Outsource Scientific Illustration Services

Scientific Illustration Services

We offer scientific illustration services that include high-caliber illustration experts who create accurate illustrations for academic and research purposes

Are you jittery about managing your business functions and handling scientific illustration on your own? Why make it tougher for your in-house team when experts from Flatworld Solutions can design scientific illustrations that help you communicate findings and learnings? If you have excellent scientific concepts or scientific products, we help you in marketing by illustrating its composition and explaining features to clients or viewers. This is primarily the reason why accurate scientific illustrations are in such high demand.

At Flatworld, our scientific illustrators possess skills to create lucid, appealing, and highly detailed scientific illustrations of varying complexity. We help you convey your message to the target audience through educational, promotional, or marketing materials. Over the years, we have worked with clients belonging to varied scientific communities such as medical research, pharmaceutical research, marine research, wildlife research, etc.

Our Scientific Illustration Services

With the help of the latest tools and technologies and cutting-edge illustration software, our team can deliver the best quality scientific illustrations dealing with anatomy, physiology, graphical teardowns of medical components, microbiology, chemistry, and other relevant natural sciences. Our services include -

  1. Medical Illustrations

    Medical Illustrations

    The medical field is rapidly evolving and incorporating new technologies. As a result, new discoveries, methodologies, surgical techniques, etc. require precise representations that can then be published in journals, textbooks, publications, posters, etc. With the help of our medical illustration services and original artwork, you can present your case in the best possible manner while enabling clients, students, and other fellow medical professionals to understand the subject better.

  2. Technical Illustrations

    Technical Illustrations

    As part of our scientific illustration services, we offer high-quality technical illustrations for medical and scientific equipment in the form of mechanism outlays, component blow-ups, illustrated designs, etc. As a premier scientific illustration service provider, we enable you to tell your story in a comprehensible manner, whether it is to secure funding, provide a status update, or announce new features to a group of people.

  3. Graphs, Charts, and Table Illustrations

    Graphs Charts and Table Illustrations

    Illustrations for graphs and charts need to be extremely concise while also maintaining high levels of quality to portray the information as accurately as possible. Having worked with clients who wanted highly technical illustrations to be delivered within short turnaround times, we can ensure you are always setting the bar higher when it comes to your presentations.

  4. Cover Design Illustrations

    Cover Design Illustrations

    Scientific journals are one of the best places to showcase your findings and research data, as well as to popularize ground-breaking technology. Our cover design illustrations are ideal for scientific journals, paving way for enhanced recognition and research impact. Our accurate scientific illustrations visually represent your findings in the best possible light, further promoting your endeavors.

  5. Scientific Figure Illustrations

    Scientific Figure Illustrations

    As a scientific illustration service providing company, we are at the forefront of creating custom-drawn illustrations and infographics for scientific journals, presentations, laboratory and pharmaceutical websites, grant applications, public outreach posters, etc. These scientific illustrations are created based upon your express needs while ensuring the subject matter always shines through and can capture viewer attention.

  6. Graphical Abstract Illustrations

    Graphical Abstract Illustrations

    Flatworld is one of the best providers of scientific illustration services in India. We can create detailed abstract graphical illustrations to enhance the appearance of your article. With our help, you can display scientific data in an accurate manner, while ensuring publication-level quality at every stage.

  7. Scientific Animation Illustrations

    Scientific Animation Illustrations

    Today, modern illustration techniques incorporate animations in both 2D and 3D formats for better presentation. At Flatworld, we are always striving to improve our scientific illustration offerings, and with our new animation studio, we ensure our global clients have access to top-notch scientific animations for product films, presentation videos, etc.

  8. Image and Figure Polishing

    Image and Figure Polishing

    Based on your requirements, we can redraw your figures to match the guidelines of journals and publications. we provide our files in editable vector format so they can be easily resized and adjusted as per your need. We can also reconstruct graphs, tables, and diagrams, remove noise from existing illustrations, and modify light and color to emphasize certain sections.

Our Scientific Illustration Process

Our illustration process is simple to ensure our clients are always part of the process and the feedback loop is closed properly before delivery every single time. Our process includes the following steps -


01. Requirement Analysis

During this stage, we understand more about the nature of the work involved and your field of expertise. Thereafter we figure out the exact nature of the requirement, and whether it is for scientific journals, technical illustration, data visualization, etc. this helps us in setting realistic deadlines and the exact style of the illustration. We also source all the raw material in the form of content, explanations, and everything else from you at this point in time.


