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Anyone using the Internet over the past three years is likely to have come across a variety of online videos, which could include anything from tutorials and important business meetings to simple do-it-yourself (DIY) steps to carry out routine tasks. This is the kind of impact videos are making on our day-to-day lives. Videos are being used for several purposes, including sales and marketing. Today, video marketing is aggressively growing and there are no signs of it slowing down. More and more companies are now using video marketing as a powerful tool to effectively convey their message to target audience and create an enthralling experience for them.

This massive video surge has seen the boom of video editing services. The competition is getting tough in the market and is predicted to get even fierce in the future. Marketers are using videos to captivate their audience on social media and hence the demand for video editors has seen a dramatic rise and this trend is expected to continue. To stay ahead of competition, video editors need to master professional video editing tricks and techniques to update their processes and provide top-quality video editing services.

Top 10 Professional Video Editing Tips and Tricks

It is important that video editors understand the complexities involved in editing a video and imparting a professional touch. They need to learn some of the latest video editing techniques and tricks to finish the work faster without compromising on the quality. To make things easy, we have listed some of the professional video editing tips and techniques for video editors -

  1. Invest in the Right Hardware

    Invest in Right Hardware

    Having a fast computer will not necessarily make you a good video editor, but will certainly help you to get there. A faster computer will give you ample amount of extra time to focus on the video's story line rather than time being spent on processing the video. Therefore, it would be wise if the video editors invest a fast processing and vast storage device, increase their system's RAM, and invest in better processors and high-quality graphic cards, as doing this improves the overall processing time.

  2. Choose the Best Software

    Choose the Best Software

    Choosing the right software is one of the most important steps while performing professional video editing. Every software will almost do the required job, but depending on the comfort of working and preference of the video editor, some tools are preferred over the others. Therefore, it is better to try using different video-editing software before zeroing down on the most suitable one.

  3. Master the Keyboard Shortcuts

    Master the Keyboard Shortcuts

    One of the key factors for quick video editing is to try and save as much time as possible. Video editors can get a step closer to this by learning all the keyboard shortcuts, which are specific to their video editing software. Professional video editors usually tend to use the keyboard more than the mouse, as this paces up their work. It is always good to master these keys, as doing this saves ample time during editing.

  4. Learn the Video Editing Lingo

    Learn the Video Editing Lingo

    When you are serious about video editing, it is important that you have sound knowledge about it. Learning the video editing language is one of the key steps to master professional video editing. Video editors have to be well-versed with terms like jump cut, montage, J and L cut, match action/match cut, cutting on action, etc. This helps them in interacting better with the clients and other video editors, as they can clearly explain the concepts and create a lasting impression while discussing projects.

  5. Good Music Sets the Mood

    Good Music sets the Mood

    It is nice to impart some good music in the edited video, as music can set the tone and make it easier to convey the message. However, it is important to buy licensed versions of the sound tracks of your choice and then use them for your videos. Furthermore, it is also necessary to ensure that different kinds of music, such as sound effects, music, dialogues, etc. are leveled differently. This makes the edited videos sound dynamic, which would otherwise sound monotonous and boring.

  6. Organize Your Video Clips

    Organize Your Video Clips

    To make the video editing process smooth, it is important that all the video clips and footages are appropriately organized as it makes it easier for the video editor to quickly and efficiently edit the videos. Besides, maintaining different folders for audio, video, still images, and exports will make it easier to retrieve them and prevents the loss of any important clips. The exports need to be named in a correct format, preferably with the corresponding version number while extracting, as this makes it easy to identify the latest version.

  7. Perform Adequate Color Corrections

    Perform the Adequate Color Corrections

    It is important as a video editor to do adequate color correction to get the entire video footage to a common color baseline. Irrespective of how the footage looks on the set, it is always necessary to at least do some basic color corrections to the video. RAW format video footages are easier to manipulate compared to other formats and this needs to be taken care during the shoot.

  8. Opt for Simpler Titles and Graphics

    Opt for Simpler Titles and Graphics

    This is one of the key tips for giving a professional touch to your videos. Creating good text and appealing graphics can be a difficult task but it can be done. It is important that the text and graphics are kept simple and not experimented too much with. Simpler texts and graphics give the videos a neat and professional look and this is one of the most followed trends today.

  9. Export Video Files in the Right Format

    Export Video  Files in the Right Format

    This is the most important step after the entire video is edited, when it has to be saved and exported. Factors such a codec, bit rate, resolution, frame rate, etc. need to be considered while exporting the video and also ensure that the video is compatible with all the social media platforms. This is because platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. have their own standard formats and need to be considered.

  10. Be a Storyteller

    Be a Storyteller

    In the end, it is important that the message is conveyed effectively and the purpose of the video is served. No matter how expert you are at video editing, the fact that you are a storyteller must not be forgotten. Video editing needs to be considered as an opportunity for you to narrate a story. This perspective will help you impart the right cuts and effective transitions, which help in making the video more effective and enjoyable for the audiences.

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Flatworld Solutions has been providing top-quality video editing services and a host of other creative design to clients around the world. We have a scalable and flexible video editing team capable of handling any kind of video editing requests. Besides, we have the required infrastructure and access to some of the latest video editing tools and technologies, which help us serve you better. Our cost-effective video editing services help you to save considerable amount of time, which can used to focus on your core business competencies.

Therefore, if you are looking out for a reliable, high-quality and cost-effective video editing service provider, then you have come to the right place. Send us your video clips and be assured to get the best output from us within a quick turnaround time. Contact us today!

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