Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturer Avails 3D Modeling Services for Hearing Aids from Flatworld Solutions

Case Study on 3D Modeling for Hearing Aid Manufacturer

Client Profile - Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturer

The client is based in Denmark and has manufactured hearing aids for 40 years. The client has more than 4,000 employees in a family owned company and sells their products in 100 countries. They offered the first digital in-the-ear hearing aid and are recognized as the most innovative hearing aid manufacturer in the world.

Client Requirements and Challenges - Large Volume of 3D Models

The client needed 3D modeling support for more than 50 different models of hearing aids. Prior to the full project, the client conducted an onsite visit to Flatworld Solutions (FWS) and the FWS team completed a limited quality test.

The project involved these primary challenges -

  • The client required 99 percent accuracy for 3D models representing the actual product.
  • Complexity was magnified due to the minuscule size of the product.
  • A high level of detailing was required - to include matching textures and colors.

The Solution - By Flatworld Solutions

The Flatworld Solutions 3D modeling specialists developed this solution -

  • The team included an account manager, six 3D modeling specialists and a quality analyst for both the quality trial and ongoing project.
  • Prior to the trial, the client conducted an onsite inspection of FWS facilities and provided a five-day 3D modeling workshop that included quality expectations, workflow processes and actual product samples to establish color and physical references.
  • The trial phase consisted of creating five 3D models in different texture and color variations using software that included V-Ray and Adobe Photoshop. The FWS team also produced a 360-degree rotating animation for some models. Accuracy levels of 99 percent were successfully achieved.
  • Based on the successful completion of the quality test, the client awarded a full-time contract that was finished in about five months.

Final Results - Completed 3D Models for 60 Products With 1% Variation

This project illustrates the increasing value of accurate 3D models to support both manufacturing and sales processes. This is time-consuming and requires the utmost accuracy. In this case, the client was pleased with turnaround time as FWS delivered all results ahead of schedule.

Flatworld Solutions is a global provider of outsourcing services. FWS is an ISO certified support services provider and ensures that design processes meet international quality standards. Contact us today for our no-cost assessment and quote regarding your next project.

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