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A logo not only gives instant recognition to brands but also symbolizes the period of its creation. It is important to perceive the latest design practices before you embark on logo design. 2018 marks the beginning of another important year where logo design trend is set to evolve. It is not uncommon to ask why businesses require a logo. In a branding perspective, logo plays a key role in building client base because a catchy logo can attract more eyeballs.

A well-thought concept is a must-have to design a logo that stands out from the crowd. It is an achievement when customers recall the brand by spotting their logo. If common people start relating the logo of a company it means the branding is successful. Let us explore what is in and what is out this year before you embark on logo design.

Top 9 Logo Design Trends in 2018 to Watch Out For

Here is a roundup of the latest logo design trends for 2018. Hope you find these upcoming logo design trends useful.

  1. Responsive and Contextual Designs Will Find Its Way into Modern Logo Design

    In the modern era, designers are not only responsible for creating logos that are visually pleasing but are also required to develop a deep understanding of its applicability in the relevant situation. Logos used in business cards, posters, product packaging, and public hoardings are visual symbols that represent a brand's vision, scope, or its chronicle. In 2018, more designers continue to emphasize the metaphorical and visual value in a logo design.

    Loyal Coffee's logo

    Loyal Coffee's logo by Studio Mast features geometrical line art that is metaphorically used on menus, coffee bean packaging, and coffee cups.

  2. Logos Based on Architectural Inspiration Will Continue to Gain Popularity

    Logo design based on architectural manifestation is an emerging trend that is quickly gaining momentum in 2018. Interpreting concepts behind physical space to create a logo is becoming the pith and core of smart branding. The architectural layout of establishments have the ability to help consumers recall the brand. Sometimes, people perceive well-known brands based on their physical space. Experienced designers are already harnessing this method by delving deeper into the idea behind architectural layouts and turning them into powerful logos, a trend bound to continue.

    Savvy's black and white logo

    Philip Glass's concert at the historic National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City is inspired by the iconic "Umbrella Fountain". Mexican Architect Ramírez Vasquez designed this art installation featuring a circular skylight through which the light illuminates an engraved pillar.

  3. Vibrant Colors and Playful Characters in Logo will Garner Positive Attention

    Rich and vibrant colors can evoke positive emotions. Playful colors, combined with engaging characters in logo designs can counteract negativity and be a part of the convivial gaiety. In 2018, expect to see more fun logos with lively colors and witty characters.

    Vibrant Colors and Playful Characters

    The design created by A Friend of Mine for Luxe Waiheke showcases playful typographic characters in the brand name - the alphabet "e" making a smiling face.

  4. Metaphor-based Logos Will Be Used to Communicate the Brand Message

    Metaphor-based logo is not an unfamiliar concept. Logo design based on action or essence that cleverly relates to a brand in a metaphorical sense is an ongoing trend. Hence, these areas have become the epicenter of creative exploration. In 2018, logo designs will be powered by metaphors, rather than visuals alone.

    Metaphor-based Logos

    The event planning and management brand, Run Mfs's logo represent a dual metaphor. Shoe lays refer to running shoes, and as well as the path. The logo designed by Perky Bros is intuitive and creative because it uses metaphor to depict the message.

  5. Typography Experiment Will Allow Designers to Get Creative

    Experimentation in typography knows no bounds. Designers have developed new typographic shapes and have even modified existing font family by using unconventional and intriguing photographic methods. A greater push for experimentation in typography is likely to drive the logo design trends in 2018 and ahead.

    Heritage's logo

    Heritage's logo which is designed by Bond features broken letterforms that are placed wide apart and the entire typography liquefies into abstract shapes

  6. Grids Can Give Logo Designs a Contemporary Appeal

    Grids are useful in defining proportions. Josef Müller-Brockmann pioneered the grid systems in 1981. This theory is a staple for modern designers to create logos that let viewers sublimely interpret the context. Grid-based illustration comprises concept, logic, perfection, and control in ideal proportions within the layout. This year, expect logo design trends to make a paradigm shift towards grid concepts.

    MOAA's logo

    The MOAA's logo by Inhouse incorporates letters that are grid themselves. The line strokes eventually depict technical drawings of building.

  7. Layering and Masking Will Be Used to Creatively Showcase Abstract Concepts

    Layering and masking techniques allow designers to disguise brand's connotation within shapes and motifs. This method can evoke strong sentiments by sprinkling the logo design with subtle messages. Layering and masking methods offer plenty of room for experimentation with abstract concepts and are soon becoming the mainstream trend in 2018.

    Layering and Masking

    Here is a logo designed by Bedow for photographer Gustav Almestal, where light and shadows were used in playful combination to place different abstract patterns behind the letter "G"

  8. Classic Typeface and Monogram Will Give Images a Sense of Depth

    Designs that make a comeback from another timeline are often revered because of its elegance and simplicity. In recent times, we have witnessed the trend where designers revisit classic typefaces that were a focal point in the past. Graphic designers are getting to the depths of classic typeface specifications, particularly in the areas of letter-spacing, typeface choice, and kerning. A typeface can be attractive without additional enhancements. However, when primed with care, it can lead to logo designs that can gracefully etch the brand message in viewer's mind.

    Wagon Wheel's logo

    In the Wagon Wheel's logo designed by Perky Bros, simplicity is apparent. The design consists a rich mix of both past and present along with the quirky use of kerning in the logo.

  9. Geometrical Shapes Will Empower Logos with Minimalistic Design

    Typography is one of many ways to achieve design simplification in logos. Geometric shapes used in the monogram are based on the minimalistic design trends that have been around for a long time. Simplicity and clarity are two factors that give distinct appeal to the brand motif. Logo design trend of 2018 is all about simple geometrical shapes that will easily form connection between consumers and brands.


    Ogeborg is an office space design firm whose logo is rendered based on the concept of swatch book. The logo, designed by Kurppa Hosk incorporates basic geometric shapes that help consumers recognize Ogeborg as an interior design firm.

Choose Flatworld Solutions to Incorporate Innovative Logo Design Trends for 2018 Into Your Business

Looking ahead to 2018, designers are upbeat about the new graphic design trends that will revolutionize the way logos are designed. From experimental typography, grids, and geometry, to complex applications and pattern usage, designers are ready to push the boundaries of logo design.

Outsource logo designing services to Flatworld Solutions and enjoy peace of mind because our highly-experienced design teams leverage sophisticated tools to create logos that cling to consumer emotions and convey the brand message. In 20 years, Flatworld has left a firm mark in the industry by providing cost-efficient and reliable creative designing services, 3D logo design services, animated logo design services and more to several small and big organizations worldwide.

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