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Outsource Sports Video Editing Services

The world of sports and sports-related videos continues to grow in popularity across the globe - for example, search activity, and watch-time for how-to sports videos doubled during 2017. Advanced video editing services are a key requirement in producing effective sports videos and editing raw sports footage so that it is more usable for the intended audience. To help amateur and professional athletes, coaches, photographers, and videographers manage all editing tasks for sports videos, Flatworld Solutions (FWS) provides customized sports video editing services.

Fans and players use sports videos for entertainment, education, and coaching. With round-the-clock activities for worldwide live sports functions, it can be increasingly difficult for sports video editors to keep up with a frantic 24/7 pace and schedule. To meet these challenges, our team of sports video editing experts can help you streamline and improve the entire process by shifting all editing tasks to FWS specialists. Our team makes it cost-effective and practical for you to obtain professional sports video editing services by outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions.

Comprehensive Suite of Sports Video Editing Service We Offer

  1. Add or Convert Subtitles, Text and Captions - We can create or translate existing subtitles using standard formats such as SUB, SCR, DKS and ASS
  2. Clean up Background Noise - FWS eliminates unwanted noise such as hums, wind, hissing and popping. Our team clarifies and improves audio quality
  3. Advanced Color Correction - We identify incorrect color tints and hues, adjusts the white balance, check the brightness distribution, and make other color adjustments as needed
  4. Lower Background Music during Dialog - FWS ensures that background music is not a distraction by using appropriate volume levels throughout the video
  5. Separating Audio and Video Tracks - We split combined audio and video tracks into separate components
  6. Adding 3D Animated Effects - FWS creates pro-level 3D animated videos with features such as entrance and exit animations, high-end particle systems that include fire and bubbles, motion blurs, 3D graphics and compositing, animated text, and voiceover narrations
  7. Add a Music Score - We can enhance sports videos with music scores that match the intensity of sports video action sequence
  8. Adding Background Music - FWS adds background music in MP3, OGG, WMA, and FLAC formats to any video format
  9. Video Trimming - We create sports highlight videos from filmed sporting events and nip off unwanted elements
  10. Joining - FWS merges individual videos to produce a video collage, short film, or extended video clip
  11. Color Correction for Underwater Footage - Our team adjusts colors in underwater videos due to factors such as warm lighting, shooting too close to the subject and footage with an improper white balance
  12. Slow Motion and Video Acceleration - FWS can adjust speeds with any file format to produce either a slower or fast-paced video
  13. Reverse Time Effects - We use a process known as time-remapping to produce specialized time effects by expanding, compressing, playing backward, and freezing some of the action
  14. Automated Freeze-frame, Speedup and Slowdown - FWS creates a still image from a single frame of a video clip or from a still in the movie to produce slowdown, speedup and freeze-frame effects.
  15. Filters - Flatworld Solutions employ filters to cleanup or retouch photos and create transformations using distortion effects
  16. Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Chroma-Key - We use the PiP effect to display two simultaneous video streams, one in the small window and the other on the full screen. With Chroma key compositing, we layer two video streams or images together based on the Chroma range (color hues)
  17. Animated Transitions - We add animated transitions between scenes so the final effect is smooth instead of choppy
  18. Add Environmental Audio Effects - We produce the desired sound environment by combining multiple environmental sound effects
  19. Adding Titles - Flatworld Solutions provide a customized title so your work reflects your brand, logo, text or other credit
  20. Motion Tracking - We track different objects with motion tracking so special effects or a moving title can be added
  21. Stabilization - We use video stabilization software to fix blurry and shaky images that are common in raw footage for sports videos
  22. Adding 360-compatible Titles - We keep text in normal proportions by using titles that are automatically mapped to 360 videos
  23. Adjustment Layers - We employ features like video rotation, time-lapse video, and screen recorder
  24. Audio Editing - FWS performs multiple audio editing functions to adjust volume levels, equalize tonal balance, remove unwanted sounds, and avoid repetitive words
  25. Flip and Rotate Clips - We can rotate video files both clockwise and counterclockwise in either 90 or 180 degrees for most video formats such as MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, 3GP, MTS and FLV
  26. Adjusting and Customizing Colors and Brightness Levels - FWS makes color adjustments involving chromatic filters (for cinematic colors), gamma (to correct gray intensities), temperature (for warm or cold colors), hue (adjusting for colors reflected from or through an object), contrast (controlling differences in color and brightness), brightness (to modify overall lightness or darkness) and saturation (varying the amount of gray in proportion to the hue to make video colors look more saturated or inconspicuous

Benefits of Outsourcing Sports Video Editing Services to Us

When you are exploring how to outsource sports video editing services, please keep these five major FWS benefits in mind -

  • Flatworld Solutions work with the latest video editing hardware and software such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro so your sports videos will reflect the latest technology without the need to invest in expensive equipment and upgrades. Our team can work with virtually all video file formats
  • We adhere to ISO quality guidelines for video editing, ensuring that all projects are always in compliance with national and international standards
  • We offer cost-effective pricing for sports video editing services, allowing our clients to save up to 60 percent costs compared to our competitors
  • We operate globally on a 24/7 timetable for video editing to facilitate fast turnarounds when you need it
  • We have 20 years of advanced video editing experience and employ a team of the best video editors in the business. Our customers can work with a designated editor if desired

Outsource Sports Video Editing Services to Flatworld Solutions

With 20 years of dedicatedly serving clients worldwide, we have become a trusted outsourcing partner for many global businesses. Flatworld Solutions' video editing services have already helped many small, mid, and large enterprises with a variety of projects all over the world. Our well-practiced process and policies are designed to act in client's best interests so that you return to us for repeat business. Our global delivery centers have all the right resources including expert video editors with decades of experience and advanced editing tools to turn raw sports footage into high-definition videos.

Contact us to inquire about our cost-effective pricing and quick turnarounds. Tell us your requirement and we will convey the quote within 24 hours.

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