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Video marketing is become one of the rising trends in recent times in the marketing domain. Most of the companies today are using the tool of video marketing and this is resulting in increasing their sales manifold. In this fast-paced world a customer rather watch a short video rather than reading an article which conveys the same message. With more and more companies opting for video marketing lot of video editing tools are being developed and used in the market.

With the advent of many social video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. editing and creating videos has become very popular these days. There are a lot of software available online which can be used to create and edit videos online without having the need to download the software. In this article we have listed some of the most popular online video editing tools.

10 Top Online Video Editing Tools

With video marketing gaining so much popularity in the industry, there are several new online video editing tools being developed. Even beginners are easily able to create videos and edit them. Some of the best online video editing tools are listed here -

  1. WeVideo


    This is one of the top online video editors which is available for everyone to use. This tool allows several people to work on the same project at the same time. Unfinished videos can be automatically be saved in Google drive and it allows you to capture raw videos from your phone directly. This is an easy to use and very intuitive video editing tool which has received rave reviews for its simplicity.

  2. Weavly


    This is a video editing website which is available to video editors of all skill levels. It has a very simple user interface and an easy drag and drop feature which can be used to create videos without much effort, including the ability to create GIF mashups. This tool also allows you to import videos and clips from other sources and then edit them as per your requirement.



    This is one of the simplest and very easy to understand online video editors available today. This tool gives you a white labeled online video editing toolbox which can be further customized as per your requirements. Some of the features of this tool include frame level cut, transitions, text, sound effects, video etc.

  4. Video Toolbox


    This is one of the best online video editors and remains a widely used video editing tool ever since its inception. Apart from video editing this tool also analyses different information such as bit rate, frame rate, codec, and resolution. The tool can also be used to convert the existing file format into any other video format.

  5. Shotclip


    This is a great online video editing tool which is very helpful for even amateurs apart from professional video editors. Along with the website, this tool is available in the form of a mobile application which can used to edit videos very conveniently using their 3-step process.

  6. Magisto


    Magisto is a great online video editing app which helps even a beginner video editor to turn normal videos into elegant and professional looking movies. It is very user friendly and is loaded with features and tools which can keep a video editor happy and interested for hours.

  7. Kaltura


    This is the first open source online video editing platform which is very popular amongst video editors. It features an easy to understand interface and can be very conveniently used even by amateurs or first time users. It also differentiates itself by providing support for open source community-supported solutions in many areas of video publishing.

  8. Wideo


    This is another great website which can be used to create videos and animated videos. This video editing tool provides a drag and drop interface to create a sequence of animated videos. This tool allows you to use different video elements as many times as possible in the video as compared to other tools.

  9. PowToon


    PowToon is another very interactive video editing tool which is easy to learn and use. This tool provides a great platform to create videos which serve an explanatory purpose. This also has an easy to use interface with drag and drop functionality which makes the task of video editing a breeze.

  10. Pixorial


    This is one of the most popular video creation and editing tools available on the web today. It has a very intuitive user interface and remains easy-to-use. This video editing tool does not expect you to know any prerequisites about video editing and can be used even by beginners. This tool is also available as a mobile app on Android and iOS, thereby presenting itself to a much larger market share than their competitors.

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