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Virtual reality has become a part of everyday life and is almost everywhere, so we seldom see people asking "what is virtual reality?" these days. Virtual reality applications create awesome end-user experience, are time saving, easy to use, and effective, which makes them extremely useful in almost all applied areas.

What further makes it desirable is the huge leap it takes in the applied technological area than just a mere upgrade to its predecessor.

6 Popular Virtual Reality Applications

Let's take a look at some of the popular areas where virtual reality applications have gained a strong base.

  1. Virtual Reality in Entertainment

    Entertainment industry is at the forefront of promoting and engaging applications based on virtual reality. Virtual reality gaming technology brings extremely high user engagement and world-class gaming experience to its rapidly and widely growing user base. Some of the most popular virtual reality games allow you to create your avatar and set out in the virtual world where you can interact with other similar avatars. Apart from this, theatres, virtual theme parks, and virtual galleries are all engaging forms of virtual reality that take entertainment to your living rooms in style.

  2. Virtual Reality in Fashion

    Who would mind trying out the latest fashion without driving into a retail outlet? Virtual reality in fashion lets you browse through in a virtual 3D store and also lets your avatar try out the latest merchandise and even the trendy new haircut. Even avatar models walk the ramp in a virtually created fashion show where you can sit back and take note of the latest in fashion.

  3. Virtual Reality in Education

    Education is one of the early adopters of virtual reality. With virtual reality, students now have the luxury of recreating that historical moment, bring back legends to life, and get 3D visual of how machinery works. Virtual reality applications can also be extremely helpful for physically challenged children as it enables learning through visual and other sensory routes and also lets them take a virtual field trip.

  4. Virtual Reality in Business

    Virtual reality allows small businesses to give a 3D demo of their product, conduct training for new recruits, and even give their clients a virtual look of their operational capability. Real estate developers can give their prospects a 3D virtual walkthrough of their properties, and let them experience living in that virtual space.

  5. Virtual Reality in Shopping

    Virtual reality is the next happening thing in the world of e-tailing. e-commerce dealers and even physical stores can now make the shoppers take a virtual tour of their aisles, and let them choose their products. Brick-and-mortar shops are enabling special terminator-kind of vision to give out additional information about products and promotions.

  6. Virtual Reality in Sports

    Athletics, golf, cycling, etc., are some of the sports where virtual reality applications are used as a training assistant. Athletes use these applications to enhance certain aspects of their performance. These virtual reality simulators can easily suggest changes, like changes to swing for a golfer, and tips about the correct riding posture to a cyclist, and so on.

What does it take to Deliver Successful Virtual Reality Technology Solutions?

Leveraging technology to its maximum, and deep domain expertise are the two key factors in delivering world-class virtual reality applications to the users. Flatworld Solutions, with years of experience in delivering a wide range of creative design and virtual reality technology applications, precisely understands and knows the key elements which collectively make for a successful virtual reality application. These are -

  • Rapid 3D Prototyping Expertise

    3D prototyping is a key expertise, both at the rudimentary level and advanced stages, during the development of a virtual reality technology application. At Flatworld, we understand the need for rapid change requirements during 3D modeling, and use the finer aspects of 3D modeling software.

  • Expertise in Kinaesthetic for Virtual Reality Applications

    Kinaesthetic and visual sensations are the two key elements for successfully implementing a virtual reality application which fits the human sensory experience. When implementing applications of this sensitivity at our development labs we take extreme care as the implications of Kinaesthetic on a virtual realm are to be sensitively considered.

  • Styling and Modeling Expertise

    Virtual worlds are mostly about recreating environments, moveable models, and virtual reality simulators. This is where experts at Flatworld predominantly focus on styling, site recreation, ergonomics and other finer aspects which prescribe movement and virtual boundaries.

  • VR Hardware Management

    Extreme hardware is a key element to run virtual applications without time delays. Our hardware management team focuses on the best hardware available, and also manages frequent changes of these hardware tools, which may be required when bringing in the application from production to real-life use.

  • Virtual Reality Implementation Expertise for Various Applications

    Flatworld Solutions has the expertise required to implement virtual reality applications for different sectors, including critical defense systems and medical systems. We have also implemented VR applications for small and large businesses across industries.

Engage us now to Leverage Virtual Reality for Your Needs

Flatworld Solutions works closely with businesses looking to drive home the advantages of virtual reality applications through virtual reality consulting and implementation. Our expertise is built on -

  • Over thirteen years of experience in offering customized creative services including virtual reality applications
  • Expert teams comprising VR experts, creative designers and software & hardware professionals handle various aspects of virtual reality development
  • Technological and resource readiness to develop futuristic virtual reality applications
  • Track record of maintaining quick delivery time even for sophisticated and highly specialized virtual reality implementations

Is business looking at the prospects virtual reality can offer? Or are you looking to upgrade or implement a new and engaging virtual reality application to increase your business and customer experience? Contact our virtual reality implementation experts now, we will be glad to assist with your bespoke requirements.

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