Case Study on 3D Animation Services for Character Expressions

Creative Design

The Customer's Requirements

Our customer in question is a high-profile game developer based out of Ontario, Canada. Although new to the gaming industry with little more than 6 years of experience, they have already managed to create a niche for themselves in the highly competitive online gaming scene.

The client was looking for a suitable partner to create life-like 3D character expressions for most of their in-game characters. Since a large part of any games' appeal lies in the character animations and how they react to the game world around them, the customer was only intent in partnering with someone with an extensive 3D animation background.

After several rounds of selection procedure, they finally chose Flatworld Solutions based on our past experience, our adherence to strict quality controls, our reasonable rates, and more importantly our superior quality 3D animation output during the creative trial phase.

Project Challenges and the Flatworld Solution

The customer was extremely particular about the exact nature of the 3D character expressions, and wanted creativity and diversity in the expressions created, with different male and female versions.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we set up a team consisting of 3 of our best resources who constantly interacted with the client to understand their requirements. Their hands-on approach, combined with the use of some of the best 3D animation software such as Autodesk Maya and CrazyTalk Animator resulted in the creation of photorealistic 3D character animations which suited the customers' requirements perfectly.

Project Outcome

Assisted by our professional animators, our client was able to receive high-quality 3D character expression animations in a short turnaround time while saving 40% in costs. Not only were they extremely satisfied with the results, but also decided to outsource further large billing projects to us.

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