Flatworld Solutions Assisted a Prominent London-based Skincare Retailer with Video Retouching Services

Case Study on Video Retouching Skincare Products Vendor

Read the case study to know how FWS supported London's leading skincare products distributor through high-quality video retouching services.

The Client

The client is a London-based woman beauty products retailer with a pan-Europe presence.

Client's Requirements and Project Challenges

Initially, the client asked us to work on a pilot project to help them decide whether to outsource the video retouching services to us or not. Thus, they approached us with their need for video retouching which included only one video.

The client kept a very aggressive deadline of only three days and asked us to complete the video retouching within the trial period. We accepted the challenge and assigned a full-time video editing expert who had prior work experience in a similar domain.

Here is a quick overview of the processes followed by our video retouching professional -

  • At first, our resource downloaded the video which was shared by the client via WeTransfer
  • Using the NUKE software (NUKE 10) and Fusion, the resource provided digital video retouching, which included age reduction, skin imperfection mitigation, skin smoothening, etc.
  • Moreover, Mocha Pro software was also extensively used to retouch the sample bodies and facilitate age reversal
  • After working frame by frame, our expert was able to complete the entire video retouching process well within the deadline
  • At last, he uploaded the finished frames via the app box

Since the initial collaboration was only for a trial period, our professional had to make sure that the output matched the client's expectations. However, the biggest challenge that he encountered was the low-quality frames. Thanks to the level of expertise possessed by our specialist, he worked tirelessly on the provided video and produced international grade video frames.

Seeing the quality, patience, and turnaround time of our video retouching work, the client decided to outsource their entire project to us. Thus, after the trial period, we collaborated on producing over 10 high-quality videos every month. Each video was 30 seconds long and had 36 frames per second. So, we had to provide video retouching for almost 10000 frames. To make this happen, we assigned two of our most dedicated video retouching experts.

The Results

Because of the short turnaround time and high-quality videos, the client saved 60 percent of the cost. They lauded our service quality and chose to outsource their other video editing needs to us.

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