2D Animation Services

2D Animation Services

Streamline your 2D animation needs with advanced scripting and GPU acceleration to enhance creative flexibility and speed up production while ensuring cost savings for your televised and cinematic projects.

In the context of 2D animation services, we use advanced scripting languages and custom-built plugins to automate repetitive tasks significantly and streamline the animation process. This strategic automation empowers our animators to focus more on the creative aspects of the project, such as perfecting the character design and movements, rather than spending time on manual, time-consuming tasks. This not only enhances the efficiency of the workflow but also improves the overall calibre of the animation.

The integration of GPU acceleration within our review process enables our animators to edit animations immediately, without the need for time-consuming rendering processes. This immediate feedback significantly speeds up the production process, as changes and adjustments can be made on the spot. This contributes to a more efficient workflow, quicker project turnaround times, and cost savings. It also allows for more creative flexibility, as our animators can experiment with different ideas and see instant results. Our optimized operational framework in the primary reason why some of the largest global 2D animation studios choose us as their offshoring partner to transition their televised productions and cinematic projects from ideation to creation. Talk to our business reps today for a free quote!

Our team of 2D animation professionals can help you by taking over your design tasks and streamlining the animation process. To ensure high-quality animation deliverables, we make use of the latest animation techniques and technologies. We have worked with multiple clients and created compelling 2D animations for a wide variety of purposes. Our services help you drive engagement and boost conversions by leveraging the consolidation of captivating visuals, audio, and narration.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided 3D Animation and Modeling for Medical Research Videos

We Provided 3D Animation and Modeling for Medical Research Videos

We used 30 animators, artists, and collaborators and dedicated over 3200 resource hours to provide top-quality 3D animated explainer research videos for a top European medical research team.

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FWS Provided 2D Animation Services for Comic Characters

Established Children's Book Writer Availed Our 2D Animation Services for Comic Characters

A leading children's book writer approached us with a requirement of 2D animation services. Our creative team provided the services within a quick turnaround time.

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Clients Speak

This is FANTASTIC! Really, I am very happy with the result. Your turn-around is great, quality is great, and price is great also. I will send you hopefully many more videos to edit.

Real Estate Videographer and Photographer, USA

Professional 2D Animation Services We Offer

Our sophisticated rigging systems and vector-based assets converge with seamless multi-platform optimization, delivering high-fidelity animations that drive engagement and provide our studio partners with versatile content for any distribution channel.

  1. Creative 2D Animation Services

    Creative 2D Animation Services

    We harness the capabilities of bitmap and vector integration, allowing us to blend intricate hand-drawn textures with scalable vector graphics for a unique artistic style. Our service includes a proprietary tweening algorithm that adds life-like interpolation between keyframes.

  2. 2D Video Animation Services

    2D Video Animation Services

    We optimize our 2D assets for various outputs, ensuring consistency across broadcast, streaming, and mobile platforms. Our animators utilize advanced rigging systems that include dynamic bones and IK automation for more expressive character movements.

  3. Motion Graphic Animations

    Motion Graphic Animations

    Our motion graphic animations are enhanced with data-driven visuals that adapt in real-time to live data sources, perfect for dynamic infographic displays. We employ modular graphic elements that allow for rapid iteration and customization without sacrificing design coherence.

  4. Animated Explainer Videos

    Animated Explainer Videos

    We use non-linear editing suites to experiment with timing and pacing, delivering the most effective sequencing for narrative clarity. Our explainer videos often incorporate interactive elements, allowing viewers to engage directly with the content.

  5. Whiteboard Animations

    Whiteboard Animations

    To ensure a handcrafted look, we utilize custom brush engines that mimic the variability of human drawing, making each animation feel personalized and authentic. Our whiteboard animations can be augmented with interactive hotspots for educational or training modules.

  6. Stop Motion Animations

    Stop Motion Animations

    Our integration of Dragonframe technology with 3D-printed models allows for consistent repeatability in facial expressions and minute details. We use advanced motion control rigs to execute complex camera moves that add cinematic quality to stop motion footage.

  7. Animated Commercials

    Animated Commercials

    We employ behavioural psychology principles to create character designs and narratives that resonate with target demographics. Our use of dynamic camera movements and transitions are storyboarded to emphasize key product features.

