Flatworld Solutions Assisted a Sweden-based Film Production Company with Live Video Editing Services

Case Study on Live Video Editing for Film Production Company

Learn how FWS provided cost-effective live video editing services to Swedish Film production company

The Client

The client is a film and television expert who produces corporate films, commercial and advertising films, studio productions, event films, and graphics and animation. Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, the client undertakes TV productions post-processing.

Client's Requirements & Challenges

The client wanted a cost-effective real-time video editing solution that can assist them with TV broadcasts. They wanted to collaborate with a company that can edit in Swedish and provide subtitles in all major European languages.

Our live video editing team faced two imminent challenges. Those were -

  • The video editing was to be done in Swedish, hence, it was a major bottleneck for the team
  • Since the client required videos to be included with all major European subtitles, the live-video editing was a time-consuming process for us

Our Solution

At first, our client was not sure about our video editing quality. Therefore, they decided to conduct a trial project. They provided us with a video to edit and asked us to assign full-time personnel. The trail project ran for 3 days and the edited video was delivered to the customer.

The client lauded our video editing quality and decided to outsource their entire project. They took the video and sent the file to us, and we prepared two dedicated video editors who worked on the video the day before the airing of the TV show. We successfully completed the project on time. The client would only tweak a little bit of the video to suit their personal style. They sent us the project via FTP, we edited the file and sent back the Adobe Premiere Pro records.


The client was very satisfied with the outcome of our live video editing services. The client saved almost 50% of their entire operation cost and was impressed with the turnaround time of the project.

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