Leading Apparel Manufacturer Gets Illustration Services for Apparel Industry From FWS

Case Study on Illustration Services for Apparel Industry

Client Profile - Leading Apparel Manufacturer

The client is based in Europe (Paris) and manufactures men's apparel. They own a Cut, Make and Trim (CMT) factory and specialize in production of t-shirts that range from basic to luxury designs.

Client Requirements and Challenges - Illustrations for Men's Clothing

The client wanted illustration support involving a high volume of design templates for different t-shirt elements such as neck, back, collar and sleeve. To confirm outsourcing quality, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) offered to complete a limited free trial prior to the full-time project.

The project entailed these primary challenges -

  • Client required accurate illustrations for each clothing element.
  • The client wanted to improve quality while saving money.

The Solution by Flatworld Solutions

The Flatworld Solutions illustration team developed this solution -

  • The initial quality test team included an account manager and one illustration specialist.
  • Prior to the free trial portion, the client provided one JPEG image of a t-shirt plus template design information.
  • The quality test process included design tracing, creating an illustration using Adobe Illustrator software, converting the illustration file to client-specified formats and transferring the trial illustration to the client via Dropbox.
  • Based on a successful trial, the client approved a contract to provide 200 illustrations.
  • The FWS team delivered four illustrations daily - approximately 50 business days for the contract.

Final Results - Full-time Contract to Illustrate 200 Images

This project demonstrates how apparel firms can use experienced outsourcing providers to meet cost, quality and scheduling challenges that frequently occur when illustrating a large volume of clothing designs. In this example, the client was seeking to both save money and enhance quality - upon successful completion of the project, the client stated that the FWS illustration team improved quality and provided a 60 percent cost reduction compared to earlier outsourcing partners.

The Flatworld Solutions team includes more than 30 illustrators, designers and graphic artists that can develop original and high-resolution digital images ranging from architectural illustrations and characters to scientific purposes, advertising and specialized illustrations of any kind. For example, for advertising clients FWS artists create Illustrations for both print and digital advertising media. Illustration services clients can always try our services without obligation - free of cost for a trial.

Our illustration clients can work with a dedicated account manager. FWS managers are fluent in English plus many more languages. Contact Flatworld Solutions today to discuss our customized illustration and design strategies.



Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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