Outsource eLearning Storyboard Services

eLearning Storyboard Services

Get custom eLearning storyboards for your niche audience with advanced audio-video, narration, text elements, and more at rates starting at $12 per hour

Creating an eLearning storyboard isn't the easiest thing for businesses or curriculum planners who are engrossed in many other priority tasks. When faced with time constraints and other challenges like the high cost of hiring, and training storyboarding professionals, its best to outsource eLearning storyboard services to a professional eLearning Storyboard service provider like Flatworld Solutions.

Flatworld has 20 years of experience being an eLearning storyboard service providing company. We have everything from infrastructure to bandwidth to execute eLearning storyboard solutions without for multiple clients without affecting the delivery TAT. Our traditional eLearning Storyboard services are offered by veteran artists and storyboarding professionals who are adept at the best techniques.

eLearning Storyboard Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions' eLearning storyboard services serve academic content makers and corporate trainers by giving them the material they can use to ensure efficient eLearning. The eLearning storyboard services that we provide are as follows -

  1. Traditional eLearning Storyboard

    Traditional eLearning Storyboard

    We enhance the quality of pedagogy by converting academic concepts to traditional storyboards having proper screen transitions, takeaway, content sequences, animations, and other interactive elements.

  2. eLearning Storyboard Prototyping

    eLearning Storyboard Prototyping

    We are adept at creating custom concepts by fleshing out your inputs and objectives. Prototype eLearning storyboard will help you turn your model eLearning concepts into reality.

  3. Learning Film Storyboard

    Learning Film Storyboard

    We create high-quality storyboards for developing educative films and ads for educational institutions to make informative subjects easy to understand.

  4. eLearning Propaganda Storyboards

    eLearning Propaganda Storyboards

    If you want to create propaganda content, we'll help you with the eLearning storyboard that informs views by personally engaging them through inspiring and illustrative content.

  5. eLearning Storyboard Infographics

    eLearning Storyboard Infographics

    We'll help your audience understand each sequence and storyboard frame with an elaborate infographic style of narration. We'll include sounds, dialog, and other audio-visual elements to make the storyboard expressive.

  6. eLearning Course Navigation Icons

    eLearning Course Navigation Icons

    We'll help you urge your audience to act and respond to eLearning curse navigation icons. Our design will have graphic ions like forward and backward to help to navigate the document.

  7. Animated eLearning Storyboards

    Animated eLearning Storyboards

    We design animated eLearning storyboards that are communicative and visually appealing to viewers. Our animators will design characters and mascots to personally connect with viewers.

eLearning Storyboard Process We Follow

Flatworld Solutions offers an armada of post-production solutions including eLearning storyboard services. We follow a tried-and-tested approach to have complete control of the eLearning storyboard process. The steps involved in the eLearning storyboard creation is as follows -


01. Discussing Project

We interact with clients to know their requirements and capture the intent


02. Receiving Order

We will collect the basic ideas and inputs from clients to convert the same into the storyboard


03. Project Set-Up

We will round up the project team that includes animators, artists, and project partners to sign the NDA and SLA


04. eLearning Storyboard

After arriving at a detailed plan, the eLearning storyboard services will commence as per the schedule


05. Review

The completed project will be analyzed for unseen errors and flaws to ensure results are 100% correct


06. Delivery

After achieving full clearance, the project will be signed off and sent to the client via SFTP

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource eLearning Storyboard Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is the leading eLearning storyboard service providing company that has provided eLearning storyboard services for 20 years. With our rich experience, we offer more than just premium quality eLearning services. Our services cover a range of challenges to provide the following benefits -

  • Customized Pricing

    Our eLearning services are competitively priced so it becomes affordable to education institutions and academic content makers.

  • ISO Certified Services

    Flatworld Solutions adheres to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and we are a trusted eLearning storyboard services provider because of our commitment to quality.

  • Seasoned Professionals

    Only at FWS, you'll find seasoned eLearning storyboarding experts who aren't new to the storyboarding needs of eLearning content makers.

  • Data Security

    FWS is an ISO certified company that complies data standards enforced by the ISO. You are guaranteed data security because we manage data with care.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    Our turnaround times are faster than most providers of eLearning storyboard services because we have the bandwidth and trained resources to act fast.

  • Cutting-Edge Tools

    At Flatworld Solutions, we are never short of the best eLearning storyboard creation tools. We harness the potential of custom tools to bring 100% reliable results.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    We work with clients from different geography and always provide them the support in their language without fuss.

  • Scalability

    The eLearning storyboard services are scalable solutions that are customized for your needs. Tell us if you want additional resources to handle the project and we'll make it happen.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided a Danish Writer With 60 Illustrations in 2 Months

Flatworld Provided 60 Illustrations to a Danish Writer in 2 Months

A leading Danish writer was looking for children's storybook illustrations. Our team provided high-quality services quickly.

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FWS Provided a US-based Customer with High-quality Illustration Services

Flatworld Provided High-quality Illustration Services to a US-based Client

A US-based customer required Simpsons-based illustrations. Our expert team of illustrators provided the required services within a quick time.

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The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

Director - Operations,
Leading pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands
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Outsource eLearning Storyboard Requirements to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions provides professional eLearning storyboard services to all clients who want a professional eLearning storyboard for educative content. When you outsource eLearning storyboard services to us, we assure top-notch quality in results. We deliver finished videos within the promised timeframe so you can keep up with your schedule. We have provided storyboard services to many individuals and businesses over the past decade. Countless project deliveries topped with happy client experience is proof our eLearning storyboard services are truly unmatched in quality, pricing, and excellence.

Get in touch with us for the best eLearning storyboard services at the most affordable rates in the market.

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