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Edited 20 GoPro Videos in 5 Days for a Freelance Photographer

GoPro Video Editing Case Study

Flatworld Solutions exceeded client's expectations by providing high quality video editing services for GoPro videos!

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a freelance photographer who was looking for a partner that could help him with edit video footages that were shot using GoPro cameras on a trip to Sri Lanka. There were over 20 raw videos from which to edit, with specific background music requested and a template that would provide client information.

The client contacted Flatworld Solutions and appreciated the rapid response and dedication to the timeline, which he set at 5 days. Due to our prior video editing experience, ability to meet the deadline, and openness to the challenges associated with GoPro video, they selected Flatworld Solutions for the task.

The Challenge

Editing 20 GoPro videos in only five days can be challenging, as GoPro video is often long and requires significant edits to make it high quality video ready. GoPro editing is also a very specialized task, and would require the specific team members trained to edit this type of video.

The Solution

Flatworld Solutions first sent a sample video edit to the client so that he could gauge the talents and final quality video. Once the client approved, the team started on the actual project. Files were shared via Google Drive. Once each file was received, the following actions took place:

  • Removal of Unwanted / Unnecessary Footage
  • Template Created with Client Information
  • Added Background Music to Final Video
  • Performed Color Correction
  • Performed Video Stabilization

Using Adobe After Effects, Flatworld Solutions thoroughly edited the files to create one video that incorporated all of the required elements and corrected for any GoPro related errors or challenges.

The Results

The client was highly satisfied with the video, with an accuracy level of 95% that exceed client expectations. The client said that in the future he would enthusiastically support Flatworld Solutions by recommending our team to peers and colleagues.

To learn more about our GoPro video editing services, please contact our team.

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