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The world of digital marketing is rapidly evolving as content consumption hits an all new high. As internet accessibility and data speeds constantly keep increasing, the use of videos in marketing and for social influence has also seen added prominence in the past few years. From YouTube ads to IgTV and Snapchat, businesses are now looking for enhanced methods of video communication tools.

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand the need of the hour is well-edited and ready-to-share videos created with the modern audience in mind. Videos today are made for quick, on-the-move consumption, and all our efforts go into assuring the videos are created keeping your target audience in mind. Our video cropping services are but a natural extension of our prolific and full-service video production and editing services, creating visually stunning work that can elicit instant reactions from your users.

Our Video Cropping Services

One of the modern challenges associated with video editing is making sure that a single video works across multiple resolutions and formats, while being delivered in various aspect ratios for web browsers, mobiles, and laptops. On top of that, most videos need to manipulated further as well to fit the web application and how it has been designed, thereby further necessitating high-quality video cropping, resizing, , trimming, overlay addition, etc.

Our affordable video cropping services are ideal for video production companies, social media channels, advertising companies, documentary production houses, etc. 87% of online marketers today use video as their marketing tool of choice, and our services are ideal for most of their requirements, however exceptional the needs might be. We do this by offering a full-service video cropping package which covers your needs right from pre-production to post-production, while ensuring high-quality video outputs every single time. Our services include -

  1. Cinematic Video Cropping

    Cinematic Video Cropping

    When you outsource video cropping services to us, we ensure we crop the video to suit your exact requirement. We can leverage video-cropping tools to add classic cinematic bars at the top and bottom to elevate the mood of your video, or inversely crop them in a 4:3 aspect ratio for your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

  2. Canvas Video Cropping

    Canvas Video Cropping

    We use canvas cropping techniques to change the resolution or aspect ratio of the raw video file, without damaging the view of the content creator. Often times, inaccurate cropping can change the entire feel of the video, putting items off-center and destroying the original vision of the video. Canvas video cropping also ensures you can export a video at a lower resolution while ensuring it still looks perfect.

  3. Video Text Cropping

    Video Text Cropping

    Our pro video editors can also leverage text cropping methods to stylishly animate the text in your videos. By changing the exact position of the text and setting the keyframes, we can crop the video to reveal the text at a speed of your own choosing, while fitting the narrative in an interesting and eye-catching manner.

  4. Split-screen Cropping

    Split-screen Cropping

    This type of video cropping is ideal for making comparison videos while driving maximum engagement. While most of our competitors wonder how do u crop a video in split screen, we go ahead and create a stunning split-screen video timed perfectly for maximum impressions.

Additionally, we provide video cropping services for -

From basic video cropping to ensuring quality enhancements, we as a professional video editing company ensure the sequencing of your video remains perfect throughout, while delivering the entire video in a format of your own choosing.

We support outputs in a variety of different formats such as -


How We Do It - Our Video Cropping Process

At FWS, our existence as a video editing services company can be traced back to almost 10 years ago. With years of experience in working with the world's leading digital marketers, we ensure all your videos are transformed into true works of art. Our video editing process consists is a simple, yet time-dependent process which has been perfected over the years and consists of the following steps -

Project Appraisal

1. Project Appraisal
Once you get in touch with our team for your video cropping requirements, we make sure we understand all your requirements and the platform you want to publish on. A quick demo is also scheduled so you understand how the project will turn out in real life for your videos

Upload Your Files

2. Upload Your Files
We give you access to a secure FTP server to transfer your raw files into. All your presets which you would like to be used in the video such as VSCO, LXC, DVLOP, etc. are also welcome and can be uploaded

Cropping and Editing

3. Cropping and Editing
We crop your videos based upon your requirements, while adding the necessary filter and presets as requested. Our passionate creative team ensures each output is of the highest quality

Video Review

4. Video Review
We send you the first drafts, and based upon whether any changes have been requested, change them immediately and get ready for final upload

Fast Turnaround

5. Fast Turnaround
From initial contact to final upload, all our video cropping work is completed within record turnaround times, ensuring you never face any delay with your creatives

Software We Use

We use the latest tools and technologies in video editing to ensure the final product meets your requirements every single time. Some of the industry-standard and exceptional software we use include -

  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Media Composer
  • Lightworks
  • MAGIX Video Pro X
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Wondershare Filmora

Why Choose FWS for Affordable Video Cropping Services?

Given the hectic lifestyle of a digital marketing or advertising company, we know that shooting a video is only half the job done, as proper editing and tonality plays an important role in ensuring your target audience reacts positively to it. Our video cropping services go beyond simply cropping your videos so as to ensure a definite look and feel is achieved as per your requirements. By partnering with a professional video editing company such as us you can benefit from the following -

  • Handpicked, experienced and professional video editors who understand the entire video cropping mechanism inside out
  • All videos are edited as per the tonality and style requested by you and delivered in a format of your own choosing. We also ensure the files are transferred to you using your preferred mode of file sharing
  • All our workstations are equipped with the latest software and tools to ensure all your infrastructural requirements are met year upon year
  • We take our security and privacy policies very seriously and ensure all your videos are deleted from the servers after the project has been completed
  • We have delivery centers around the globe to ensure swift project deadlines and faster TATs for our international clients
  • Our video cropping services are offered with 100% quality assurance guarantee, so you know that only the highest-quality cropped videos are delivered to you
  • We are fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards, giving us further credibility and ability to follow standardized processes for better client satisfaction
  • We have worked with some of the best marketing and advertising firms in the business, always impressing with our ability to deliver a project from start to finish in record time
  • Our prices are extremely transparent and flexible based upon your requirements, ensuring you never have to worry about inflated invoices
  • We pride ourselves on our 24/7 customer support channels with 4-hour escalation resolution times at the management level

Elevate Your Storytelling with High-quality Cropped Videos by FWS

Editing and turning high-quality camera work into pieces of art is no easy task. Flatworld has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality video editing services while leading the charge in accelerating the adoption of high-resolution, HDR workflows. As a video cropping company, we excel in delivering affordable video cropping solutions which look professional as well as have that artistic flair missing from so many different online videos.

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