Restaurant Menu Design for a US-based Online Printing Company

Case Study on Restaurant Menu Design

Flatworld Solutions' cost-effective design services helped a US-based client reduce their in-house cost by almost 50%

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by one of the largest online printing companies in the United States. The client was in need of new designs for over 200 restaurant menus that would be used for clients on their website.

The printing company wanted a partner that could create these menus at a pace of one menu per 24-hour period, and could also complement those restaurant menu design services with logos that restaurant owners could use to market their brands.

Pleased with the experience, affordable cost, and fast turnaround time of the Flatworld Solutions team, they elected to use our services for their menu design needs.

The Problems

The primary challenge presented to the Flatworld Solutions team related to turnaround time. Every single menu needed to match the restaurant's details perfectly, including their name, the theme, the cuisine options, the number of pages (which varied from 1 to 6), and more. This would prove to be a time consuming process, especially with each menu requiring such a short deadline.

The client also requested that Flatworld Solutions spend time developing logos as well. In order to do this effectively, the logo needed to match the theme of the restaurant, their cuisine, their name, etc., and since the turnaround time was so short there would be almost no time to check to see if the design was accurate according to their preferences. It would need to be near perfect each time.

The Solution

First, Flatworld Solutions provided the client with a free trial project to ensure that we had their requirements correct. The trial project was approved, and so two resources were assigned to work exclusively on the restaurant menu designs.

Each menu was designed in Adobe Photoshop, and sent to the client for review. If there was any feedback, the team would quickly alter the design to match the feedback right away. Each menu was also sent to the Quality Assurance team to ensure accuracy and quality. All designs were shared with the client via Dropbox.

The Results

The client reported an accuracy level of 97% for all 200 menus, which well exceeded the client's expectations. They also reported that their costs were reduced by 50% compared to completing the designs in-house. The client was highly satisfied with the work, and continued to send future projects to Flatworld Solutions.

For more information about outsourcing your design services and other creative design to Flatworld Solutions, contact us today. Our representatives will help customize our services according to your needs.

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