give them a "tour" of you, your products, and your services

Flatworld Solutions also has a variety of additional video editing and creation services, including product demonstration, customer testimonials, and more. But our video tour services are some of our most highly regarded, and great for those in all sorts of industries.

Why Use Video Tours?

Videos have changed the way that people consume information. Not only have the quality of videos changed, but also the access that people have to them thanks to various online portals such as YouTube etc. Now, you can share and watch videos for any purpose, on any website, instantly.

Video tours are one of the ways that this change has been put into action. Video tour creation has many benefits including, but not limited to -

  • More Detail - If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video tour must be worth millions, as it is able to share more information than any amount of written or image content could provide
  • Persuasive - Video content is both more persuasive and more memorable, making it far more likely that a potential lead will turn into a sale after viewing it and remember what you showed them for months to come
  • More Personal - Videos also have that personal appeal that helps build trust with those who view it. They are great for branding, and even greater for making sure that you and the content of the video appear "real", as though they were really there

There are also many other additional benefits to video tours, including SEO benefits, cost savings, efficiency, and so much more. Depending on how you use video tours, there is the potential for them to continue to help you for months and years to come.

Choose Flatworld Solutions to Create Memorable Video Tours to Promote Your Business

The use of video tours has increased dramatically over recent years, and for good a reason too - these tours are simply one of the best ways currently available for attract customers, train employees, show people around your property and more.

At Flatworld Solutions, we can help you with many different components of a well-designed video tour including professional real estate video tours. We employ a team of skilled video editors and designers that can take whatever footage you have created, and make sure it is ready to be placed online.

If you would like to learn more about why so many outsource video tour editing to Flatworld Solutions, give us a call today.

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