  8. Infographic Videos

    Infographic Videos

    Our infographics are rendered with real-time data visualization tools, allowing for animations that reflect the most current metrics and statistics. We apply semantic zoom techniques that reveal layers of information as the viewer engages with the content.

  9. Cut-out Animation

    Infographic Videos

    We integrate motion blur and custom easing functions to our cut-out animations to provide a more fluid and natural movement, closely mimicking full-frame animation. Our cut-out characters are designed with modularity in mind, allowing for efficient asset reuse and scene composition.

  10. Shape Animation

    Infographic Videos

    We utilize script-driven shape generation for consistent animation patterns, particularly useful in brand logos and iconography. Our animations are further enhanced by advanced blending modes and filters, creating vibrant and impactful motion graphics.

  11. Frame-by-frame Animation

    Infographic Videos

    Our frame-by-frame animations are produced with custom brushes designed to replicate traditional media, giving a timeless quality to the digital artwork. We employ onion-skinning techniques with adjustable transparency to maintain consistency across frames.

  12. Kinetic Typography

    Kinetic Typography

    Our kinetic typography is designed with adaptive layout algorithms, ensuring legibility and impact across all device resolutions. We integrate 3D typography with traditional 2D motion to provide a layered, engaging viewer experience.

  13. 360 Animation

    360 Animation

    We create 360 animations with stereoscopic rendering, offering a truly immersive experience that can be integrated into VR headsets for interactive narratives. Our team utilizes spatial mapping to ensure animations interact realistically with the viewer's environment.

  14. Mechanical Animation

    Mechanical Animation

    Our mechanical animations are developed with simulation software to validate the movement of parts against mechanical constraints, ensuring accuracy in the portrayal of complex machinery. We employ texture baking to achieve high-resolution surface detail that maintains performance efficiency.

  15. Chuckimation


    We use precision timing mechanisms to coordinate chuckimation sequences with live-action footage, creating a seamless blend of motion styles. Our post-production compositing ensures that the elements are integrated with a high degree of realism.

  16. Puppetry Animation

    Puppetry Animation

    We enhance puppetry animations with real-time visual effects processing, allowing for in-camera compositing of backgrounds and special effects. Our digital de-aging techniques ensure puppets maintain a pristine appearance throughout the animation process.

  17. Clay Animation

    Clay Animation

    Our clay animation workflow includes digital wire removal and surface smoothing algorithms, which clean up each frame for a polished final product. We apply advanced digital sculpting techniques to create detailed moulds for clay models, ensuring consistency across frames.

  18. Augmented Reality Animation

    Augmented Reality Animation

    For AR animations, we focus on occlusion culling and depth-sensing algorithms to ensure digital content properly interacts with the physical environment. Our AR animations are optimized for edge computing, reducing latency, and improving the user experience.

Workflow For Our Creative 2D Animation Services

As an ISO-certified company, we ensure that our deliverables are of the highest quality and meet global guidelines. Our workflow process includes the steps below -


Our 2D animation process starts with a project scope review focusing on client requirements


This is followed by the allocation of resources and appointment of a project manager who serves as the primary client contact and provides updates


The execution phase includes concept art, character design, storyboarding, animatics and compositing


Our next phase includes multiple internal quality checks


Final results are delivered in the client's preferred format such as PDF, PNG, TIFF, and JPEG

Software We Use to Create Diverse 2D Animation Styles

Autodesk Maya 3Ds Max Adobe After effects Silhouette Nuke

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Animation Service

We deploy Bezier curve manipulation for precise in-betweening, achieving high fidelity in character motion arcs and fluidity.

Graphic Design Service

Utilizing grid systems and modular scales, our designs ensure visual coherence and scalability across all resolutions.

3D Animation Services

Our workflows incorporate subsurface scattering and tessellation for lifelike textures and detail in 3D models.

Character Animation Services

We apply advanced facial rigging with blend shapes for nuanced expression and emotive character performances.

Illustration Services

Leveraging perspective grids and digital inking, we craft illustrations with depth and precision linework.

Product Animation Service

We utilize CAD data import and particle dynamics to accurately depict mechanical functions and product interactions.

