Flatworld Solutions Helped a Major South Asian Digital Media Firm with Rotoscoping Services

Case Study on Rotoscoping Services for Media Production Firm

Read the case study to know how a prominent media production company leveraged FWS' rotoscoping expertise to create high-quality video frames.

The Client

The client is a media production company that provides various video-related services to its customers.

Client's Requirements and Project Challenges

Often used as a visual effects tool, rotoscoping allows object tracking, which in turn enables the filmmaker to develop an outline of the object and use it on another background. At FWS, we extensively use rotoscoping software such as Silhouette FX, Autodesk's Combustion, Mocha Pro 2019, Adobe After Effects CS3, and other onion-skinning tools, to create special effects.

Initially, the client decided to collaborate with us only on a trial basis. The pilot project consisted of 50 frames from the retro videos. They sent us the Dropbox link of the retro frames and asked us to start working on rotoscoping.

Since it was a test project, we assigned an expert resource to work dedicatedly on it. Here is a stepwise breakdown of the process followed by our resource -

  • After downloading the retro video frames from the Dropbox, our rotoscoping artist started tracing the footage frame by frame
  • He leveraged the Mocha Pro tool to create element masks to extract it out on the client's chosen background
  • Later, he started tracing the object to create a primary alpha channel and developed various shapes to go perfectly around the object
  • At last, our expert created various shapes near the object and animated the shapes to fit each frame
  • For face marks cleanup, the rotoscoping professional leveraged Nuke 7.0 and Fusion software

The biggest challenge for us was to match the turnaround time that the client expected from us. Also, since all the frames were old, we had to exert extra caution.

The project lasted for three days. Seeing the quality and turnaround time of the pilot project, the client decided to outsource their entire project requirement to us. The permanent project required us to work on 1000 frames each month. Thus, we formed a team of five dedicated rotoscoping experts who worked devotedly on the project.

The Results

Because of the quality, turnaround time, and rotoscoping cost/frame, the client was able to save 50% of their entire post-production cost. They lauded our dedication and patience and promised to collaborate only with us for all their rotoscoping services need.

Outsource Rotoscoping Services to Flatworld Solutions

Since, rotoscoping requires experience, dedication, and patience, we have set up a holistic work environment that enables our experts to work without distraction. Our creative design team is experienced in rotoscoping and have supervised various post-production needs of global customers. We have provided rotoscoping services for many feature films, commercials, and other videos. With our services, you can get the best rotoscoping services for your 3D or VFX shots.

As a major video editing and creative design service provider, Flatworld Solutions can help you with all kinds of rotoscoping services. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.

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