Outsource 3D Explainer Video Production Services

3D Explainer Video Production Services

Better market your products or services to your investors or clients by choosing our 3D explainer video production services at prices starting at $10/hour

Explainer videos can be immensely useful for marketing products and services by depicting their features, functions, and how they work. There are various kinds of explainer videos and 3D explainer videos have gained a lot of popularity these days. What makes 3D explainer video production a bigger and better success for businesses is the realistic element that 3D adds to the videos. For many businesses, two-dimensional videos might seem too dull and flat. 3D explainer video production services can make your videos look more sophisticated and professional, thus impressing your investors and clients way more than 2D videos can. However, 3D explainer video production would require specialized skills and a lot of time and effort. If you're busy handling your business operations, it can be an added burden. This is why outsourcing 3D explainer video production services to a reliable company can be the best option.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) has been providing 3D explainer video production solutions to companies from different industries for over 20 years. We can create powerful 3D explainer videos to help you deliver the message that you intend to get across to your customers. When you outsource 3D explainer video production services to us, we will transform your idea into an amazing video that perfectly depicts your vision.

3D Explainer Video Production Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is a reliable 3D explainer video production service providing company that offers video production services to a variety of businesses. While we have mentioned several 3D explainer video production services on our page, you can contact us to explain your requirements to us. With our expert knowledge and experience, we will come up with the best explainer video for your business. Here are the services we offer:

  1. How-to Videos

    How-to videos can provide useful insights to your customers about how your product functions. We can help you create the kind of 3D how-to videos that can accurately communicate the instructions while also engaging your customers, helping you achieve your goal through the 3D explainer video.

  2. Ad Film Videos

    Our 3D explainer video production services can help you create immersive ad films that can deliver your brand message most appealingly, creating a long-lasting impact on your customers. We exactly know the intricate details that can add more appeal to the 3D explainer videos and we use the best tools to achieve this.

  3. Architectural Videos

    One of the areas that find the greatest degree of help from our 3D explainer video production services is architectural firms. Creating 3D explainer videos for your plans can help you communicate the details of the project with your clients in ways that they can sense your potential. We can also help you create an incredible portfolio for yourself with 3D explainer videos that showcase your superlative architectural skills.

  4. Medical Explainer Videos

    Medical explainer videos are a great way to explain how a specific medical process works. Our 3D explainer video production services also encompass 3D medical explainer video production. When you go for 3D medical videos for explainer videos, you can add more details and intricacies to your video while also retaining the quality of it, thus making it look completely professional.

  5. Corporate Videos

    Our corporate 3D explainer video production can help you showcase your products, brand, and company. With our 3D explainer videos, you can send across the message about your business ethos, what your workplace looks like, and what are the services you provide or products you manufacture and sell.

  6. Promotional Videos

    Promotional videos are aimed at convincing potential customers and investors of the potential of your products or services. Our 3D explainer video production services can turn your concepts into reality by incorporating your ideas and improvising on them to have a more convincing impact on the audience. With our professional services, you can confidently advertise or promote your business to both investors and customers.

  7. Product Demo Videos

    One of the most common services that we provide is product explainer or demo videos. When you decide to manufacture or launch a product, representing it visually to your investors is important to display the prototype that looks well-thought-out. We use the best tools for your 3D product demo video production to make it captivating so that your product creates a strong impression on the audience.

Our 3D Explainer Video Production Process

Flatworld Solutions is a professional 3D explainer video productions service provider that streamlines the entire process of 3D explainer video production so that all our operations happen chronologically, thus allowing complete quality control. Here are the broad stages that form the process of our 3D explainer video production:


01. Requirement Analysis

When you reach us, we first communicate with you to understand what is your exact requirement. We listen to you and gain a complete understanding of your idea or the concept that is in your mind. We then decide on the scope of the project, resources that would be used, team or video producers and editors, the timeline, and costs. After getting a nod from you, we progress to the second stage.


02. Concept and Script Creation

Based on your expectations and ideas, we work rigorously to come up with a detailed script that forms the backbone of the entire 3D explainer video production process.


03. Approval and Storyboard Creation

Once you review our script and give us your approval, we go on to create the storyboard based on the script by adding action and movement in the video. Irrespective of what your business requirements are like, we perfect the script and storyboard because of our deep understanding of your requirements. We use the best tools to come up with 3D videos in storyboard creation.


04. Voiceover and Editing

Once the storyboard is created, we add voiceovers with the help of our professional voiceover artists and also add background music to the 3D video. We then edit the video.


05. Approval and Delivery

After editing the video, we send it to you via a secure FTP channel to seek your feedback. In case you want us to make changes, we do so, seek your approval, and deliver the final 3D explainer video.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld to Outsource 3D Explainer Video Production Services?

Our 3D explainer video production solutions have helped many businesses create a better brand image through professional videos that speak for them. There are a host of factors that make us a worthy partner if you have 3D explainer video production requirements, which are discussed below:

  • Cost-effective Prices

    Our 3D explainer video production services come at a very reasonable rate, and our rates are flexible. We understand your requirements and decide the costs instead of going by a fixed price.

  • High-quality Services

    We are an ISO certified company. Quality is of the greatest priority to us and we ensure that our services give complete satisfaction to our clients.

  • Tools and Technologies

    We leverage top-notch 3D video production and editing software and tools like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Revit, and Sketchup.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We promise quick turnaround times with the help of our diligent and committed team of editors and all the hi-tech features that we deploy to create 3D videos.

  • 24/7 Support

    We have a customer care team that is available round-the-clock to address your queries and provide immediate help. You can reach us via different channels like calls, emails, our website, or our social media pages.

Client Success Stories

Flatworld Delivered Video Editing Services to a Top Italian Studio

Flatworld Delivered Video Editing Services to a Top Italian Studio

An Italian studio wanted to outsource video editing requirements to a capable outsourced partner. The client needed 400-500 videos to be edited per day. After a trial service, which they were very satisfied by, they gave us the full project.

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FWS Delivered 3D Character Modeling and Rigging Solutions for a US-based Design Studio

Flatworld Delivered 3D Character Modeling and Rigging Solutions for a US-based Design Studio

A California-based client wanted to outsource its 3D character modeling and rigging requirements to a reliable partner. We used the 3ds Max software to complete the project within a quick TAT.

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Today, one of the most effective ways to communicate the ideas of your brand and create a reputation for yourself is by using videos. Videos are increasingly preferred to written content and images as they are immersive and engaging. When you work with the best 3D explainer video production service provider like Flatworld Solutions, you have one less problem to worry about as we make use of all our superior-quality resources to deliver the best 3D explainer videos. We treat your project as our own and our drive to perform better comes from every successful project that we deliver.

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