MP4 Video Editing Services

MP4 Video Editing Services

MP4 or MPEG-4 is among the most preferred video file formats and thus most of the video developers and movie makers seek high-quality MP4 video editing services.

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer the best MP4 video editing services to our clients. Most of the videos you watch on your mobile or computer are available in the MP4 file format. Owing to the benefits and the versatility of the MP4 file format, it is being increasingly used on the web. Capable of delivering excellent streaming quality on the mobile devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions, MP4 has gained immense popularity and worldwide acceptance. Due to the augmented use of this format, video engineering firms offer highly creative services in the video editing domain and ensure that your videos are ideal to be used on web or other mass communication sources. With a team of seasoned MP4 video editors, we excel at delivering cutting-edge videos edited as per the custom requirements.

Services We Offer: MP4 Video Editing

  1. Basic MP4 Movie Editing

    The basic MP4 video editing includes an array of editing services aimed at sequencing the video footages, merging the different videos into one, standardizing the video formats, and removing any unwanted or distracting elements from the video.

  2. MP4 Special Effects Addition

    We provide MP4 special effects in addition to enhancing your raw footages with a plethora of special effects such as addition of the background scores, animations, voice-overs, changing the appearance of certain scenes with different colors, tilting & zooming, transitions and addition of the titles in the beginning or end of the video.

  3. MP4 Video Enhancement with Background Score Integration

    Background scores make the videos more interesting and also enhance their appeal. We are experts in integrating the background scores in the videos. Our creative editors carefully analyze the content of the videos and then add the relevant background music which ideally matches its contents.

  4. MP4 Image Stabilization and Color Enhancement Services

    Our video editing for mp4 services include correcting the different elements in the video to enhance its appeal. Sometimes the colors are not captured perfectly while shooting the video and sometimes the camera is shaken owing to which the captured moments may become shaky, upside down, or blurred. We offer the best-in-class services to correct these flaws in order to deliver you the best videos.

  5. MP4 Videos Subtitling and Annotations

    If you want your video footages to carry the titles, subtitles and annotations, then we can provide you the finest video editing services for adding the required elements in the video as per your specifications.

Top 5 MP4 Video Editors That We Use

Flatworld Solutions is a renowned name in creative design and we offer highly Professional mp4 video editing services by using the most advanced and cutting-edge tools. Here are the top 5 video editing software which we use to deliver our clients the most flawlessly edited MP4 videos -

  1. Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker

    Window Movie Maker has established itself as one of the most efficacious MP4 video editing tools. It supports a lot of formats apart from MP4 and its drag-n-drop functionality enables the users to add video clips easily from the computer and drop them into the program. Using this tool, the videos and photos can be combined, music or sound can be added, and you can choose to play the videos at a speed you want.

  2. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

    Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

    Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is one of the most professional MP4 editors which ideally meets your MP4 video editing needs with a plethora of useful features including cropping, trimming, merging, splitting, adding watermarks, inserting subtitles, editing the audio and adjusting video effects.

  3. VSDC Video Editor

    VSDC Video Editor

    With support only for Windows OS, VSDC MP4 video editor can be used for editing the video files. There are a plethora of features supported by VSDC video editor, including transitions, video filters, audio effects along with drawing & selection tools.

  4. Avidemux


    Avidemux is one of the most comprehensive MP4 video editors facilitating simple cutting, encoding and filtering of the MP4 videos. With its powerful scripting capabilities, the tasks can be automated. Being open source, Avidemux can be used by any operating system and its open source nature assures the availability of the new updates, security patches and bugs.

  5. Lightworks


    Lightworks is one of the best tools for MP4 editing. It is a comprehensive, multi-platform and professional MP4 video movie clip editor comprising of features such as real-time effects, timeline, advanced multi-camera editing, MP4 video trimming and second monitor output. Using the Lightworks you can edit the videos with up to 2160p.

Why Outsource Professional MP4 Video Editing to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is one of the top-notch creative design offshoring firm that offers a broad spectrum of MP4 video editing services to its global clientele. We have been offering video editing services for almost a decade now and have served thousands of clients satisfactorily.

The major points which differentiate us from our counterparts include -

  • Unparalleled expertise and colossal experience in MP4 video editing
  • Highly affordable prices, which vary with each project as per its requisites
  • ISO guideline compliance in all the MP4 video editing services
  • High quality services within shorter turnaround times
  • Stringent security procedures for handling the client data and complete confidentiality assurance
  • Unmatched accuracy rate in MP4 video editing and flawless edited video delivery
  • A seasoned team of MP4 video editing experts with years of creative experience

Get Access to Best MP4 Video Editing Services at Flatworld Solutions

One of the most widely used video file formats, MP4 offers an amazing video quality even after compression. Thus, the demand for MP4 videos and video editing is quite high. We, at Flatworld Solutions can aid you with the finest MP4 videos edited as per the given specifications and tailored as per your unique requirements. We are expert in transforming your raw footages into the professional videos which you can use, upload and share on any web-based platform. Our MP4 video editing services are characterized by unsurpassed quality, immaculate editing, and highly competitive prices.

Get in touch with us for video trimming, video editing, or professional MP4 video editing services, our team will be glad to assist you with your needs.

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