02. Illustration Commences

Once we have confirmed the scope of the project, our expert illustrators begin work on your illustration request. During this stage, we leverage the best possible software for your requirement and begin creating the animatics if you have requested for 3D animation.


03. Close Feedback Loop

During every stage of the design process, we send back samples to you for approval through a dedicated project manager. This person also ensures all the feedback is processed and delivered to the correct illustration department to speed up the entire procedure. If you require any modifications, we happily make the changes during any stage of the illustration process.


04. Delivery

We ensure the complete illustration is delivered as a hard copy and an editable vector or raster as per your needs within the designated time period. We can also swiftly turnaround illustrations for urgent projects within 24 hours to ensure your work never gets delayed.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Our Team of Scientific Illustrators

At FWS, we strongly believe that scientific illustrations have a raw and synergistic power that is necessary to effectively communicate scientific ideas, concepts, and original research. That is why our team is comprised of scientists with an extremely strong educational background and work experience in molecular biology, cell biology, advanced biometrics, semiconductor industry, etc. As a result, we have a team of scientific illustrators who not only love science, but also art and design and the entire method of disseminating information through high-quality illustrations.

Over the years we have provided in-depth graphical support for scientific publications, presentations, press releases, books, etc. Our experience with illustration tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite makes us great at our chosen line of service while ensuring you receive only the highest quality of illustrations every single time.

Why Outsource Scientific Illustration Services to FWS?

Currently, Flatworld is one of the best scientific illustration services providers offering bespoke services to global clients. We understand the modern scientific illustration business and offer countless benefits for your business or your service which you only recognize once you start outsourcing to us. Chief among them are -

  • Best Pricing

    Our pricing structure reflects our attitude towards providing the best services possible, as we maintain honest prices without any hidden charges which can be customized as per your needs.

  • Experienced Illustrators

    Our illustrators are not only designers but have worked in relevant medical and scientific fields which allow them to grasp the requirements easily and improve on that. This ensures accuracy and quality of deliverables every single time.

  • Flexibility of Work

    We understand that changes might be requested by you at any moment due to unforeseen circumstances, and our process allows us to undertake design changes at any stage.

  • 100% Accuracy

    Outsourcing scientific illustration services is never an easy task, especially given the fact that these illustrations need to be as accurate as possible. Given our experience in handling thousands of different client requirements while delivering 100% accurate illustrations, we can assure you of only top-notch illustrations.

  • Process Quality

    As an ISO-certified organization, we ensure the quality of our processes and final deliverables always meet your expectations. Every project is overseen by scientific advisers who keep a close watch on the output.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Every project has a dedicated project manager responsible for the deliverables and who serves as a single PoC for all your queries. This removes overlap while ensuring faster deliverables.

  • Swift TAT

    With the time-zone advantage that we offer our clients, we can deliver detailed illustration projects within 24 hours if so required. We meet our deadlines 99.7% of the time, which is something most of our competition cannot offer.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    With 5 delivery centers around the globe, we always have an option ready for you in terms of which center would work best for your needs. This flexibility allows us to introduce cross-functional teams to work on large projects to stick to the timeline.

Client Success Stories

FWS Offered 3D Modeling to Showcase Vintage Envelopes to Leading Expressionist Artist

Offered 3D Modeling to Showcase Vintage Envelopes to Leading Expressionist Artist

We used #DS Max software for completing the 3D envelope for an expressionist artist in just 22 hours. The UV unwrapping, lighting adjustment, and texturing were completed in record time as well.

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FWS Provided 3D Logo Modeling Services to a Global Signage Company

Global Signage Company is Provided With 3D Logo Modeling Services for Outdoor Advertising

We were contacted by an advertising agent for designing 3D logos. The designs were created as per their requirements and delivered on time.

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Over the years, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with universities, students, research fellows, science start-ups, publishing companies, and other businesses from all over the world. Our one constant throughout this journey has been our ability to learn and scale our services based upon the requirements that come in. We treat every project with the same attention and care that it deserves, allowing us to offer the best in scientific illustration services without any preamble.

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Scientific Illustration Services FAQs

  • Why is scientific illustration important?

    Scientific illustrations are crucial for pedagogy, research, flaw detection, diagnoses, prognosis, precision mapping for cartographers, architectural innovation, product durability tests, so on.

  • How much do scientific illustrators make?

    The median salary of $55,851 is considered normal. However, the lower and ceiling salaries are $39,000 and $89,000.

  • Will Photography Replace Scientific Illustration?

    Photography is becoming advanced but won't become a supplement for scientific illustration because scientific illustration gets to the depth that is outside the scope of photography.