Outsource Portrait Illustration Services

Portrait Illustration Services

At just $10/hour save your time and effort by outsourcing portrait illustration. You pay only for the service instead of hiring a full-time professional

Are you lacking skills to create high-quality portrait illustrations that meet your marketing goals? You are just a step away from achieving portrait illustrations that are flawlessly done with a touch of creativity. Outsource portrait illustration services to Flatworld Solutions and you can see we can add dash of creativity to make your illustration.

Portrait illustration is by far one of the toughest forms of illustrations out there. High-quality portraits are not only as close to real life as possible but also provide an intimate feeling by capturing subtle emotions and depth. At FWS, we illustrate stunning, lifelike portraits and caricatures for clients around the globe. Our distinguished portrait illustration services leverage the best in technology with the creativity of our illustration team for picture-perfect portraits, pencil sketches, cartoon caricatures, stylized portraits, realistic portraits, etc.

Our Portrait Illustration Services

Our professional portrait illustrators have worked on projects across the television, print, and social media, and have a great understanding of the subject matter and how it should be presented for different requirements. We leverage the latest digital technologies to work on each individual project, allowing you to receive high-quality portraits in a short time span which usually never requires any further modifications. Our services include -

  1. Corporate Portrait Illustration

    Corporate Portrait Illustration

    Our illustration team can craft skillful portraits that are professional in nature and can be used on websites, yearbooks, corporate get-togethers, or even within office spaces and cubicles for a more personalized experience. Our corporate illustrations are always given the same look and feel for visual consistency and color coordination.

  2. Family Portrait Illustration

    Family Portrait Illustration

    Family portraits always remain one of the most requested services at Flatworld and help you document important stages within your family life or important get-togethers. Family portraits, by their very nature, are ethereal, evocative, and nostalgic, and our illustrators are accurately able to capture these emotions for a personalized experience. Based on your requirements, we can illustrate your family portraits in watercolor, pencil sketches, etc. without losing what makes them special.

  3. Endorser Portrait Illustration

    Endorser Portrait Illustration

    Endorser portraits are often ordered by clients who need to run specialized advertising campaigns and highlight their endorsers in the best possible manner. As a premier portrait illustration service provider, we can help you create endorser portraits as per your requirements, ensuring you can take your advertising campaign to new heights and get the best ROI out of it.

  4. Caricature Portrait Illustration

    Caricature Portrait Illustration

    Our caricature illustration services are ideal for print and media clients, as well as social media channels who regularly need topical, to-the-point, and often funny caricatures for their content pipeline. We employ some of the best caricature artists in the business, with experience in geo-political caricatures and breaking news caricatures. With our help, you will always have fresh caricature illustrations for your audience while remaining in-sync with current affairs.

  5. Yearbook Portrait Illustration

    Yearbook Portrait Illustration

    Get ready to eliminate the stress of “yearbook picture day” and give a fresh new spin to what has become a traditional and slightly boring task. With more yearbooks in schools and colleges trying out new ways to collect houses and student information together, our yearbook illustrations are the perfect fit if you need something new and wholesome. We can create illustrations for custom graduation pages and dedications with illustrations in a form factor of your own choice.

  6. Author Portrait Illustration

    Author Portrait Illustration

    Most books whether fiction or otherwise require author photographs in the sleeve along with an introduction. Our author illustrations can help you re-invent the wheel while giving the entire biography section a whole new look. Our portrait illustrations allow your readers to remember the author explicitly well through detailed, memorable illustrations, increasing your chances of finding repeat buyers for the author as well.

  7. Special Events Portrait Illustration

    Special Events Portrait Illustration

    Most events today are captured in photographs and videos, making most of them look like each other in terms of posturing and editing. With FWS partnering up as your chosen portrait illustration service providing company, we can bring these special events to life by illustrating the highlight moments in a manner of your own choosing.

  8. Wall of Honor Portrait Illustrations

    Wall of Honor Portrait Illustrations

    A wall of honor is meant to be special and is one of the most evocative ways in which to honor the dear departed. To celebrate the memory of this special someone, we can create portrait illustrations that do their legends a great service. Our professional illustrators can create wall of honor illustrations in a type that suits the occasion, and make the necessary arrangements based on the type of display.

