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Visual Effects Services

Cut through the clutter and stand out visibly with our visual effect services at just $10/hour. Outsource to us today!

Struggling to make your videos look more professional and aesthetically pleasing? Let us take care of this one for you. Even though visual effects are critical to the viewing experience; it is not one of the core filmmaking functions. Offshore your requirement to a top-notch VFX outsourcing company like Flatworld Solutions; get special effects services of international caliber at the best prices!

Our in-house team comprises 100+ artists honed by global VFX leaders. We work from 10+ global delivery centers to offer the quickest TATs in the industry. Our artists routinely churn large volumes of outputs in 12-24 hours. Our experts have 22+ years of industry experience in delivering complex sequences to large production houses and MNCs for high-end television and feature films. Reach out to us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Professional Visual Effect Services We Offer

We enable universal VFX companies to take on the big projects that they have been deliberating so far! We work alongside you as a flexible partner and do all the heavy lifting so that you can deliver quality services to your clients in record time. Our services include -

  1. VFX Animation Services

    VFX Animation Services

    Did you know that visual effects outsourcing can help save up to 50% on costs? Reach out to our experts for a wide range of solutions that covers animations for -

    • Television
    • Digital
    • Full-length feature films
    • Promotional media
  2. Rotoscoping Services

    Rotoscoping Services

    From crowd duplication to individual hair strands, our experts can matte it all. Our services include -

    • Nuke or Silhouette Splines
    • Hard & motion blur mattes
    • VFX Roto
    • Stereo Roto
    • Green/Blue Keying
    • Matt Extraction
  3. Tracking & Matchmove Services

    Tracking & Matchmove Services

    At Flatworld Solutions, we have the tools and technology required to tackle the most complex solves. Our services include -

    • Camera & object tracking
    • 2D tracking
    • Maya, FBX, or Alembic scenes
    • Proxy geometry or detailed set models
    • QC playblast
  4. Cleanup Services

    Cleanup Services

    Looking for rig removal, beautification services, reflection editing, and more? We have got you covered. Our paint-prep services include -

    • Wire Removals
    • Camera/Reflection Removals
    • Crew/Object Removals
    • Clean plate Creation
    • Dust/Scratch Removals
  5. 3D Visual Effects Services

    3D Visual Effects Services

    Our deliverables go above and beyond basic 2D visual effects services. Our 3D solutions include -

    • Research Animatics
    • Architectural Visualizations
    • Modeling
    • Rigging
    • Animation
    • Lighting & Texturing
    • FX

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource VFX Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We offer VFX outsourcing services to Fortune 1000 companies, individuals, and other global organizations in 160+ countries. The benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Team of Global Experts

    We have a team of 100+ highly qualified VFX specialists, designers, graphics artists, illustrators, and visualizers. Our visual animation professionals are skilled in VFX software such as SilhouetteFX, After Effects CC, Maya, and Fastmocap.

  • Exceptional Outputs

    We are an ISO-certified company that provides high-quality VFX services that meet international guidelines. Our consistent and high-quality visual effects results produce 99 percent compliance with SLA standards.

  • Fastest TATs

    Our team operates on a 24/7 schedule that allows fast turnarounds. By outsourcing visual effects services to us, our clients benefit from the time zone advantage.

  • 100% Data Security

    To ensure privacy and security, our VFX team employs secure web servers and FTP uploads, virtual private networks, and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.

  • Cost-effective Services

    We offer flexible pricing models and cost-effective services to all clients. Our prices start at $10/hour.

Client Success Stories

Created Animation Films for Swiss Client


Flatworld Solutions aided a Swiss client with animation videos that would help raise awareness about problems and challenges associated with alcohol abuse, drug use, and other public health issues.

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3D Animation & Modeling for Medical Research Videos


Flatworld Solutions used 30 animators, artists, and collaborators and dedicated over 3200 resource hours to provide top-quality 3D animated explainer research videos for a top European medical research team.

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Outsource VFX Services to Flatworld Solutions


My experience working with Flatworld Solutions Inc. was great! Every team member that assisted in completing my first book project was flexible, efficient, reliable, knowledgeable, and professional.

Author, USA More Testimonials »

Flatworld Solutions is a one-stop global outsourcing provider. In addition to VFX services, we offer a range of creative services to international clients across industries and verticals. Our experts can deliver up to 500 edited videos to clients within a day. By choosing us, you get access to skilled VFX artists who are well-acquainted with the latest design tools and software.

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Visual Effects Services FAQs

  • What does visual effect mean?

    Visual effects or VFX is a computer-generated special effect to make the footage appear special. Software is used to incorporate effects into the footage.

  • Why are visual effects important?

    Live-action has its limitation. This is where visual effects come in. In the post-production stages, reality defining action sequences and effects are added to enhance the visuals.

  • What does a visual effects editor do?

    The visual effects editor is responsible for overseeing the post-production of visual effects. He or she coordinates the various functions like audio syncing, animation, and much more.