Content Editing Services

Content editing refers to reviewing a piece of text at an organizational level. A professional content editor would scrutinize the tone of your write-up, and would intelligently judge how it connects with the readers, while ensuring the general accuracy and consistency of the content.

Be it a business which requires a steady stream of perfectly edited content for their website, or a writer looking for professional editors to edit their manuscripts, our content editing services are tailor-made to suit various needs. This is also where the language comes into play. You can take an English editing service or a copy editing with translation service based on your requirements. Our expert content editors not only perform general editing tasks, but also focus on a more creative restructuring of sentences based on the tone of your content. By reaching out to Flatworld Solutions and investing in our professional editing services, you stand to gain from expertly edited manuscripts at affordable prices and fast turn-around times.

Our Professional Editing Services

We have over 20 years of experience in optimizing the accuracy and readability of content for global publishing houses, website content for businesses, and manuscripts for writers and research professionals. Flatworld Solutions provides a complete suite of content editing services such as -

Copy Editing Services

Our copy editing services for business professionals and writers ensure that your content reads perfectly. Our expert copy editors go through your content with a fine comb, suggesting improvements in formatting, style, and text accuracy. Some other factors considered before we deliver a perfect final manuscript are -

  • Proper content and structure (checking for logical order, suitable headings etc.)
  • Legal issues (examining for breaches in Copyright, Libel, Obscenity, Racial Issues etc.)
  • Technical issues (checking for improper formatting which can result in Typesetting and Printing issues)

Dissertation Editing Services

Researching, writing and analyzing a dissertation are time-consuming processes, and require exceptional hard work from the student. Our dissertation editors not only are well-aware of the research processes, but are also experienced enough to understand why dissertation committees approve or reject a PhD dissertation.

Our expert dissertation editors carry out the following edits for your dissertation -

  • Grammar (including Spelling, Punctuation, Tense etc.)
  • Stylistic elements (Word redundancy, Active or Passive Voice etc.)
  • Cultural Sensitivity and tone of the dissertation, ensuring the subject matter is always neutral
  • Organization (proper paragraphs, sentence formation and layout including Table of Contents, Glossary of Terms, List of charts/tables, Abstract etc.)
  • Proper format for Citations and cross referencing for better accuracy
  • Strict adherence to writing styles (MLA, APA, and CMS etc.)

Online Editing Services

Our online editing services are perfect for businesses looking to grow their online presence on the strength of insightful and interesting web content. In this day and age, consumers measure a business by the quality of content on their website, and a professional editorial review of the content can ensure better search engine rankings and increased traffic for your business. Some of the features of our online editing services are -

  • Web pages and landing pages edited with focus on keywords, search trends, and SEO/SEM best practices to ensure higher visibility in the search engines
  • Option to select regional English (American English, British English, Australian English etc.) to customize your content according to your target market
  • Editing Whitepapers, Case studies, Email and Newsletters

Essay Editing Services

Most colleges and grad schools give writing assignments as part of their curriculum or ask applicants to demonstrate their writing skills by writing an application essay or statement of purpose (SOP) before admission.

Our affordable and highly professional essay editing services perfect your writing skills by checking your essay for grammar, punctuation, and spelling correctness without hampering your writing style. Our expert academic editors also ensure that your paper adheres to your college's chosen writing style (MLA, APA etc.). Along with essays, we also edit the following -

  • Scholarship Essays
  • Research Papers
  • Personal Statements
  • Term Papers

Resume Editing Services

A professionally edited resume or cover letter can raise your employment opportunities and interview requests drastically. A resume needs to make a correct impression, and at the same time articulate your thoughts formally and professionally.

At Flatworld Solutions, our team of expert resume editors ensures that your resume or cover letter represents you and your abilities in the best possible light. We format your resumes as per the latest industry standards, while ensuring that the edited content makes you stand out from the crowd. Some of the highlights of our resume editing services are -

  • Completely error-free resumes (checking for Grammar, Punctuation etc.)
  • Expertly formatted resumes (Fundamental and professional Fonts, Line Spacing, Indentation, etc.)
  • Highly impactful resumes by editing out verbose content in favor of short, influential sentences

Manuscript Editing Services

Various peer reviewers and journals are getting increasingly selective about the papers and manuscripts they decide to publish. The most common problem that can result in an otherwise well-researched manuscript to not being selected is the quality of the content. Poor editing errors can detract from the quality of the research, and prevent it from getting published in journals and other peer reviews.

At Flatworld Solutions, our expert manuscript and research article editing is comprised of the following -

  • Formatting all manuscripts and research papers according to the style guide of the journal you would like to submit your paper to
  • Adjusting references, citations and the overall layout of the documents according to set conventions
  • Moving All figures, charts and images to correct locations
  • Standardizing Titles and Legends according to journal specifications

Along with content editing, we also provide proofreading services for different document types. Proofreading an already edited document ensures that your work is completely free of mistakes, which, if ignored, leave an unprofessional impression.

Why Outsource Editing to Flatworld Solutions?

A very common question we hear quite often is that "I am a professional writer, or my business employs one, then why should I outsource content editing services?" We would love to explain why.

  • Editing is an entirely different domain from writing, and professional editors who may not be as great writers as yourself are, still can do a better job at editing and bring something new to the table while editing your content with their specialized editing skills
  • Getting a third-party to edit your content gives you an insightful perspective, as well as find errors that you may have astonishingly missed while writing
  • It saves a lot of your time, letting you concentrate on your main chores

At Flatworld, we put in insight, knowledge, experience and diligence into perfecting your documents.

  • Our insight helps us position your content in the best fashion, irrespective of the domain it belongs to
  • Our knowledge of the English language and writing styles allows us to give you professional content
  • Our experience enables us to detect errors that most others may miss
  • Our diligence ensures that you get your finished documents within the SLAs

In addition, we keep our costs within reasonable limits and give you the best value for your money.

Contact FWS for Impeccable and Hassle-Free Text Editing Services

At Flatworld Solutions, our content editors can edit a wide range of documents for you. From informal web content that connects with readers at a personal level to formal scientific manuscripts, everything acquires the perfect tone after passing through the hands of Flatworld professionals. Our goal is to provide you with a remarkable editing experience, and help you tell your stories, and share your wisdom with ease.

Connect with us to know how we can help you with your editing requirements, and to get customized quotes for your special editing requirements.

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