Storyboard Services

Employing thumbnail sketches and frame composition analysis, we refine storyboards for optimal visual storytelling.

Artwork Services

We integrate concept art with environment design, using digital brushes and layer compositing for atmospheric effect.

Why Choose Us as Your 2D Animation Company?

We prioritize the integration of procedural generation and custom scripting to automate workflows, which allows for intricate, high-volume animation that complement the quality and individuality your projects demand.

  • Dedicated Expertise in Character Animation

    Our 2D character animation service provides meticulously crafted character dynamics, employing bone rigs and custom tweening to breathe life into every creation with expressive detail and fluidity.

  • Streamlined Outsourcing Model

    As a premier 2D animation outsourcing company, we offer a refined process that guarantees efficiency, rapid turnaround, and cost-effective solutions without compromising on the complex artistry of your animation needs.

  • Advanced Hand Sketch Techniques

    Our 2D hand sketch animation service combines traditional artistry with digital enhancements, resulting in a rich, hand-crafted aesthetic that stands out for its organic appeal and charm.

  • Innovative Technology Integration

    We leverage the latest in vector graphics, raster-to-vector conversion, and real-time rendering to deliver sharp, scalable animations ready for multi-platform distribution.

  • Customized Creative Solutions

    Our team tailors each project to your unique vision, utilizing advanced storyboarding and pre-visualization tools to ensure your ideas are fully realized in the final product.

  • Strategic Project Management

    We provide seamless communication and a collaborative approach throughout the production cycle, ensuring a synchronized effort that aligns with your strategic objectives and deadlines.

Outsource 2D Animation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Our service extends beyond delivering exceptional animations; we provide a strategic asset to your studio's repertoire. By outsourcing to us, you gain access to a team that operates as an extension of your own, with seamless integration into your existing production pipeline. We understand the challenges of tight deadlines and strict budgets, and our adaptive approach means we can scale our resources to meet your project's demands without ever sacrificing the artistic integrity of the work.

Our custom-built animation pipeline is crafted with unique interpolation algorithms that ensure smooth transitions and lifelike motion between frames, a technique crucial for creating natural and compelling animations. Combined with the capacity for real-time rendering, this allows for immediate review and iteration of the animated content, significantly reducing production timelines while maintaining the highest quality.

Reduce timelines and raise the bar for quality with our state-of-the-art animation pipeline. Connect with us to learn how our real-time rendering can revolutionize your content creation process.

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Important Information: We are an offshore firm. All design calculations/permit drawings and submissions are required to comply with your country/region submission norms. Ensure that you have a Professional Engineer to advise and guide on these norms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Criteria Should I Consider When Selecting A 2D Animation Service Provider?

Evaluate the provider's industry reputation, artistic and technical versatility, adherence to delivery timelines, and their ability to collaborate closely with your vision while providing strategic insights and scalable solutions.

What Advantages Does Outsource 2D Animation Bring to My Company?

Outsourcing provides access to specialized artistic talent and cutting-edge animation technology, enhances content quality, streamlines production cycles, and optimizes cost-efficiency, all while expanding your creative capacity.

What Is the Typical Pricing Structure For 2D Animation Services?

Pricing structures vary based on animation style, frame rate, project length, and intricacy of the assets and scenes required, often structured as a flat project fee, hourly rates, or milestone-based payments.

Is It Possible to Allocate a Dedicated Team Exclusively for My 2D Animation Project?

Absolutely, we can curate a team dedicated to your project's success, comprised of skilled animators, storyboard artists, and directors, all focused on achieving your specific creative objectives.

What Kind of Post-Project Support and Maintenance Do You Offer?

Our post-project support includes technical troubleshooting, content updates, and iterative refinements to ensure the animation continues to meet your strategic marketing or educational objectives over time.

Does Your Service Include Assistance with Scriptwriting for The Animation?

Indeed, we provide comprehensive scriptwriting support, creating compelling narratives that effectively complement the visual elements of your animation and resonate with your intended audience.

Can Completed Animation Be Delivered in Various File Formats?

Yes, we deliver animations in multiple file formats, ensuring compatibility across diverse digital platforms, from web-based applications and social media channels to high-definition broadcast outputs.