Portrait Illustration Process We Follow

Having worked on multiple projects with clients around the globe, we offer a unique perspective on this age-old craft and deliver portraits that can be used for your marketing or promotional campaigns or for personal use. Our portrait illustration process includes -


01. Understanding Client Requirement

We will work with our client to determine their requirement and volume of files that require processing and the expected TAT


02. Determining Client Challenges

The client challenge will be discussed to understand the challenge involved in portrait illustration


03. Selecting Illustration Styles

We will work with the client to select the style of illustration that aligns with their needs and the task will be cut out to qualified image editors


04. Portrait Illustration Services

The portrait illustration will be carried out by experts to meet your marketing goals


05. Quality Control Analysis

The quality of the illustration will be analyzed and imperfections, if any would be marked for remediation


06. File Conversion to Preferred Format and Dispatch

The edited files will be converted into the client's preferred format and sent via SFTP or VPN as an encrypted file so that it can be decrypted using a key

Portrait Illustration Services - Our Key Differentiators

Over the years, we have managed to set our portrait illustration services apart based on our dedication to the craft and our ability to create stunning illustrations within short turnaround times. Some of the reasons why you should choose us above most of our competition include -

  • Ability to choose from a wide range of illustration styles – both modern and traditional
  • Custom, original portrait illustrations
  • Unlimited changes before final delivery
  • Final artwork provided in your requested format such as JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc.
  • All Copyrights are held by you, the client
  • An initial proof is provided within 24 hours of commencement
  • A team of illustrators who leverage software such as Adobe CC and other pen and tablet hardware to create stunning illustrated artworks

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Portrait Illustration Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We are one of the few service providers around the globe with a complete in-house team of illustrators working on multiple projects for our expansive range of illustration services. As a result, we can always work towards improving our services while delivering the best quality illustrations. Some of the benefits of working with us include -

  • Custom Pricing Plans

    We have a range of pricing options to suit your needs, whether you need a single portrait illustration or thousands of them. This means anyone can now outsource without a hitch.

  • Professional Portrait Illustrators

    All our illustrators have a minimum of 5 years of experience between them and have worked on multiple illustration styles. This ensures you always receive the highest quality illustrations within the requested time. We have earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for our continuous effort to meet the client's goal with 100% quality.

  • Accuracy

    We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our portrait illustrations, and as a respected portrait illustration service providing company, we make sure that all our illustrations have more than 98% likeness to the subject matter.

  • Timeliness

    Our timeliness and strict adherence to the client's deadlines make us a top portrait illustration services provider.

  • Scalability

    Need to change something on the fly? Want to incorporate more elements within a portrait? How about multiple file sizes and image formats for multiple locations? At FWS, we are nothing if not flexible with your demands and ensure all your requirements are met. So, scaling up or down is easy and hassle-free.

  • Copyright Belongs to You

    All rights of usage of the portrait illustration made for your lie with you, ensuring you never have to face any copyright issues for the same.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    We have the infrastructure that caters to the need of our portrait illustration experts. With powerful image editing tools and hardware, we accomplish the results ahead of the stipulated time.

  • Dedicated PoC

    We understand how certain clients need to be on top of the project at all times, and we have dedicated project managers for each project who ensure you are always up to date with the latest information and project schedule.

Client Success Stories

FWS Offered 3D Modeling to Showcase Vintage Envelopes to Leading Expressionist Artist

Offered 3D Modeling to Showcase Vintage Envelopes to Leading Expressionist Artist

We utilized 3DS Max software for designing the 3D envelope for an expressionist artist. All that in just 22 hours. We performed UV unwrapping, lighting adjustment, and texturing as per their needs.

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FWS Provided 3D Logo Modeling Services for Outdoor Advertising

Global Signage Company is Provided With 3D Logo Modeling Services for Outdoor Advertising

We were approached by an advertising agent to outsource 3D logo design. The designs were designed and delivered on time much to the client's satisfaction.

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I am overwhelmed with the support & level of understanding of your team. The effort you spent in working out my DTP project diligently with a very quick turnaround time has helped my company reap immense profits. Looking forward to a very successful business relationship in the coming years.

A leading electronics company from South Korea
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Outsource Portrait Illustration Services to Flatworld Solutions

The art of illustration is not as prevalent as it once was, and with new digital techniques taking over, you need the services for a partner who really knows this world and thrive in it. Flatworld's team of illustrators are always on the lookout for fresh challenges to leverage their creativity and can help you with all your requirements, however obscure they might be on paper.

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